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NR ALL-TIME Top 10 March 2007 according to Yahoo


Jim Murray Pulitzer Prize columnist and cofounder of Sports Illustrated Magazine ranks number 1 NR All-time ratings- (Murray Foundation photo)

Dr. Beat Richner built hospitals to give Cambodian chidren FREE MEDICAL care... (Kuntha Bopha Hospital photo)

LAM MORRISON said to be Thailand's greatest Rock n Roll musician (NR photo)

John Wooden college basketball's greatest coach ranks # 8 on NR All-time stories (MAXI Basket photo)

Ronaldinho with a promoter that brought Brazil to Thailand - Ronaldinho ranks # 9 on NR All-time Top 10 (NR photo)



James Loving - National Radio Text Service - Tuesday March 20, 2007


Great people make for great stories and that certainly applies to Jim Murray and Dr. Beat Richner and former UCLA basketball coach John Wooden.


NR All-time TOP 10 according to YAHOO

It's been a while since we published our Top 10 rankings the last being for September 2006. The following are the ALL-TIME ratings of stories on NR since our launch in April 1997.

This month we are taking the results from Yahoo who based on past performance give a more well rounded International perspective.

At the time of our securing the information March 15, 2007 Yahoo had 632 National Radio stories listed. From that Yahoo list these are the Top 10 all-time National Radio most read stories.

Famed sports columnist and Pulitzer Prize winning columnist Jim Murray is ranked # 1 on the NR All-time list. Murray has held the #1 spot numerous times on the NR list complied by Yahoo and Google over the years since the story was first published in 1998. Murray was also one of the co-founders of Sports Illustrated magazine.

Cambodia's Royal Palace is # 2. It has been a regular among the NR Top 10 stories during the past four years.

Dr. Beat Richner a medical doctor from Switzerland has entered the Top for the first time with the # 3 rating.

It's an old story about Richner's raising money and building hospitals offering FREE MEDICAL CARE FOR POOR CAMBODIAN CHILDREN.

At the time of the writing of the story Richner had built two hospitals, there are now three with two being in Phnom Penh and one in Siem Reap the home of the famed Ankor Wat Temples.

Richner is also a musician and plays the cello in concert to help raise money for his cause.

Great people make for great stories and that certainly applies to Murray and Richner. Former UCLA basketball coach John Wooden also qualifies for that category. His story ranked # 8.

Wooden was someone that I always wanted to play basketball for. Not being a hero worshiper I am not one to think that a person is more than a human being; I'm not in awe of anyone except for Wooden.

In our meeting I learned what gracious is all about as he put me at ease since my nervousness was apparent. He gave me more time for the interview than I could ever dream of. It was a side of the man that after interviewing several of his former players that they never knew. The bottom line is that Wooden is a school teacher and a very humble human being.

Having been a musician one of the questions I often ask when I go to a country is who is your greatest musician. When it came to Rock n Roll in Thailand the name Lam Morrison often came up. It took me several years to find the mysterious musician. The result being… it was worth it. Morrison's story took the # 6 position.

Athletes will often say I'm not a role model. Former NBA player Charles Barkley often made that remark. What may apply to Barkley does not apply to Brazil and Barcelona player . He is a role model.

In 2000 when Brazil came to play the Thailand national team he was the player that was most talked about in terms of watch for this player he is young but he is great.

Since that time Ronaldinho proved his greatness by moving on to play football in Europe and winning the Player of the Year award twice. Ronaldinho's story ranks # 9 on the NR all-time list.

Cambodia's Hok Sochetra ranked # 7 is considered the greatest ever player in Cambodia football. His career was cut short at a young age primarily because he couldn't make enough money from the game to support a family.

The Cambodian national team paid $100 a month at best. That became a range of less from being paid nothing at all. He left his career behind to take a job so he could make enough money TO EAT and live a decent life.

The Disney Radio transmitting to cell phones story achieved the # 5 position making it the highest rated business story ever on NR surpassing the Fox Searchlight executive hiring story in Mayl 2006 that ranked # 7. Fox Searchlight Pictures Promotes Zola Mashariki to Vice President of Production.

BIZ WHO IS a new column that we added in September 2006. That first column featuring Warren Buffet the world's second richest man behind Microsoft's Bill Gates ranked #11 on the NR all-time list.

We have included the BEWARE OF THAILAND story that was in our previous Top 10 ratings ranked # 6. Given the political problems in the country and its civil unrest it bears something that should be of concern for any traveler. The bombings in the center of Bangkok on New Years Eve (after our story) gives credibility to the warning.

The Top 3 most visited sections are:

1. Soccer/football

2. Thailand Sub Page

3. Featuers Sub Page.


The information on Google regarding our National Radio site is corrupted and misdirected. Some information is directed to sites that are not in English. Obviously this is an error on Google's part. On our National Radio listings on Google they have been advising readers to visit an Israel National Radio.

Please make note we DO NOT advise or have anything to do with the Israel National Radio site and do not recommend a visit. Googles information is misleading, corrupt and not authorized by National Radio.

We are published in five languages, English, Thai, French, Russian and Khmer (Cambodian language). Any of our foreign languange material is legally available ONLY on our National Radio site.

FYI (for your information) in January of the year Google was ranked # 1 and Yahoo # 2 by a firm that does research on Internet traffic. It is our experience that Google is not accounting for our information properly. If they link to the wrong sites the question is how can their information be correct?

We have not had the direct to another site problem with Yahoo. Their information on our National Radio is correct and dates back to when we launched in 1997. Yahoo lists over 632 of our stories.





FEATURE - Jim Murray (1919-1998) - Jim Murray Pulitzer Prize columnist and cofounder of Sports Illustrated Magazine - My recollection of my first encounter with Murray was in the Rose Bowl press box, early on in my sports journalism career when he graciously shared his thoughts on writing. Here was an legend in his own time taking time to share his thoughts with someone who was new in the business and trying to figure out what was going on.

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Biz_Who_Is_Warren Buffett - The world's second richest man behind Microsoft's Bill Gates ranked #11 on the NR all-time list.

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NR TOP 10 for May 2006 according to Google

1. JIM MURRAY - 2. Kobe Bryant & NBA Trivia - 3. Zico Leads Japan To World Cup. Who is Zico? - 4. Cambodia's Royal Palace - 5. Teerathep Leads Thailand to SEA Games Title - Singapore' Coach Movia - 6. Thailand Impressive against Premiere Club Sides and Real Madrid - 7. Fox Searchlight Pictures Promotes Zola Mashariki to Vice President of Production - 8. Jerome Bettis of Super Bowl champion Pittsburgh Steelers - Kobe Bryant - 9. Cambodia's ANGKOR WAT TEMPLES - 10. Grammy Music Awards Show

Full Story NR Top 20 for May * Note - New entries in RED

APRIL NR TOP 20 According to GOOGLE

NR's PREVIOUS TOP 10 - January through March 2006

According to Google National Radio's Top 10 stories are: (1) Jim Murray, (2) Royal Palace (3) NBA Trivia, (4) Michael Jordan (5) Jerry West Builds Memphis (6) Freshie Boys & Girls Contest (7) OOPS FAT Did It Again (8) ASEAN Games (9) Cambodian Football (10) Angkor Wat

Past Most Mentioned: (1) Walter Payton, (2) Marshall Faulk (3) Barry Bonds (4) Digital Divide Data.

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