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He is promoted on the air as "THE BIG NASTY." The Nasty Man went on the air Saturday [Aug. 8] and defended his show while intoning that it was a put-on and it was entertainment. Obviously he feels that RACISM, being the context, is entertainment.


Los Angeles, California - August 15, 1998

IN -- CREDIBLE: A Los Angeles sports talk radio host JOE MCDONNELL (KXTA, AM, 1150 - A Jaycor station) admitted to creating a hoax, a day after someone called in [Thursday August 6] to his sports talk show impersonating being a business associate of Fox/News Corp. founder RUPERT MURDOCH. FOX/News Corp.the owner of the Dodgers.

The caller identified himself as JOHN MOSBY owner of MOSBY Corp., a company that was selling Murdoch's Sky Channel. He said that he was also a former Fox executive and close associate of Murdoch's. The so-called Mosby said the reason that HIDEO NOMO was traded from the team was because Murdoch was annoyed that he wouldn't learn to speak English. He also said that when Murdoch found out that Nomo had a Dodger employee hired to be his interpreter that he wanted Nomo off the team and to put an end to it.

If that wasn't enough, the caller continued his ethnic attack by saying Murdoch was upset that so many of the Japanese press were issued credentials to cover the Dodgers (primarily to cover Nomo) denying other non-Japanese press, credentials.

BEN MALLER, the host of the show that followed McDonnell's charade that day, said the following day at Dodger Stadium, the caller was a sports reporter from Miami, who is an acquaintance of McDonnell's. Maller would not reveal the caller's name.

This was unbelievable radio. To compound the insult of slandering Murdoch and demeaning the Dodger's character, the station carries the Dodgers games.

In the first year of the station's existence, it lacked listeners and didn't register enough of a listening audience to be listed in the Arbitron ratings.... IT HAD NONE. That is... until the Dodgers got involved this year. It is the first year the Dodgers have done business with the station.

McDonnell has been a local malcontent sports talk radio host in the Los Angeles area for a number of years moving from station to station. He has a reputation of presenting a caustic negative point of view. With his loose lips and don't give a damn attitude, he gives the appearance that he feels that his microphone is some sort of body armor and he's somehow indestructible. This is an attitude that is exemplified by many in a click of LA sports Press. Referred to as BIG JOE McDONNELL, he is promoted on the air as "THE BIG NASTY."

The Nasty Man went on the air Saturday [Aug. 8] and defended his show while intoning that it was a put-on and it was entertainment. Obviously he feels that RACISM, being the context, is entertainment. If his show was to be a put on, why would he slander Rupert Murdoch and demean the Japanese press and Nomo for not speaking English? The humor escapes me.

McDonnell went on to say, on his Saturday show, that a Jaycor executive called and blasted him for the Murdoch/Japanese press program. McDonnell felt the call was funny and planned to play a recording of it on the show again, that afternoon.

It seems that McDonnell has no fear or responsibility. Obviously there is no authority in the ranks of Jaycor and if there is... McDonnell doesn't respect it.

This is the type of sports talk radio programming that the Los Angeles market is subject to. Where once there was credibility, the airwaves are now filled with young, arrogant, ignorant, inconsiderate hosts that know little about sports and certainly NOTHING ABOUT PEOPLE and could care less. Being considerate of someone else's feelings or reputation is not an issue that is considered. Being OFFENSIVE is the priority.

Is it a hoax show that talks about race and slandering and the owner of the Dodgers, information? Is it entertainment? One thing it is....IGNORANT. What's next on the menu of ignorance... THE KOREANS???? THE LATINO'S???

Last year the LA press talked about then Anaheim Angel TONY PHILLIPS, who ingested cocaine up his own nose for weeks. MUM seems to be the word on McDonnell, as the LA press have largely ignored his stupidity of putting false material on the air TO POISON PEOPLE'S MINDS. Phillips hurt himself, and the LA press talk about it incessantly. McDonnell poisons the public's thinking, and to many in the LA press, it's okay. Sick minds... think alike.

When you think about the content of McDonnell's show, giving the public an impression that Murdoch had racist views, it's deplorable. KXTA, AM, 1150 and its parent Jaycor appear to be ETHNICALLY CHALLENGED. The attitude that exists by everyone involved seems to be, and is said best, by McDonnell..."If you don't like it...TOO BAD."



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