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BIZ IT - ZTE to Bring World News Personalization to Android Devices





Taboola Partners with ZTE, One of the Largest Phone Manufacturers in the World, to Bring News Personalization to Android Devices - The partnership marks the first time that ZTE, one of the world’s top ten smartphone manufacturers, will utilize a personalized content news aggregator to drive engagement and revenue



Friday, May 11, 2018

Taboola, the leading discovery platform, announced it will partner with both mobile carriers and Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) to power content discovery on Android mobile devices. Taboola has partnered with ZTE, a leading mobile device manufacturer, to roll out its offering that creates a new revenue stream for the OEM while simultaneously opening a new audience source for Taboola’s premium publisher partners.

The partnership marks the first time that ZTE, one of the world’s top ten smartphone manufacturers, will utilize a personalized content news aggregator to drive engagement and revenue. Taboola’s mobile capabilities will help OEMs and carriers expand margins and engage with their users in a relevant and meaningful way.

“We create our devices to enable rich experiences that will engage users. From the moment a user wakes their phone, they are looking to engage with something and we want that experience to be personalized and tailored for each user wherever they may be in their day,” said ZTE’s spokesperson. “At the same time, Taboola's compliance with EU's GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations) make it one of the providers to maintain the highest standard for both user experience and privacy protection, which is exactly what ZTE is looking for."

Taboola, which acts as a search engine in reverse, is able to use its personalization technology to match users with content they are most likely to be interested in consuming next, now on mobile devices.

“I believe the next generation will not look for things, and instead, will live in a world where content, videos and news will be waiting at their fingertips - looking for people. It’s our mission to power Discovery for consumers and curate these experiences so they are tailored for each person,” said Adam Singolda, founder and CEO, Taboola. “We are very excited to partner with ZTE on driving innovation around the next wave of personalization on smartphones. This partnership will open a new channel of Discovery for audiences as well as empower quality publishers and journalism to reach new people at a very unique moment on their mobile devices, when they are most open to consuming content.”

Taboola is the leading discovery platform, serving over 450 billion recommendations of articles, blogs, videos, products and apps to over one billion unique users every month on thousands of premium sites and mobile carriers. Publishers, brand marketers, and performance advertisers leverage Taboola to retain users on their sites, monetize their traffic, and distribute organic and sponsored content as well as video to engage high-quality audiences. Partners include: USA TODAY, Huffington Post, MSN, Business Insider, The Independent, Welt, L’Express and The Weather Channel. A global company with local service touchpoints, Taboola is headquartered in New York City with offices in Los Angeles, London, Tel Aviv, New Delhi, Bangkok, São Paulo, Beijing, Shanghai, Istanbul, Seoul, Sydney and Tokyo.

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