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THEY DID IT AGAIN! - Is Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson being crucified by the 70% Zionist controlled main stream western media? - Wikipedia faulty system photo


Zionist controlled American media are working overtime to persecute NFL star Ray Rice. It raises the question is their trial of Rice on camera really their job? - Wallstreethotrod at English Wikipedia photo




Was former NBA star Charles Barkley made of fool of by TV sports talk host Jim Rome? - Scott LaPierre photo


Is Floyd 'MONEY' Mayweather being set up to receive his fist loss from Gloria Allred? - DEWALT POWER TOOLS FIGHT NIGHT CLUB 2010 photo




James Loving/National Radio Text Service



American media is having a field day stirring up trouble and being the judge and jury of the National Football League (NFL) and its stars while ignoring more important issues such as Israel illegal annexation of more Palestinian land. Ray Rice and Adrian Peterson are presently the most prominent subjects who have been sentenced by the media without a trial in the American legal system. Is this about boosting television ratings while destroying lives? - Lawyer Gloria Allred has her sights on giving Floyd 'Money' Mayweather his FIRST LOSS


Sunday, September 21, 2014


What the American media is doing to the National Football League (NFL) and two of its superstar players is the biggest load of bullshit since they got on the CIA bandwagon to promote that there were weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. As we now know there were NO mass destruction weapons in Iraq but this recent attack on the league and players Andre Peterson and Ray Rice are on overdrive.

The capper is media is also stimulating viewers to call for the resignation of NFL commissioner Roger Goodell because they felt he didn't give the players sufficient punishment or suspend them from the league for life. After businesses dropped their league sponsorship Goodell recanted and said that there have been too many recent examples of the NFL "doing wrong" and "that starts with me,"

At this point the media beat down made a giant step towards dictating how sports should be run according to their need for viewer's interest. Now their sights are set on ruining the careers of two black athletes with more on the list to follow.

The Minnesota Vikings running back Peterson is being charged for using a switch (a small tree branch) in disciplining his four year old son in May in the state of Texas. Peterson says that the way he was raised (as was I) and he felt nothing was wrong in the way he disciplines his child. His consequence from his media beat down is he was to play last yesterday but the outrage has resulted in Goodell suspending him until the legal court system decides the case.

Another caveat is authorities in Minnesota filed a petition Friday seeking a protective order for his 4-year-old son. The petition of the Hennepin County Human Services asked a judge to block Peterson from using corporal punishment or physical discipline on the boy. It also would block unauthorized or unsupervised contact, and require Peterson to complete a parenting assessment.

What jumps out here is why the long delay from the event in May for the media to jump on the case four months after the fact? The other red flag is why is the Minnesota government getting involved with an offense that occurred in Texas?

Rice has a more serious charge of assaulting his then girlfriend in February in an Atlantic City casino elevator. There have been two presentations of the incident taped in the elevator surveillance cameras. The first showed Rice dragging her out of the elevator. The second showed him punching her then dragging her out of the elevator. The entire incident was Rice's wife charged him and spat in his face before he lost it and punched her and dragged her out of the elevator into the hotel hallway.

The media is also targeting ALL NFL players that have a history of domestic abuse. The question is who is behind this overblown aggression to interfere in the league's management of their own affairs and why so much aggression of television time is given to this subject? WHY???

Following the incident Rice married his girlfriend who stands behind his man and accuses the media of inciting the problem and blowing it out of shape. Rice was suspended by the league for two games which cost him a half million dollars in salary. Since the media continued to incite the story the league has place him on an indefinite suspension and some in the media want him suspended for life.

Peterson and Rice's teammates have given their support of the players. In general they say they are nice guys. Given Rice has a more serious charge some teammates feel it was a one time thing and he just lost it.

That rationale is a major point in contrast to the excessive negative attacks by the media. If a man that commits murder and gets off with a temporary sanity plea what is the problem with accepting a wife's forgiveness and are trying to move on?

Regarding Peterson's disciplining his child several NFL players commented on the matter:

Cardinals defensive lineman Darnell Dockett claimed he also was hit with a "switch," a tree branch that Peterson used to discipline his child.

I got a ass whippn at 5 with a switch that's lasted about 40mins and couldn't sit for 2days. It's was all love though. Times have changed! - DARNELL DOCKETT (@ddockett) September 13, 2014

Saints running back Mark Ingram also tweeted that he was disciplined as a child, stating that his parents wanted him to "be the best human possible!"

When I was kid I got so many whoopins I can't even count! I love both my parents, they just wanted me to be the best human possible! - Mark Ingram (@MarkIngram22) September 13, 2014

Several recently retired players, including receiver Donte' Stallworth, also took to Twitter to voice their opinion on the topic.

What's child abuse in 2014 was normal in the 80s where I grew up and also with people in my age range. - Donte' Stallworth (@DonteStallworth) September 13, 2014

But times have changed and society is not as accepting of those standards of discipline as we once were. - Donte' Stallworth (@DonteStallworth) September 13, 2014

The question is why and who is responsible with this overboard attack on the NFL, and BLACK ATHLETES?

CNN's Rachel Nichols has been a guest on other CNN shows to lend her two cents to the Ray Rice controversy. News journalists are supposed to be unbiased but she was on the side of the persecuting media and not the player's wife who has forgiven him.

Recently CBS television sports talk host Jim Rome had former NBA star Charles Barkley as a gust to share his thoughts on Peterson's discipline of his son. Barkley said he found nothing wrong with it since he and those he knew as a child received the same treatment. E pointed out that all parents in the south disciplined their children.

Rome took exception to that and supported Peterson's suspension. Rome is a Jew and comes from Tarzana, California a candy ass town where I lived for two years in the early 70's. His soft life is much different than Barkley's, Peterson's or mine.

I can relate to this topic very strongly since I was a victim of abuse as my aunt often beat me with a leather belt on my bare back causing welts. My grandmother/guardian who was my aunt's mother had to go to the courts to place a bond on her own daughter to keep her hands and belt off me.

At that time there was no major fuss about the beatings but they ceased after the court order. In addition I grew up in a city that later earned the title of being the most dangerous city in America. That is a far cry from cushy Tarzana. My take on all of these incidents is we all came from different backgrounds, many tougher than others. What is annoying is why do some people feel that they have a right to get into another person's business and try to destroy their lives?

Lawyer Gloria Allred has jumped on the media crucifixion team with her entry into the fray. She appeared on one of CNN's shows persecuting Rice and Peterson. She announced that she is representing boxer Floyd 'MONEY' Mayweather's ex girlfriend who he assaulted.

Mayweather has had several domestic violence cases against him during his life. Allred wasn't clear which of the cases she was representing but this is the most recent and publicized case. On December 21, 2011, a judge sentenced Mayweather to serve 90 days in the county jail for battery upon his ex-girlfriend in September 2010. Mayweather reached a deal with prosecutors in which he pled guilty to misdemeanor battery in exchange for prosecutors dropping the felony battery charge. Mayweather also pled no contest to two counts of misdemeanor harassment, stemming from threats to his children.

In addition to the 90-day sentence Mayweather was ordered to complete 100 hours of community service, a 12-month domestic-violence program and to pay a fine of $2,500. On June 1 Mayweather began serving his county jail sentence, and was released in August 3, 2012 after serving two months.

Last week Mayweather earned $32 million when he defeated challenger Marcos Maidana. Mayweather topped the Forbes and Sports Illustrated lists of the 50 highest-paid athletes of 2012, 2013 and recently the Forbes 2014 list, currently making Mayweather the highest paid athlete in the world and Allred wants some of that money.


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