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The mistake Dennis Rodman is making is taking his talent to a team in turmoil. That’s like throwing gasoline into a fire.

WHY? WHY? WHY? Why would Dennis Rodman make the MISTAKE of playing for the Lakers? It seems that the sensitive Rodman has bought into the HOLLYWIERD way of life and wants to play basketball with a dysfunctional family [if you chose to call it that]. A team that stands on quicksand and for some strange reason is looked upon by many as the being the darlings of the NBA. A team without direction, especially since they fired DEL HARRIS as their coach. OH DENNIS WHAT ARE YOU GETTING YOURSELF INTO?

Though ostracized for his behavior both on and off the court you can’t deny that he is a great basketball player and a GREAT SHOWMAN. Bob Cousy, one of the NBA’s 50 All Time Greatest Players, once told me that he felt Rodman was the Barnumum Bailey of sports. Why would a person who is self made and making a ton of money, choose to play for the SHOULDA-WOULDA-COULDA SUGAR DADDY team of the NBA for about $475,000?

The Lakers need Rodman more than Rodman needs the Lakers. In spite what NBA Commissioner DAVID STERN thinks, It’s a bad fit. WHY???

The WHINING LAKERS ORGANIZATION are a bunch of finger pointing, crying, sniveling, whining, immature individuals from the top of the executive staff that permeates down through the team. They still don’t know how to take a loss with grace and dignity. They look for excuses and don’t know how to suck it up and go on to be focused on the next opponent.

It’s a team that loves to talk, jester and dance to the TV cameras during a game rather than focus on what they’re paid to do, PLAY BASKETBALL. For some strange reason the PRIMADONNA Lakers Organization think they’re THE BEES KNEES of the NBA. BREAK DANCING, HIP HOP ANYONE??? Even LARRY BIRD couldn’t get this bunch to act like men and BE SERIOUS.

It is an abundantly talented, tall, quick team of NICE people WITH NO LEADER. It’s a team of UNDERACHIEVERS. Rodman is a hard-working player who brings his lunch pail to work everyday but HE IS NO LEADER. He is an ACHIEVER. And what the Lakers need the most he ain’t…. a PSYCHOLOGIST.

Rodman is man that's made himself a premier player in the league. He never played high school basketball. A man who rose from being a janitor at a Dallas Texas airport, and dispite his small 6’7", 220 pound stature, he made himself into being one of the greatest rebounders the NBA has ever seen. He has won SEVEN STRAIGHT rebounding titles. He did it with determination and hard work and a lot of intelligence.

But those are the good points most of which you seldom hear about. What the maggot press chooses to do is scrape the bottom of the garbage can and focus on is his Barnumum Bailey self-promotional ventures.

We all know he wore a dress at a book signing. He’s still being ridiculed for that. But let's be real here… Was that a good FREE PUBLICITY STUNT OR WHAT? Do you realize how much the airtime he was given for that stunt and what it would cost in US dollars if he had to pay for it? Let Bevis & Butthead say it for you "Ugh...

Ugh…Ugh… Dah… Dah… Dah" The point is DID YOU NOTICE???? I think so.

How many of you would wear a dress for a few hours at a book signing for a million dollars? EXCUSE ME!!!. The line forms at the left. Now don’t push trying to be first in line. Make sure your hemlines don’t show.

The mistake Rodman is making is taking his talent to a team in turmoil That’s like throwing gasoline into a fire. Turmoil is a word the Lakers owner JERRY BUSS says is a word used by the press. He prefers to call it "LOVE."

EXCUSE ME!!!! Are we talking about one of the most talented teams in the NBA who just fired its coach? A team that is looking to TRADE ELDON CAMBELL and EDDIE JONES? Is that LOVE or TURMOIL???

Rodman doesn’t need the HOLLYWEIRD atmosphere to enhance his game. He doesn’t need the approval of Dyan Cannon [who is a very nice lady by the way], Jack Nicholson and all of the HOLLYWEIRD celebrities that come to be entertained by THEIR FABULOUS LOS ANGELES FAKERS. He doesn’t need the CARNIVOROUS LA press snipping at his heels [high or not] trying to reveal every CHINK IN HIS ARMOUR.

Chink in the armor? Here’s an example. Last year after CHRIS WEBBER was arrested for carrying a ROACH [without legs by the way] he came to Los Angeles with his then Washington Bullets team.

I went into the locker room and approached him as he was in the middle of interviewing with a group of reporters. He stopped talking to them and put out his hand and said ‘hey man!’ I didn’t want to interrupt the other reporters interview but THEY and HE insisted that I conduct my interview first.

Reluctantly I did. I wanted to know about where did he and his former Michigan teammates get the idea of wearing their basketball pants SOOO LONG. Hey! Excuse me that’s all I wanted to know.

