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It was a shocking sight to see Ronda Rousey lying on the mat with her face busted and bleeding. The eventual result was she was taken to the hospital and her face required stitches. She now claims that due to her injuries that she won't be able to bite an apple for several months


DOWN & OUT - Holly Holm gives a bloody Ronda Rousey her final pounding and shocks the world in taking Rousey's UFC title - (Screen shot - UFC)


Holly Holm displays her UFC Women's Bantamweight Championship title belt and the fist that helped her earn it - (Screen shot - UFC)





James Loving/National Radio Text Service



Ronda Rousey was lousy and must make a choice of careers. Will it be acting or MMA? Given her lack of experience Rousey is a decent actress. She still has her looks intact but it raises the question how long will her looks hold up if she continues to put too much on her plate with her two careers. The bottom line is eventually one or possibly both will suffer



Wednesday, December 09, 2015


There's a saying in Asia regarding losing face. It's a disparaging term relating to shame and embarrassment. That's exactly what former UFC Bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey has been experiencing since she was destroyed by Holly Holm who took Rousey's title and her overabundant pride away from her.

That take away occurred on November 15th before over 57,000 fans in Australia. In what was billed as to be one of the greatest fights of all time. As it turned out it was exactly that but it would be hard to find anyone who thought that Rousey would go down in defeat particularly in such an overpowering manner.

Following the fight, when the two met in the octagon for the result announcement, Rousey's face was bleeding, battered, bruised and busted. It was an overwhelming sight that bewildered many of the shocked fans in attendance and obviously millions of television viewers around the world.

Since that time Rousey has maintained a low profile and never spoke to the media about her first defeat in her MMA career. What could she say she was given a total ass beating. She was embarrassed before the whole world.

What stands out is when the two met in the ring before the start she refuse the shake Holm's hand and gave Holm, a preacher's daughter a stern stare down. The irony is that is standard procedure for Rousey in her previous fights as she applied the technique with an explanation that her opponent said or did something that upset her.

In a go figure scenario, Holm did not. That set up a situation where Rousey lost some respect of some of the fans who as a result turned away from her and wanted her to lose. As bad Karma would have it that's just what happened and the Australian fans cheered.

It was a shocking result as the sight of Rousey lying on the mat with her face busted and bleeding was astonishing. The eventual result was she was taken to the hospital and her face required stitches. She now claims that due to her injuries that she won't be able to bite an apple for several months.

Since that fateful night there have been no Rousey sightings until yesterday when she granted an interview with ESPN the Magazine. Rousey expressed that what most people were saying about her is that she was a failure and deserved everything that she got. That was exactly what this reporter felt.

As much as we respect her talent, her excessive negative behavior and contempt and lack of respect for her opponent is a turn off. She is an individual that shows a lack of sportsmanship. She can be a bitter all that she wants but in the end she will be primarily embraced by those who approve of callous behavior.

Without a doubt Rosuey is super talented but she seems to be going down the wrong path of being influenced by what we refer to a going Hollyweird. She lost the plot in trying to do too much at the same time.

Prior to her loss I wrote a column titled: ROUSEY GOING HOLLYWEIRD. It was a column that attracted some but not overwhelming attention before her loss to Holm. After her loss the column generated a massive amount of attention, basically the public got what I was referring to that being a serious athlete and show business doesn't mix. It's like water and oil.

Hollyweird is a term I invented roughly two decades ago regarding athletes who lose the plot and get involved with trying to be a film, TV or recording star and basically treat their sport as an afterthought. They lose the plot and hunger to be the best athlete they can be and go along to get along with the fake Hollyweird crowd and hangers on to party on.

Rousey appears to have done just that as she has spread herself too thin and has paid the price. I got it before the fight but UFC boss Dana White didn't until given the result when he came to the realization that the burden that Rousey had in doing media promotional ventures to promote the fight took its toll and she paid the price of defeat.

White said Rousey 'was exhausted' mentally and physically ahead of UFC 193. He said Ronda Rousey told him just days ago that she was exhausted in every way possible heading into UFC 193.

For the UFC her loss was a major blow to how the UFC apparently is being channeled in promoting certain fighters they want to be marquee figures in order to sell their product. There are several fight results that are very questionable, which is a topic for another column.

The bottom line is Rousey's loss caught the UFC off-guard. The UFC seems to be heading in the direction is selling T&A (tits and ass) in order to boost interest in their product that will result in dollars.

In Rousey's case she's trying to play two ends against the middle. To be a top athlete there is no middle ground as a champion must remain focused and train hard and eliminate distractions. Rousey lost the plot with her lack of training as she was spending time being an actress that resulted in fewer hours in the gym. While Rousey was playing Hollyweird Holm was in the gym preparing to kick Rousey's ass.

In our Rousey Going Hollyweird column we noted: In an interview with the LA Daily News Rousey said she had lost muscle during her film commitments and not been able to regain her full strength for the Miesha Tate fight.

It was Rousey's muscle losing comment that is telling and indicates that her UFC career ending days are near. I'm no a prophet but I was right as the near resulted in being her loss to Holly Holm.

Before the fight I noted that too much was on her plate as other than the media commitments in promoting the fight her personal life came into focus regarding her mother's disdain for Rousey's coach and it came out that her boyfriend was fellow UFC fighter Travis Brown.

Rousey doesn't like to talk about her personal life but all of this information came out at the wrong time just before her loss to Holm. During the fight introductions you could see that Rousey had more on her mind than Holm.

She appeared not to be focused and that factored in with a result that she was battered and beaten at the five minute and 59 second mark which lent credence to our observations.

Respect goes out to Rousey as an athlete but her personality needs to improve as she's wearing out playing the role of the villain while losing focus on her talent as a fighter and she should not take her acting skills into the octagon.

Rousey claims that she wants a rematch with Holm to kick her ass. She loves to use expletives when she expresses herself which is an indication, in my opinion, of insecurity.

Whatever burns inside her that made her such a great athlete in currently on overload and needs to be under control. She can't do both jobs at there full potential at the same time.

Rousey claims she has two films to act in during 2016 when she wants a rematch with Holm. Holm has no problem with that. White is chomping at the bit to make it happen as there would be a ton of money to be made.

Given her lack of experience Rousey is a decent actress. She still has her looks intact but it raises the question how long will her looks hold up if she continues to put too much on her plate with her two careers. The bottom line is eventually one or possible both will suffer.

How many acting jobs would she lose when she loses her looks and has cauliflower ears and a scared up face? Rousey has to make a choice of which career she prefers and then pursue her choice.

In our column ROUSEY GOING HOLLYWEIRD, we opened up the piece with the headline: LOST AT THE BELL. Going forward the question now is how Rousey's bell will toll in her future of DO OR DIE.


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