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This season's judging/coaching team on The Voice is the program's BEST EVER featuring two female judges with newcomers Alicia Keys and (Smiley) Miley Cyrus




James Loving - National Radio Text Service



During the blind auditions the coach/judges of The Voice made numerous promises to the contestants to encourage them too choose them as their coach. It's now time for promises to be broken and many contestants will be cut from their team. Fortunately the show has a steal system that can keep a singer in the competition with a new coach


Monday, October 10, 2016


The voice begins its knockout rounds and the kids gloves are coming off. All of the promises that the judges made to contestants regarding if you pick me as your coach you can win this competition or I will get you into the finals. Now the truth will come out. As I recall Alicia Keys was the only judge that didn't make such a statement.

Keys was the first to fill her 12 person team. She has what we feel is the strongest group. She has three of the five turnaround selections Dave Moisan, WÚ McDonald and sisters Whitney and Shannon.

McDonald has the most distinctive voice and should win the competition based on how superior her voice is. That advantage can be thwarted from fans that don't understand talent and are influenced by a contestant's appearance or where they come from. In the end it's their vote that matters.

Blake Shelton was the second coach to fill his team. He failed to win any four chair turnarounds. On his team we like Sundance Head. Shelton is The Voice's winning coach leader with four titles.

Adam Levine was the third to fill his team. His strongest member is Billy Gilman a former child country singing star that had a song that rated #2 on the Billboard record charts when he was 12-years-old.

Levine's other appealing talent is Nolan Neal. Last season Neal failed to get any chairs to turn around. Levine said to him to change his song and come back and he would win if he selected him as a coach. Now the truth will come out. Neal had a great performance singing Tiny Dancer and Levine selected him.

Neal reminded Levine what he said last season. The ball is now on Levine's court and the truth will come out with how he coaches Neal and in making song selections.

Miley Cyrus was the last to fill her team. Cyrus was strong when the show began as she and Keys appealed to the first four contestants in the blind audition rounds. She has fan appeal as she won a four chair turnaround by being selected as a coach by Ali Caldwell.

Now that the coaches have met their selections it becomes chemistry time and the pruning of their talent and who they are willing to let go. The reality is that they can't keep their promises to all of the team.

What takes place in the knockout round is after a coach chooses a talent on the blind auditions is their meeting and a chance to experience each others personalities.

Due to human behavior the chemistry may not work between the talent and coach. Their personalities may clash or the talent has a problem being coached. Some talent have all the answers and are difficult to get along with.

At this point the coach has the opportunity to shed those of their team were the coach and contestants egos clash, Regardless of the contestants ability a coach has the opportunity to pit them against another contestant that they feel is better and eliminate the contestant where the positive chemistry is lacking.

The other aspect is a coach may feel the talent can survive but their chemistry is lacking therefore they will pit them up against another competitor that can. It's now time for promises to be broken and many contestants will be cut from their team.

Fortunately the show has a steal system that can keep a singer in the competition with a new coach.. The bottom line is its CUT TO THE CHASE of winning TIME on THE VOICE.


Due to the lack of quality of television programming that is currently presented channel chasing led us to Naked & Afraid. In the past this was a show failed to attract our attention for its five season history. The title is a turnoff and when searching for a show worth our time its talent failed to appeal... UNTILů

The turnaround came about on the final show of season five when we were channel chasing and landed on the show almost from the beginning when we noted that one of the contestants was Asian.

Contestant Don Nguyen appears to be of American/Vietnamese heritage. That information was not disclosed on the program. He is a weak looking self described nerd that had no previous experience roughing in the outdoors but had read up on survival techniques and skills.

His female partner Holly Simmons was born in Alaska and had a wealth of experience surviving in the outdoors. Their survival challenge took place in Namibia's Caprivi Strip.

On the second day she quit on him ignoring his plea for her to stick it out since he was fearful that he lacked the skills and experience to survive alone on a 21 day task.

Simmons claimed that she felt ill from eating some fruit that he found. He loved the taste BUT... she didn't. Aside from her claimed illness she noted that her head wasn't into the challenge and she tapped out (quit).

At this point the show appealed to us due to the chemistry of the two contestants enticing us to stay tuned to the program to see what would happen.

It was then that it became clear that the show was more than about survival but also about human behavior and getting along. In this case it appeared that the chemistry between the two left the impression that there was a trace of discrimination on her part.

The Asian was alone during the day and evening of day two but on the third day the producers came to him and he was informed that he would have another partner and a NEW 21 day survival task would commence.

His new 31-year-old partner Amber Hargrove (from season 4) stormed on to the set full of confidence supported by her background as a military instructor who served in Iraq complimented by her experience of having appeared on a previous show but quit. She wanted to prove to herself that she was tough and could survive the wild.

When they first met they got along. As the days past she became annoyed by his intelligence. He made suggestions how and where she should deposit her feces and vomit fearing the he could become sick since under certain conditions her ill health could be contagious.

The two argued often over the following week. She apologized for yelling at him after had her carry two bundles of branches while he carried one. His logic was she had a military background and he didn't. Her retort was he was a man and she was a woman and that he was acting like a child.

Her turning point was when she felt her breast implant bust. It caused her agonizing pain but she toughed it out for a couple of days until after a week she quit.

"What's wrong with me," he questioned while looking into the camera. In both cases he begged his partners not to quit and both women insisted that he could survive alone given his intelligence but he felt that he couldn't.

The shocker was after being alone he survived the 21 day challenge in addition to the two days with his first partner he survived Naked & Afraid for 23 days and proved to the world that in his case survival was mind over matter.


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