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As a "Bad Boy" Detroit Piston, Dennis Rdman won back to back championships in 1989 and 1990. He won three-peat championships with the Chicago Bulls (1996-97-98).



James Loving National Radio Text Service


Sunday March 28, 1999

DENNIS NEEDS LOVE!!! You can say what you want about the NBA REBOUNDING KING but he has proved that he can

When the Lakers signed for DENNIS RODMAN it was feared that he would be a distraction to the team. How would the team handle it if Rodman went off? He did by leaving the team March 13. He went to Las Vegas after being excused by management to take care of some personal issues.

Last week the Lakers furnished the answer… they didn't handle it well. The Golden Boys came apart at the seams and lost three of four road games during their star rebounders R & R break. Affectionately known as "The Worm," Rodman, like a RINGWORM, is known to get under a person's skin. That aside, his job is to play basketball.

He returned Sunday March 21 and helped the Lakers get back on the winning track in the 115-104 come from behind victory over the Orlando Magic. That win gave the Lakers a 10-0 record with Rodman in the lineup. Rodman played 23 minutes scoring four points and grabbed six rebounds.

"We knew from game time that he was going to be prepared and he was," Kobe Bryant told Fox Sports.

The following day in Dallas, Rodman helped the Lakers to a 96-93 win over Mavs. He pulled down 17 rebounds and scored one point while attempting no field goals in his 32 minutes of play.

After the game Bryant told the Times, "It's like riding a bicycle-just hop on and ride. We don't have to make any adjustments at all with him. He just fits right in, doing what he does."

Once again Rodman's performance exemplified that his presence stimulates a winning attitude. It proves the Lakers NEED RODMAN more than Rodman needs the Lakers. Without the controversial player, the Lakers are a losing team. The Dallas win gave the Lakers 19-9, an 11-0 record with the Worm and 8-9 without.

While he was gambling away in Las Vegas, it was reported by the LA Times that he was having problems with his actress wife CARMEN ELECTRA. To the contrary, Rodman disclosed to the Times upon his return that it was she who convinced him to rejoin the team. When Rodman did, he offered no excuses and or apology for his departure.

"You've got to understand that this is a man's sport and you have to conduct yourself as a man," he told Fox Sports. "I don't have to apologize to anybody, they (knew before he left the team) when I come back that we're going to win ballgames."

Rodman will turn 38 years of age May 13. He has been around long enough to have plenty of things to think about and what NBA basketball means to him.

"This game ain't worth that much for me to lose who I am," the Times reported. "I had to get away because I really didn't know if I wanted to play basketball."

For his adventure the Fox Sports reported the seven time rebounding champion was fined $300 for his four game absence. During his truancy some in the LA media were asking for Rodman's head. One columnist wrote 'Where's WEIRDO?' Obviously this was a term of endearment. Another asked for Rodman to be cut from the team. Well WELCOME TO LA, Mr. Dennis Rodman.

Does that type of sentiment give a player the warm fuzzies and win his affection for the city of Angels? Was it a way of letting him know that his talents are appreciated and he is LOVED. Really??? YO BRO….!!!! DENNIS NEEDS LOVE!!!

You can say what you want about the NBA REBOUNDING KING but he has proved that he can help a team win. The FIVE NBA Championship rings illustrate that he earned as a member of five NBA championship teams.

As a "Bad Boy" Detroit Piston, he won back to back championships in 1989 and 1990. He won three-peat championships with the Chicago Bulls (1996-97-98). That gives THE ROD-MAN a hand full of CHAMPIONSHIP RINGS. Yes, HE KNOWS HOW TO WIN.

There's no question that Rodman has problems, BUT he brings more IN TALENT to any team that he plays for than the excess baggage he may carry. He is a different person and is strong enough to be JUST THAT. He's MAN enough to state what he feels whether you LIKE IT OR NOT and… he sticks to it. He's STRONG enough to take the pain that follows when he goes against the grain of public opinion.

If you don't get caught up in the anger that is dispensed his way regarding his behavior, you would have to admit… HE IS ENTERTAINING. OHHHH…. and a VERY GOOD basketball player as well.

I questioned his statement, when he first joined the Lakers, that he would be a team leader. I was wrong. Dennis Rodman is showing the Lakers how to BE STRONG and to STAND UP for what you believe in. You don't have to agree with him but like he says, Dennis is Dennis.

He is taking the brunt of criticism with NO EXCUSES and going back to work. He is inspiring the team. DRESS or NO DRESS, Dennis Rodman is showing the young Lakers, in his own STRANGE SILENT way, HOW TO BE MEN and take some pain WITHOUT A GRIPE.

* * *

TRIVIA QUESTION: What was THE ONLY college to win the NCAA and NIT Tournaments in the same year?

* * *

DID YOU KNOW: Dennis Rodman is best known for his rebounding prowess in the NBA. In college he was also a scorer. He averaged 25.7 points and 15.7 rebounds a game in his three years at Southeast Oklahoma State University. Rodman played his freshman year a Cook County Junior College where he averaged 17.6 points and 13.3 rebounds game. What makes his achievements more remarkable is HE NEVER PLAYED HIGH SCHOOL BASKETBALL.

* * *

THIS WEEK IN SPORTS: On March 23, 1974 North Carolina state defeated UCLA 80-77 in double overtime in the semifinals, ending the Bruins seven year reign as NCAA basketball champs.

* * *


An Australian army captain set a new record for OLIVE SPITTING with a hurl of 10.5 meters in this year's competition. The record didn't go unchallenged. Captain DOUG MADDICK'S spit broke the pervious record by TWO METERS. It was questioned as to whether his feat was wind assisted….

* * *

GOAL OF GOALS: Last month the Kuwait Ice Hockey team yielded 79 goals in two matches in the Winter Asian Games. Kuwait lost to China 35-0 and 44-1 to Japan. They were the most lopsided scores of international ice hockey history.

The silver lining was Kuwait's AL-AJMI SALEM's goal in the loss to Japan was the FIRST EVER by any Arab country in an international hockey match. Salem has something in common with WAYNE GRETZKY. He wear's the number made famous by Gretzky, number 99…

* * *

TRIVIA ANSWER: The City College of New York. On March 28, 1950 CCNY defeated Bradley, 71-68 in the NCAA championship game. Nine days earlier, they defeated Bradley, 69-61 for the NIT title.


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