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The current edition of the Ultimate Fighter show that pits UFC female fighters as coaches includes Strawweight champion Joanna Jedrzejczyk age 28, from Poland against Brazil's Claudia Gadelha 27. The bitter history between the two current coaching competitors is deep - (UFC photo)



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Champion Joanna Jedrzejczyk from Poland verses once beaten (?) Brazilian Claudia Gadelha. This will be a fight that is worth watching simply because you can't manufacture the BAD BLOOD and that exists between these two fighters. The two fought 18 months ago, resulting in Jedrzejczyk winning a very questionable split decision. The outcome was a shocker as we watched the fight thinking Gadelha was the clear winner


Thursday, July 07, 2016


Given that the UFC focus is on having attractive matchups raises the question is it about visual over substance? The organization seems to be turning into a T&A (Tits & Ass) organization where females with negligible talent are being promoted based on their looks and not their skills.

That is the case in several instances with the beleaguered UFC. An exception is the season finale for "The Ultimate Fighter 23" that will occur Friday night in Las Vegas, Nevada in a revenge match between the champion Joanna Jedrzejczyk against Brazilian Claudia Gadelha.

The two have fought in the past 18 months ago resulting in Jedrzejczyk winning a very questionable split decision. The result was a shocker as we watched the fight thinking Gadelha was the clear winner. You know it's a shocker when you hear or see something unbelievable and the word 'WHAT' jumps out of your mouth.

The fight is the conclusion of the two competing against each other as coaches in the Ultimate Fighter 23 show. Each lady had 16 fighters to train consisting of each having eight men and eight women. Gadelha's fighters won seven of the eight first round matches.

She also won the coaches competition when the two shot paint balls from a tall tower at a target on the ground below. When one coach hits the target the other coach would be dropped from a tower down to a huge container of ice water. In winning Gadelha won money for herself and her team. The result further enraged the undefeated Jedrzejczyk who swears revenge against the Brazilian.

Throughout the Ultimate Fighter show Jedrzejczyk was repeatedly rude to Gadelha and attempted to intimidate her but to no avail. Gadelha took the high road and conducted herself like a true professional and a lady.

Jedrzejczyk conducted herself like a bully insisting, ON CAMERA, that Gadelha RESPECT her. Gadelha's response was she needs to earn it and noted that she defeated the Pole in their previous fight.

A noticeable difference between the two fighters is that all season on the Ultimate Fighter 23 shows between rounds Gadelha would get into the ring and coach her team and give them encouragement. Jedrzejczyk chose to stay outside the ring shouting instructions while her assistant coaches were in octagon giving the fighters instructions.

Gadelha is the best looking of the two, a topic that she casually pointed out to Jedrzejczyk when confronted further enraging the athlete from Poland.

It was reported that during the weigh in for this fight Jedrzejczyk pushed Gadelha in the chest that brought about a scuffle that was quickly squelched.

This scenario boils down to are there too many UFC fight decisions manufactured in order to promote controversy and interest in rematches which would result in more money for the UFC?

This is one fight that we feel is on the bubble as an answer to that question. This will be a fight that is worth watching simply because you can't manufacture the BAD BLOOD that exists between these two fighters. The result will be which woman is the queen at 115 pounds and the UFC champion.

In the USA "The Ultimate Fighter 23" finale will begin on UFC Fight Pass beginning at 7 p.m. ET/4 p.m. PT before switching to Fox Sports 1 at 8 p.m. ET/5 p.m. PT for the undercard and then the main card.

In Asia it has been advertised by the Fox Sports channel that it will be televised live Saturday morning at 10 AM due to the East Asian time zone is 12 to 15 hours ahead of America and 11 to 14 hours during America's daylight savings time change in the summer.

Asia is a tricky time zone. Since Fox failed to clarify 10 AM in what area given that 10 AM applies to Hong Kong and Singapore while there is a one hour time differential in Bangkok and Cambodia being 9 AM.

The fight should air at 9 AM in Thailand starting with the preliminary matches. Check you local listings in your time zone for the correct time. THIS IS A MUST WATCH.


Due to Fox Sports not adhering to scheduling anything can happen and this fight might not be televised. During the Ultimate Fighter season the show was televised on Thursday nights but was preempted and dropped when Fox decided to televise the Roland Garros and the current Wimbledon tennis matches. Therefore…. BEWARE OF FOX SPORTS.


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