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Former NBA coach Phil Jackson had massaged some of the world's biggest egos to win 11 NBA titles - (NBA photo)





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In this story the focus is Phil Jackson who years ago we deemed the ZEN MAN. That phrase has since been repeated over and over again. Over the years probably the most asked question Phil Jackson has been besieged with is who is better Kobe Bryant or Michael Jordan. Jackson has astutely avoided responding to the topic but now he's talking - THIS DAY IN THE NBA - FIFA TOP 10


Thursday, May 30, 2013


We said it before and we'll repeat it again all the kings horses and all the kings men couldn't put Humpty (Dumpty) back together again. The king in this story is Phil Jackson who years ago we deemed the ZEN MAN that phrase has since been repeated over and over again. For those that don't know Humpty Dumpty was a cartoon character an egg that had a great fall when he fell off the wall and broke into pieces.

In the context that we meant was Humpty Dumpty was the Los Angeles Lakers who had experienced several years of being down in the dumps and lost its luster as the Showtime team. They were experiencing being a not so successful team which had numerous coaches that couldn't mold a team with superstars Shaquille O'Neal and a young Kobe Bryant into a winning squad.

Prior to taking on the Lakers position Jackson had achieved success winning six NBA titles with the Chicago Bulls and Michael Jordan. He was a master at massaging egos and getting the most out of his players. Scotty Pippen was the other massive ego in Chicago. At the time of his Lakers challenge it was a team of malcontents. Quite frankly we didn't feel he could apply Bulls magic with the inept Lakers.

At the time that we wrote the Action Jackson article we mentioned that all the Kings horses and all the kings' men couldn't put Humpty Dumpty back together again. But all things being equal, maybe Jackson can do it for the Lakers. If he can't, nobody can…that is, anyone who is available to coach a NBA team today. The result being WE WERE RIGHT!

During his two tenures with the Lakers he won five NBA titles including three with Shaq and Kobe and after their bust-up two with Kobe when it became Kobe's ONLY team. The stress of his dealing with some of the strongest egos in the world, health problems and age has taken its toll and now Jackson is talking about it since he's selling a book he authored. In all Jackson won 11 NBA titles.

Over the years probably the most asked question he has been besieged with is who is better Kobe or Michael. Jackson has astutely avoided responding to the topic but now he's talking as selling his book "Eleven Rings: The Soul of Success," doing press interviews matters. TO BE



May 30, 1976 Phoenix rookie center Alvan Adams scored 33 points and grabbed 14 rebounds to lead the Suns to a 105-98 Game 3 victory over Boston in the NBA Finals.


May 31, 1983 “Fo’ Fo’ Fo’,” declared Moses Malone predicting that the 1983 Philadelphia 76ers, who had dominated the regular season with a 65-17 record, would sweep their three rounds in the 1983 NBA Playoffs. They came close but the Milwaukee Bucks spoiled Malone’s prediction by winning Game 4 of the Eastern Conference Finals 100-94. Otherwise Philadelphia was perfect, sweeping New York, beating the Bucks in five and then sweeping the Lakers in the Finals. Their 12-1 record and .923 winning percentage stood as the best in playoff history until the Lakers went 15-1 (.938) in 2001. The 76ers commemorated Malone’s prediction, with one slight alteration, on their championship rings: “Fo’ Fi’ Fo’.”

May 31, 1984 Gerald Henderson of the Boston Celtics stole a crosscourt pass by Los Angeles’ James Worthy and laid the ball in with 13 seconds left in regulation to send Game 2 of the 1984 NBA Finals into overtime. The Celtics, who had dropped Game 1 and would lose Game 3, managed to pull out a 124-121 overtime win in Game 2 and eventually won the series in seven games.

May 31, 1991 The New York Knicks named Pat Riley head coach.

FIFA TOP 10 - No changes in the top ten

Spain continue to top the table ahead of Germany and Argentina, followed by Croatia and Portugal

In comparison to last month’s action, there are only a few changes in the current edition of the FIFA World Ranking. In many countries, the national championships are drawing to a close, which explains the small number of matches played at international level: only seven matches were played in the last month, all of which were friendlies. Spain continue to top the table ahead of Germany and Argentina, followed by Croatia and Portugal. The only movers within the top 20 are Switzerland (14th, up 1) and Belgium (15th, up 1), who have climbed one place, overtaking Mexico (16th, down 2). Belgium have achieved their highest-ever ranking, as have Albania, who have moved up five places to 43rd.

There is only a slight change to the composition of the top 50 by confederation. Honduras have jumped to 50th place, joint with Burkina Faso, meaning there are currently 51 teams in the top 50. CONCACAF now has five teams in the top 50, while there have been no changes for the other confederations (UEFA: 26; CONMEBOL: 9; CAF: 8; AFC: 3; OFC: 0).

More movement is to be expected in the table in June, when the teams qualified for the FIFA Confederations Cup play their first warm-up matches ahead of the showdown in Brazil.


· Moves into top ten none

· Moves out of top ten none

· Matches played in total 7

· Most matches played Grenada, St Lucia, St Vincent and the Grenadines (2 matches each)

· Biggest move by points Grenada (up 68 points)

· Biggest move by ranks Grenada (up 20 ranks)

· Biggest drop by points St Vincent and the Grenadines (down 35 points)

· Biggest drop by ranks St Vincent and the Grenadines (down 10 points)

· Newly ranked teams none

· Teams that are no longer ranked none

· Inactive teams (not ranked) none

FIFA TOP 10 for May, 2013

Rank -- Team -- Points

1. Spain - 1538

2. Germany - 1428

3. Argentina - 1296

4. Croatia - 1191

5. Portugal - 1163

6. Colombia - 1154

7. England - 1135

8. Italy - 1117

9. Netherlands - 1093

10. Ecuador - 1058


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