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The question is can Dennis Rodman accomplish what American government officials can't... be an American that North Korean people will like? - Steve Lipofsky Basketballphoto.com photo

Dennis Rodman was a wild child





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When it comes to getting into trouble former NBA great Dennis Rodman is good at it. At a time that the world is in turmoil and financial ruin due to Wall Street gangsters thirst for derivatives the aka Worm in on a mission to be a ambassador of peace in his FEEL GOOD trip to North Korea the land where many US politicians FEAR TO TREAD



Wednesday, February 27, 2013


While the world is in turmoil with Israel harassing the Arab nations, Wall Street gangsters have been bringing the world's financial system to its knees and Western nations fearing North Korea and Iran possessing atomic bombs who would have thought that Dennis Rodman would be capable of doing something that US government officials are reluctant to do... go to North Korea for fun and bring good will to a nation that has long been harassed by Western nations.

With three Harlem Globetrotter players The ROD MAN brings his basketball talents and smile to where many Americans fear to tread or WON'T BE PERMITTED ENTRY. The week long trip will include Goodwill, playing against the North Korean National team, and participating in a basketball camp for the children. The events will be a part of a TV series on HBO.

Rodman 51, played 13 seasons in the NBA and is a member of the Basketball Hall of Fame. He was with five NBA teams. He was a member of five NBA title winning teams. The first two were back to back titles with the Detroit Pistons in 1989 and 1990 when the team earned the name the Bad Boys which Rodman has continued to be labeled with to this day due to his erratic behavior and off the court problems.

It was following the second title that I interviewed him when nobody else was interested. At the time he was quiet, low profile and his hair was its natural color. What stood out about his skills was his ability to rebound although he was much thinner and smaller than his opponents. The legendary college coach John Wooden told me during my interview with him that Rodman had a great anticipation of where the ball would go by how far out the shot was taken and where it would land after hitting the rim or backboard. That skill enabled him to be the NBA's rebounding champion for seven consecutive seasons from 1992 to 1998.

TRIVIA QUESTIONS: Rodman played for another team after leaving the Pistons. What team was that? He also played for two other NBA teams who were they? Answers below.

It was during his time with his second team that he began coloring his hair, sporting tattoos and wearing gold rings in his nose and ears. When I asked him what was this all about he reply was, "Something different."

At that time he was dating Madonna and that enhanced his reputation and his over the top behavior. The real deal was it was and is mostly an act or a result of frustration. If you knew the real Dennis Rodman you could see through the charade. Along with Michael Jordan, Rodman was one of the nicest and accommodating players in the NBA I've ever interviewed.

Rodman then moved on to the Chicago Bulls teaming up with Jordan and Scotty Pippen to in three NBA titles in a row 1996-97 & 98. The team was dissolved in an effort to trim the payroll.

From there Rodman moved on to two brief stints with two NBA teams and show business. In 1996, Rodman had his own MTV reality talk show called The Rodman World Tour, which featured him in a series of odd-ball situations. A year later, he made his feature film debut in the action film Double Team alongside Jean-Claude Van Damme. The film was critically panned and his performance earned him three Golden Raspberry Awards: Worst New Star, Worst Supporting Actor and Worst Screen Couple (shared with Van Damme). Rodman starred in Simon Sez, a 1999 action/comedy and co-starred with Tom Berenger in a 2000 action film about skydiving titled Cutaway. In 1998, he joined the cast of the syndicated TV show Special Ops Force, playing 'Deke' Reynolds, a flamboyant but skilled ex-Army helicopter pilot and demolitions expert.

The Worm also tried his had at wrestling. He was a contestant in Donald Trump's Celebrity Apprentice TV series. Trump is fond of Rodman and has publicly expressed so following his experience with the Worm on his show. Rodman has been one of the most misunderstood people we have ever known but Trump can see the good in and defends him defying Rodman's critics.

Can this be the start of something big? North Korea's leader Kim Jong is a big basketball fan. The two are reported to be scheduled to have a meeting. Can you imagine Barack Obama meeting with the North Korean leader and playing some hoops with him resulting in resolving the conflict between America and North Korea? The simple answer is NO; we'll just have to leave the international public relations to Rodman.

Rodman's endeavor falls into the category of John Lennon who sang give peace a chance. Rodman is doing that and adding sports to the mix by playing with the Western world's enemies. The worm has no fear since he walks in the path of peace and not WAR. The world will be a better place for his efforts and presence. Perhaps he should represent the USA as it's official Goodwill Ambassador as the world and the WORM TURNS.


Rodman played with the San Antonio Spurs 1993-95. He had short stints with the Los Angeles Lakers in 1999 and the Dallas Mavericks 2000.



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