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Cambodia's ANGELS - CMM - Kontaros Teangtrong photo

Former Grammy CEO Glenn La Salle - Grammy photo


James Loving - National Radio Text Service - Tuesday January 29, 2008


The question is why would Grammy Thailand invest money in Cambodian talent? - TV Guide Network Signs Chris Harrison as Host of the New, One-Hour Daily Entertainment News Magazine Show, HOLLYWOOD 411 - Songwriter/Producer, Clyde Otis, Dies at Age 83…



Cambodia is on the threshold of a new frontier in raising the bar on the quality level of recording and television production. Leading that charge is Glenn La Salle the CEO of CMM (Cambodia Movie and Music) a Cambodian company formed in partnership with Thailand's GMM Grammy PLC.

Established in January 2007 the company is in search of Cambodian talent in hopes of busting that Cambodian bubble by taking a giant step and breaking them in International markets that have a large Cambodia population such as the USA, Australia and France in addition to making the stars in Cambodia. La Salle pointed out that China is a possibility. The intention is, "To build an Idol (image)," La Salle said.

La Salle intends to follow the Thailand model where recording talent is also involved in television. Their first venture is the Angels a female trio that was created by La Salle. Each individual's talent was brought to La Salle's attention through business connections and then he assembled them as a group. In September 2007 the Angels self titled VCD was released. One of the songs has a Chinese subtitle. One of the singers is currently involved in a TV drama series on Cambodia's TV 5. The company is also involved in the production of dramas for television. The question is why would Grammy Thailand invest money in Cambodian talent?

La Salle who is also Grammy's Director of licensing and Publishing pointed out that 70% of the music recorded in Cambodia had melodies from Grammy Thailand owned songs. "They took the melody and wrote there lyrics to it," La Salle noted.

Intellectual property is currently unprotected in Cambodia. This scenario resulted in if you can't beat them join them solution and join them they did. Grammy Thailand took on Cambodian partners and started the company from scratch. They built two recording/video edition studios. With Cambodian's still learning modern technology the obvious question was where did you find the people with the skills to operate the equipment?

"I trained them," La Salle replied. "I know how to operate all of the equipment."

La Salle is also a musician and plays guitar. He noted that he was a studio musician in Thailand and played on many recordings.

The next problem to solve was finding NEW talent. La Salle noted that in Cambodia talent are signed to 20 year contracts.

Obviously for a young person that is a contract commitment for the life of their creative capacity. It is doubtful that a company would sign a talent for POP music anywhere in the world when the performer is approaching 40 years of age.

After coming to Cambodia to set up CMM La Salle met a man named Boribo who was previously involved in Cambodia's Ministry of Information. Boribo is also a musician capable of playing several instruments. He developed his skills in Bulgaria. "It's a perfect fit," La Salle who doesn't speak the Cambodian language exclaimed.

As a result Boribo is CMM's General Manager. Through business contacts they found the girls who became ANGEL.

This season CMM is also involved with the 2008 Freshie Girl & Boy contest in hopes of finding fresh young unspoiled talent. To qualify for a recording contract the contestant doesn't have to win the contest. "I'm just looking for good talent," La Salle said.


For any performer a 20 year contract is basically the lifetime of their entertainment career. If those quality years are not managed properly their career is squandered away. Twenty years ago we wrote a column largely to do with talent in the music business. We will post those columns and in next months Entertainment Beat we will update the progress of those artists that we wrote about 20 years ago and take a look at what they've accomplished in their careers. Twenty years is a LOOOOONG time. Next on February's Entertainment Beat "Entertainers Then & Now."

TV Guide Network Signs Chris Harrison

As Host of the New, One-Hour Daily Entertainment News Magazine Show, HOLLYWOOD 411 - Mr. Harrison Joins Host Madison Michele Monday through Friday at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT

TV Guide Network, a leading entertainment network providing original programming to over 84 million homes, signed popular television personality Chris Harrison (The Bachelor) as host of the new multi-million dollar in-house production, HOLLYWOOD 411. The show premiered on Monday, January 14 at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT and is currently airing Monday through Friday in that time period, Mr. Harrison joins host Madison Michele to cover the hottest and most talked about entertainment stories of the day. HOLLYWOOD 411 includes the latest breaking celebrity news, feature stories and a rotating panel of compelling contributors and guests discussing the most interesting stories of the day.

