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Spain's Iker Casillas won the Golden Glove Award - FIFA photo


Thierry Henry moves on to MLS' New York Red Bulls - FIFA photo


Referee Howard Webb was put to the task having to call a record 14 yellow cards as the Netherlands played a dirty game - FIFA photo




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Spain keeper Iker Casillas won the Golden Glove Award - THIERRY HENRY TO MLS - At 32 years of age you would think that French national team player Thierry Henry would have some fuel left in his tank as he signs with MLS - In the World Cup final referee Howard Webb bent over backwards not to take the game away from the players much like a championship fight - HBO's DON KING ONLY IN AMERICA - FIFA TOP 10


Friday July 16, 2010


Spain keeper Iker Casillas won the Golden Glove Award for the World Cup. The 29-year-old was a key factor in Spain's winning the title as he let in only two goals to Spain's offense registering only eight and had four consecutive clean sheets over the final four games all 1-0 victories against Portugal, Paraguay, Germany and the Netherlands. The Real Madrid keeper played all seven games logging 660 minutes played.

His first international match was against Sweden - 3 June 3, 2000. Since that time Casillas has earned 111 caps.


At 32 years of age you would think that French national team and former Arsenal and now former Barcelona player Thierry Henry would have some fuel left in his tank. Henry will be 33 August 17th. This past season has been a nightmare for Henry as he lost his starting job on Barcelona.

The French national team fiasco at the World Cup resulting in their basically quitting and an early exit from the competition falls into the category of moments to forget. During this competition he played in only two of the three games totaling just 53 minutes on the pitch with no goals or yellow cards. With the French Henry has been a member World Cup and European Championship teams and earned 123 caps. His 51 goals are the French teams all time best.

Henry now appears to be looking for a new lease on life as he is headed to America as he signed with the MLS' New York Red Bulls. The question is will he be a success or an unfulfilled expectation as is the LA Galaxy's David Beckham.


We were asked by Canadian travelers what team we were rooting for to win the World Cup. Out reply was it doesn't matter but we have a tendency to root for the underdog. The primary ingredient for our support is that the team must play clean and work hard. Though we had leanings toward the Netherlands due to having business relationships with the Dutch our leanings changed by their foul conduct, behavior and later complaints about referee Howard Webb. Former Dutch soccer great Johan Cruyff also criticized the team and Webb saying he was too lenient.

Webb did bend over backwards not to take the game away from the players much like a championship fight. Had he been strict the Netherlands would have been down to nine men by the end of the half. In such and important contest Webb did a credible job. During the match the Dutch received eight yellow and one red card. Webb continually was called to task by having to confer with players several times warning them about their conduct.

We first noticed Webb when he was one of the referees when Bolton, Manchester City and Everton played a series of friendly games against the Thai national team. Webb immediately stood out as an outstanding referee. FIFA president Sepp Blatter noted after Spain won the title in a 1-0 victory over the Dutch, that a team must not only learn how to win but they also must know how to lose. He didn't specify the Netherlands but his point was well taken.


Finally HBO is televising a great film about the boxing game titled DON KING "Only In America." It's a story based on the real life story of boxing promoter Don King who promoted some of the greatest boxers of all time Muhammad Ali, Joe Frazier, Mike Tyson and Larry Holmes.

The film was not approved by King as it describes his going to jail for murdering a man. After his release he became a boxing promoter with the assistance of recording star Lloyd Price who was a personal friend of Ali. Prior to King's jail term he worked as a bouncer at a nightclub that Price owned.

Two of King's most memorable promotions was the Rumble in the Jungle featuring Ali against George Foreman as well as a concert featuring music legend James Brown and the Thrilla In Manila with Ali facing Joe Frazier. That fight is considered by many as the greatest fight of all time.

As King rose to power he stepped on a lot of toes as Price pointed out at the end of the film. Over the years Ali fought for King he was shorted money from his winnings. It got to the point that Ali sued him but while he was in a hospital bed after suffering a battering in a fight King sent a messenger and a notary of republic with an agreement that for $50,000 for Ali to sign to to drop his law suite. Ali signed and today he has Parkinson's disease and can't speak as a result of being battered in the ring in his fights for King.

King continues to live the life of a piranha and promote bouts. This film aptly describes King and what goes on behind the scenes in the world of boxing.

Check your local listings for the time and date of airing in your area.

On a personal note we have interviewed most of the principles in this film including Ali, Joe Frazier, George Foreman, Ken Norton, Mike Tyson, Evander Holyfield, James Brown, Lloyd Price and most importantly Don King. This film is SPOT ON

FILM REVIEW - DON KING "Only In America."

Part 2 - FIFA TOP 10

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