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WATCH OUT WORLD - 17-year-old Louisa Johnson is the winner of the X Factor. She is the youngest contestant ever to win the competition


Rita Ora is a judge on the X Factor and coached the winner Louisa Johnson. As talented as the British singer actress is if Donald Trump becomes the president of the United States he won't permit her to enter America and might kill her - (Neon Tommy - Photo)


Donald Trump has attacked Mexicans and Muslims and ignores people of color. The Philadelphia Daily News compares him to the racist former German leader Adolph Hitler the killer of the Jews and not the Palestinians as CNN and Israel's maniac Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu would like the world to believe - Philadelphia Daily News photo


This photo is all that is left of an 18-month-old Palestinian boy who was burned to death after Israeli settlers set fire to his family house in Duma village, south of Nablus city, in the occupied West Bank - (Al Jazeera photo)




James Loving - National Radio Text Service



The good news is the X Factor winner Louisa Johnson, Judges Rita Ora and Simon Cowell… YES our old nemesis SIMON! The bad news is the CNN coverage of the Republican Party Presidential Debates which was inundated with Jews that support Israel. Four of the five major players in this presentation are Jews that support the murdering ways of Israel


Wednesday, December 16, 2015


The choice was clear when the option was to watch the raging Jews of CNN inciting the US government to start World War III or watch entertainment shows. Entertainment won.

Currently traveling while watching TV and channel chasing I came across an incredible singer that I ad no idea who she was. As it turned out I had tuned into the quarterfinals of the X Factor talent show. The X Factor!!! That alarmed me since I knew that was former American Idol judge Simon Cowell's new show when he departed American Idol.

Forgive me lord as I'm about to admit to a sin. Although I said I'd never watch Simon Cowell again I had to exorcise that evil from my soul as I had to find out who this female with the incredible voice was.

At first I thought it was a guest star on the program whom I belived to be about 27-years-old. As it turned out she was and still is 17-year-old Louisa Johnson (YIKES!!! 17???) who went on to win the contest.

Listen up… this girl is INCREDIBLE! When I first tuned in to her while she was midway through a song I place her voice in the category of Mariah Carey or Whitney Houston. As I listened to her more I downgraded he to just below those superstars since her voice is strong but has less body or thickness.

Johnson is a superstar in the making. She has poise and carries herself like someone 10 years her senior. Aside from her voice she is absolutely gorgeous. If she obtains a good manager that can direct her career properly she is one to watch for greatness.

The shocking thing about this discovery is that Cowell shares the judging with three others. That was frowned upon when he was with Idol. Shockingly he ceased being long winded and demanding the spotlight but is considerate of his fellow judges and LETS THEM SPEAK. There must be a god after all.

The judge that caught our attention is another looker (very attractive) British singer and actress Rita Ora. Another talent I've never heard of. Ora also functioned on the show as Johnson's coach.

Ora, released in 2012, debuted at number one in the United Kingdom. The album contained the UK number-one singles, "R.I.P." and "How We Do (Party)". After reaching the peak position as a featured act on DJ Fresh's "Hot Right Now", Ora became the artist with the most number-one singles on the UK Singles Chart in 2012, with three consecutive singles reaching the top position. She was nominated for three Brit Awards at the 2013 ceremony.

In 2014, Ora featured on Iggy Azalea's single, "Black Widow", which reached number three in the US. In 2015, Ora became a coach on the fourth series of The Voice UK, and later that year, a judge on the twelfth series of The X Factor.

The 25-year-old Ora was born in Pristina, Kosovo to Kosovar Albanian parents. Her mother, Vera Sahatçiu (née Bajraktari), is a psychiatrist, and her father, Besnik Sahatçiu, is an economist and a pub owner. Her mother is Catholic and her father is Muslim.

Muslim… that's the kicker and the twist to this story and relates to the choices one makes in decision making. In choosing entertainment over politics there is no denying that Americans are being inundated with fear tactics and propaganda regarding Muslims and how they are a threat to the security of America.

CNN hosted the Republican Presidential debates on the same day as the finals of The Voice. The debates were televised from the Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The Jew/Israeli playing politics relationship came into play since the owner of the hotel is Jewish billionaire Sheldon Adelson who we best remembered as one of the individuals that threatened the world if they are opposed to Israeli military murdering Palestinian children buy boycotting Israel and their products.

The host of the debate was CNN's Wolf Blitzer who has a history of being a member of the Israeli media and a strong supporter of the nation of soldiers. The boss of CNN is Steve Zucker also a Jew. Dana Bash was one of the two of the other reporters asking questions to the presidential candidates. She is a Jew.

Three of the four principals involved in the debate are Jewish and support Israel. It raises the question if Adelson permitted CNN to use his venue FOR FREE in order to play politics and rub shoulders with the candidates to see who would do his bidding and who he will contribute money to their campaigns. Remember… Adelson's hotels in Las Vegas, Macau and Singapore have CASINO'S as well.

The superstar candidate in the debate is billionaire Donald Trump who has a racist history and has attacked Mexicans and Muslims and ignores people of color. On a front page cover the Philadelphia Daily News depicts as the furor the racist former German leader Hitler who was the killer of the Jews and not the Palestinians as CNN and Israel's maniac Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu would like the world to believe.

The two subjects of entertainment and politics and the X-Factor and CNN's coverage of the US Republican presidential debates if this. Trump who is also a television star as the host of his TV series The Apprentice and the Celebrity Apprentice states that if he becomes president he won't permit Muslims to enter the United States.

He states that if they (Muslims) kill us we should kill them.

Here's the twist regarding the two television shows, Rita Ora identifies herself as a Muslim. As beautiful and talented as she is the racist Donald Trump would not let her into America since he's afraid of Muslims which includes her. She would not be permitted to enter the United States.

Folks… in the presidential polls this idiot is the highest ranking candidate. His racist rhetoric is appealing to the American voters that say they would vote for him. He repeatedly states that he want s to build a wall to keep the Mexican's out. He supports his wall theory by relating to Israel and there wall that keeps the real owner of the land the Palestinians out.

"It works," Trump has stated over and over again.

God better bless America….. THEY NEED IT


There is NOTHING WRONG with nonviolent Jews or the Jewish faith which is about peace. Everything is wrong about Israel who are murdering thieves of Palestinian land and children. American politicians repeatedly say OUR FRIENDS THE ISRAELIS.

Excuse me BUT… they don't speak for me or for many Americans. If the US government wants to take money away from American citizens Social Security and Medicare to fund Israel's murdering, thieving ways THEN LET THE AMERICN CITIZENS VOTE ON THE MATTER TO SEE IF THEY WANT THEIR TAXPAYER DOLLARS SPENT TO SUPPORT ISRAEL... THE BABY KILLERS.

Simon Mark's Somaly Mam story on NEWSWEEK (copy & paste) :




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