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Sep & Seth Curry’s mom Sonya celebrates with her husband Dell her victory in a shooting contest where she made a one handed underhand HALF COURT SHOT! - (Screen Shot)



The DAD - Dell Curry - (Iam ChIhang photo)


2nd baby Seth Curry - (NBA photo)


1st baby Sep Curry - (NBA photo)


LaVar Ball - A challenger? - (screen shot photo)








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Sep & Seth Curry’s mom Sonya made an underhanded shot with one hand from HALF COURT to win a shooting contest against her sons and other NBA players - A suggestion to the NBA is this…. In trying to make the All-star game event better, why not have a challenge between parents of the players. This could set up a challenge between Tanya Curry and LaVar Ball in a free throw and 3 point contest which would be a MUST SEE


Sunday, February 17, 2019


You can watch why and how Step and Seth Curry got their 3 point shooting mojo from on a video on You Tube.

The NBA players mother Sonya showed the world her athletic skills when in a shooting competition during the NBA All-star festivities in Charlotte North Carolina this weekend she made a half court shot shooting underhand WITH ONE HAND!

YIKES! Did the Lakers sign the wrong player when they drafted Lonzo Ball and not Sonya Curry? What also heightens her accomplishment is she was competing against male competition including her husband former NBA player Dell.

As part of a Curry Family Foundation event at the Carole Hoefener Center to kick off All-Star Weekend in the family's hometown of Charlotte charity contest was held. In 1998, Curry established a foundation, the Dell Curry Foundation, which is a youth oriented program in Charlotte, North Carolina. The foundation runs five learning centers in Charlotte to provide educational training and drug abuse counseling.

For the contest the Curry family was divided into four teams. Stephen and his wife, Ayesha, made up the first team. Portland Trail Blazers guard Seth Curry, and his fiancée, Callie Rivers, daughter of LA Clippers coach Doc Rivers, made up the second team. Warriors reserve guard Damion Lee, and his wife -- Stephen and Seth Curry's sister, Sydel, (a volleyball player) -- made up the third team. The clan's father and former Charlotte Hornets sharpshooter Dell Curry made up the final team with his wife, Sonya.

Each team was joined by another player as part of an All-Star Saturday-type event in which the group had to make a lay-up, a free throw, a 3-pointer and a half-court shot.

Mom Sonya was the star of the evening and took home the champion's UFC style type belt following her victory.

What was also taped was after making the shot she spread her arms out like wings and ran around the court like a flying bird. She then went into a victory dance in front of Dell and transitioned into a Jiggy dance that her son Step often does after making a three pointer.

Shooting underhand may have been in her favor since she is a former volleyball player at Virginia Tech University. Serving underhand is what a volleyball player must do in the rotation system of the game. That experience enhanced her ability to have underhand arm strength and aiming for a target.

It's a good thing she didn't spike the ball into the basket to display her jumping abilities or her sons would have really been embarrassed (humor).

In searching for her bio it wasn't there and there is no indication of her age on Dell's bio or when they married. Given that she attended a university for four years, that makes her at least 21-22 at that time. She wedded and created those two little babies that are now grown men and in the NBA. This rationale currently places her in the mid 50's.

Dell is 54-years-old and also attended Virginia Tech……. hhhmmmm. OK, OK… stop playing what's up with that!

Sonya is in great shape and is a role model for mothers that are in their 50's. She exemplifies that being in shape is great. By her example she role modeled for her two little babies that are now NBA millionaires and no doubt… in shape.

There is a sidebar to this Curry story. The two brothers made a bet that the brother that makes the least amount of points in the NBA 3 Point Competition has to pay all the expenses for their family to come to games that they play against each other. Seth currently plays for the Portland Trailblazers.

Step has won the event twice. This was the first time his younger brother 28, competed. There also is a video on You Tube where the lesser publicized Seth is interviewed and he clarified that the bet was that whomever had the least amount of points between the two was obligated to pay. He added that winning the event was not the issue.

The loss will hit Seth harder since he makes only $2,795,000 million a year while Step makes $37,457,154 million and is the highest paid on the Warriors squad.

A suggestion to the NBA is this…. In trying to make the All-star game event better, why not have a challenge between parents of the players. This could set up a challenge between Sonya and LaVar Ball in a free throw and 3 point contest. Both can shoot normally from the free throw line BUT in the 3 point challenge, given she's a lady and he says he can defeat Michael Jordan let them shoot , with one hand, UNDERHANDED ONLY from the top of the 3 point line. Now that would be a WORTH WATCH!

This Sonya scores from half court video is real FEEL GOOD TV/VIDEO that appears to have been recorded with a phone in on You Tube. There are currently two videos of the event on the YT site.

To see SONYA CURRY - MAKE AN UNDERHAND HALF COURT 3 POINT SHOT… Go to: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wAB08gdXQjk


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