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John Terry is he the next Tiger Woods? - Magnus Manske/JohnnyTerry photo




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NMMD's (Negative Media of Mass Destruction) are at it again. First it was Tiger Woods now its footballer John Terry's extra marital affair. - FIFA TOP 10


Saturday February 6, 2010


The recent disclosure of England captain and Chelsea star John Terry's extra marital affair puts into focus how unfair some of the media are. The comparison is the explosion of media coverage over the Tiger Woods extra marital affair which wasn't as serious as Terry's.

For starters Woods didn't date the girlfriend of a former teammate (Wayne Bridge) or in his case a fellow golfer. Woods didn't father a child with those he had affairs with Terry did. With those facts in hand Terry is getting the soft treatment from the media. The sports media in England are all over the story but Woods received front page coverage from print publications, was the lead story on regular news broadcasts and some shows devoted their entire time to the subject. In Terry's case he is merely receiving a mention in broadcast news primarily in the sports section of the program.

Woods was subject to 24 hour surveillance of his home with helicopters flying over providing video coverage to broadcast news organizations. Terry has yet to be seen on camera since his incident was exposed earlier this week.

The NMMD's mass persecution of Woods was so intense it was as if Tiger was responsible for the gassing and burning of the Jews at Auschwitz. Main stream news media telecast the Woods information on their regular news cast as well as their sports segments. They went to the extreme of obtaining interviews with law enforcement officials regarding the incident and many used it as their lead story. Terry's reports are resigned to the sports segment.

Reports on Woods actions overshadowed the war in Afghanistan and the trial of US government hired Blackwater a private military company who murdered innocent women and children in Iraq. Terry's actions though more serious than Woods has been largely glossed over and he has been spared of the NMMD's overbearing scrutiny.

It's no secret that some news media have agenda's. Some are believed to have ties with the CIA to spread their propaganda. Those publications include the Boston Globe, New York Times and Washington Post. At a meeting with the University of Cambodia students filmmaker Oliver Stone pointed out how CBS news started to promote wars in 1992 in order to make news profitable. With that in mind we will deem such politically aligned organizations NMMD's (Negative Media of Mass Destruction).

One could question is golf a more popular sport to the masses around the world than football? The answer is no therefore there is a larger audience for the John Terry story.

Question 2: Did John Terry father a child in his relationship with a fellow teammate's girlfriend who also had a child by Wayne Bridge? The answer is yes.

Question 3: Is Tiger Woods richer and internationally more popular than John Terry? The answer is probably yes.

Question 4: Is Tiger Woods white? The answer is no.

Question 5: Did John Terry cross racial lines with his relationships? The answer is no.

Question 6: Why isn't John Terry being ridiculed and crucified by the media as was and is Tiger Woods?

Fellow golfer Tom Watson recently stated on a news sports show telecast that Tiger Woods needs to get his personal life in order. Who has come forward and made a statement such as that about John Terry?

As a result of the affair Terry has lost the captainship of the England national team a position he has held since 2006.

Is there a double standard regarding the same problem with two athletes but one is ½ black and the other white? The answer is YES. Where are the helicopters hovering and shooting video over John Terry's house? We wonder…

FIFA TOP 10 - Africa Cup of Nations causes shake-up

Egypt surge into top ten - Egypt ’s highest-ever position in the ranking, but also the second-highest of any African team since the introduction of the ranking

The Africa Cup of Nations has had a major impact on the first FIFA World Ranking of the year. While Spain continue to occupy top spot ahead of Brazil and the Netherlands, Egypt managed to climb 14 ranks to tenth place after they successfully defended their title at the Africa Cup of Nations in Angola. This is not only Egypt ’s highest-ever position in the ranking, but also the second-highest of any African team since the introduction of the ranking. They have only been bettered by Nigeria , who reached fifth place in April 1994. But other African teams also benefited from their performances in Angola . In the upper echelons of the ranking, semi-finalists Nigeria (15th, up 7) and finalists Ghana (27th, up 7) made considerable strides. Further down the ranking, Zambia (73rd, up 11) and Malawi (82nd, up 17) also made good progress.

Ahead of the World Cup in South Africa , an analysis of the strengths of each of the eight groups will doubtless prove interesting. In general, it is noteworthy that Group G is the only one to have two teams from the top ten (Brazil and Portugal), while Italy are the only representatives from the top 20 in Group F. Bearing in mind that only two teams from each group will go on to the round of 16, the “tightness” of the groups and the gap between the second and third team could prove particularly significant. With this in mind, two groups promise to be particularly exciting: there are very few points separating Mexico and Uruguay in Group A and Chile and Switzerland in Group H.

A total of 82 international “A” matches were taken into account for this edition of the ranking, 15 of which were played in 2009 (total of 849 “A” matches played in 2009).

In addition to the 29 matches played in the Africa Cup of Nations, 11 continental qualifying matches and 42 friendlies were played.

· Leader Spain (unchanged)

· Moves into top ten Egypt (10th, up 14)

· Moves out of top ten Croatia (11th, down 1)

· Matches played in total 82 (15 of which in 2009)

· Most matches played Egypt (8 matches)

· Biggest move by points Egypt (up 237 points)

· Biggest move by ranks Yemen (up 25)

· Biggest drop by points Cameroon (down 121 points)

· Biggest drop by ranks Nicaragua (down 29)

· Newly-ranked teams none

· Teams that are no longer ranked none

· Inactive teams (not ranked) São Tomé e Príncipe


FIFA TOP 10 for February, 2010

Rank -- Team -- Points

1. Spain - 1627

2. Brazil - 1568

3. Netherlands - 1288

4. Italy - 1209

5. Portugal - 1176

6. Germany - 1173

7. France - 1117

8. Argentina - 1082

9. England - 1076

10. Egypt 1069

The February edition of the FIFA World Ranking will be published on March 3, 2010.




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