Show segments include:

* Hollywood Hotline, featuring the latest gossip buzz

* Star Flash, highlighting the best candid snapshots of celebrities

* Party Patrol, featuring the night’s best Red Carpet events

* The Big Five showcasing the day’s top five TV stories

HOLLYWOOD 411 is produced from TV Guide Network’s Hollywood & Highland production facilities and will feature reporting from field correspondents in the show’s New York bureau. Mr. Harrison was most recently seen on TV Guide Network as a correspondent during the Network’s live Red Carpet coverage of the 2007 Emmy Awards. He can also currently be seen as the host of the two hit reality series, The Bachelor and Designer’s Challenge.

TV Guide Network's Chris Harrison (left) and Madison Michele (right) are the new hosts of "Hollywood 411" daily show premiering every Monday through Friday at 9pm ET/PT. (PHOTO: Business Wire)

Clyde Otis, Songwriter and Producer, died this week at age 83. (Photo: Business Wire)



He began his television career covering local sports in Oklahoma City as a weekend sportscaster. A visit to Los Angeles for an audition led to a permanent move to pursue his career in Hollywood. Mr. Harrison has appeared in several popular television series including Six Feet Under, The Practice and Alias. His feature film appearances include Bounce, Showtime, and most recently, portraying himself in the comedy Date Movie. He has also hosted the Miss America Pageant.

TV Guide Network reaches over 84 million homes and is the premier television entertainment network for viewers seeking the latest information on the best programs, hottest stars and latest trends on television. Headquartered in the heart of Hollywood at its TV Guide Studios, the network combines original programming with comprehensive program listings information - all of which deliver on viewers' need for an entertaining and easy guide to what's on TV. TV Guide Network is owned and operated by TV Guide Networks, Inc., a subsidiary of Gemstar-TV Guide International, Inc.

Gemstar-TV Guide International, Inc. is a leading global media, entertainment, and technology company that develops, licenses, markets and distributes products and services that maximize the video guidance and entertainment experience for consumers. The Company's businesses include: television, publishing, and new media properties; interactive program guide services and products; and intellectual property licensing.


Songwriter/Producer, Clyde Otis, Dies at Age 83…

Renowned songwriter and producer Clyde Otis was pronounced dead at Englewood Hospital on January 8. He was 83 years old. Best-known for his long and enormously successful collaboration with singer Brook Benton, Clyde Otis was among the most prolific songwriters and producers of the post-war era, making music business history as the first African American A&R executive for a major label.

Born in Prentice, Mississippi, Otis' early exposure to music was limited — his family didn't even own a radio — and he only began composing songs after meeting "Route 66" writer Bobby Troup during a stint in the Marines. Following his discharge, Otis settled in New York City, spending the next eight years enduring a series of day jobs while honing his songwriting at night.

He was driving a cab when, in 1954, he overheard one of his fares discussing a party being thrown by music publisher Sidney Kornhauser; Otis convinced the woman to give Kornhauser his song "That's All There Is to That," which became a Top 20 pop hit for Nat "King" Cole in mid-1956.

Upon joining Mercury's A&R staff in 1958, Otis began writing and producing material for Brook Benton; beginning with the number three smash "It's Just a Matter of Time," they teamed for a series of 17 consecutive hits, including "Endlessly," "So Many Ways," "Kiddio," and the novelty favorite "The Boll Weevil Song."

Otis also produced a number of duets between Benton and Dinah Washington, among them "Baby (You've Got What It Takes)" and "A Rockin' Good Way (To Mess Around and Fall in Love)"; he worked on Washington's solo efforts, as well, most notably the classic "What a Difference a Day Makes."

Otis also helmed hits for Sarah Vaughn ("Broken-Hearted Melody"), Timi Yuro (the remarkable "Hurt") and the Diamonds ("The Stroll"), and in 1962 he alone produced an astounding 33 of Mercury's 51 chart hits.

Upon leaving the label, he briefly tenured at Liberty Records before founding his own publishing firm, the Clyde Otis Music Group, and moving into independent production. Upon relocating to Nashville, Otis produced sessions for country stars Charlie Rich and Sonny James; Elvis Presley, Aretha Franklin, Johnny Mathis, and Patti Page all recorded his songs as well.

Over four decades ago, Otis went to visit good friend Sarah Vaughn, who lived in Englewood, NJ and knew that was the place he wanted to raise his family and continue growing the Clyde Otis Music Group. Otis is survived by his wife, Lourdes, three children; Clyde III, AnaIza and Isidro, five grandchildren and a host of nieces and nephews.



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