Afterwards a reporter came up to me and said, ‘He really likes you.’ I said why not? I’ve never done anything to hurt him.

The reporter then told me that his EDITOR sent him on a mission to interview Webber about his being arrested on that roach [drug] charge. He said Webber didn’t want to talk about it. NO %$@$%. It didn’t take a rocket scientist to figure that out.

I was then told that he felt Webber liked me because I talked about things that he wanted to talk about. Well folks….THAT’S MY J-O-B… I doubt that Webber knows my name, just my face and my good intentions.

I’m more interested in the BRAIN, the GAIN, the GOOD TIMES and the PAIN and what motivates a person to be successful. NUFF SAID. SOOOOO BACK TO RODMAN.

At this stage of his chaotic career he would have been in a better playing situation with Orlando and his former coach at Detroit CHUCK DALY. They won two NBA championships at Detroit. Orlando has a mature team and Daly is a well-respected coach. Daly understands Rodman and Rodman respects Daly. That is a good fit. SORRY DAVID STERN. BUT……..

Rodman wants to be a movie star. He married Carmen Electra. Great, more power to him. Is that the MAIN INGREDIENT in his decision to play in La La Land to smooze with the stars and enhance his chances of landing some acting roles and making those HOLLYWEIRD contacts? Hey Jack are you listening??? Would it provide more time to do as they say in HOLLYWEIRD…. "LET’S DO LUNCH. and HANG." OH MY!!!

Is he joining the team so media director JOHN BLACK can PAD his rebounding stats? Black padded NICK VAN EXEL’S assist stats last year in a game against the Clippers to bolster Van Exel’s All-Star Game selection chances.

Is he joining the team to play with FELLOW ACTORS Shaquille O’Neal, Kobe Bryant and Rick Fox? If the Lakers pick up another acting guard they can start a TEAM OF HOLLYWEIRD ACTORS. Not BAD ACTORS, just… actors

It can’t be the stability of the Lakers, ask Del Harris. Who is the cornerstone of this floundering organization? Would you please step forward? Perhaps Dennis would like to duel Lakers President JERRY WEST in a crying contest. Dennis save it for the self promotion and your press conferences BRO.

These Lakers are still trying to live off of their success in the eighties. Minority owner MAGIC [I-Me-My] JOHNSON loves to gloat about the championship banners hanging on the Forum wall. Former Laker DOUG CHRISTIE once pointed out when he was with the team, that they weren’t the SHOWTIME era Lakers. It’s over, it’s done. It’s time to move on. Forget those banners.

When the Lakers won their first championship of that period in 1980, KOBE BRYANT was a one-year-old baby and the Lakers GM MITCH KUPCHAK was playing for the Washington Bullets. The 80’s are over… WHO CARES?

The NOW Lakers can’t find their OWN IDENTITY. Lakers teams since are reminded of the glorious 80’s. Oh my if only this years Chicago Bulls could win off the six championships they won in the MICHAEL JOADAN 90’s teams. If Rodman is accused of being a confused individual why would he need to place himself in an environment in such chaos.

Embroiled with his own personal problems he is jumping from the frying pan into the fire. He is joining an organization that had a good coach with NO SECURITY. A gentlemanly coach who was mentally undermined by the press, his own players and the executive staff. DENNIS….WHAT HATH YOU DONE????

It boggles my mind to think that when I first interviewed Rodman in 1989 the media didn’t notice him. The media was more interested in Isiah Thomas, Bill Laimbeer, Joe Dumars, Mark Aguirre, Vinnie Johnson and James Edwards.

Rodman was sitting alone in the corner of the locker room with his elbows on his knees and holding his head in his hands when I approached him. He’s always been polite and considerate in responding to my interview requests in the ten years I’ve covered the NBA. He and MICHAEL JORDAN have been among my most cooperative interviews of NBA superstars.

To think that since 1989, this shy individual has dated MADONNA, dyed his hair, added body rings and tattoos, promoted himself to his own MTV television show…. It proves he’s a marketing genius. OH…. I FORGOT… HE HAS FIVE [count-em] NBA CHAMPIONSHIP RINGS. I’ve watched him, paid attention to him and interviewed him about all of his changes.

Rodman is an introvert who works hard at being an extrovert. A shy sensitive individual who has captured the world's attention AND MAKES A LOT OF MONEY DOING IT.

BUT DENNIS… you’re smart and talented BUT THE LAKERS? OH PLEASE…...

If you enjoy the turmoil [sorry, Jerry Buss] ahh LOVE that you’ve placed yourself in you’re in for the ride of you life. Obviously if Buss doesn’t feel that what is going on is not TURMOIL but in fact L-O-V-E he must NOT be in the same world that my man from TWISM, Shaquille [This World Is Mine] O’Neal owns.

Buss must be out of this world. Dennis, are you ready for your space trip? Dennis, bring your BASKET… just in CASE..

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