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Adam Levine could be considered OUT THERE when he exposed his tattooed chest in this season's Super Bowl half time show - (Screen shot - photo)


Adam Levine gives the bad news to 22-year-old DeAndre Nico that he was great BUT he was eliminating him from the show in favor of 13- - (Screen shot - photo)



22-year-old DeAndre Nico listens to the bad news from Adam Levine that although he is a great talent that he is eliminating him in favor of a non performing 13-year-old contestant - (Screen shot - photo)


Too ill to perform 13-year-old Regan Strange and mother listen to Adam Levine saying she will remain in the competition and DeAndre Nico is OUT - (Screen shot - photo)





James Loving - National Radio Text Service



Did Adam Levine suffer from retaliation from the BAD KARMA GODS regarding his poor decision making during the past year? Did he suffer from too much pressure from not being able to win a contest since season 9 of the 16 seasons? Was the pressure of not being able to top his friend Blake Shelton's winning coaching success with the final count being Shelton on top six wins to three?


Monday, June 24, 2019


Not a spoken word has been reported directly from Adam Levine since he quit The Voice with no notice. Shortly before his surprising departure the production network was convinced he would return next season given his verbal commitment. It was a commitment that was broken.

The question is WHY did Levine decide to call it quits? We have rationalized this situation and have come to the following conclusion…. BAD KARMA DID HIM IN.

This past year Levine has made some other absurd behaviors starting with his decision last season (15) to eliminate and trash then 22-year-old contestant DeAndre Nico in favor of then 13-year-old Reagan Strange. The twist is Strange was too ill to compete and Nico did.

After Nico's performance Levine then followed with a long oratory of his illogical decision. He related that he had two daughters and that led to his decision to trash Nico's career and let the too ill tossing Strange compete in Nico's rightful place the following episode. Levine added that he had a special relationship with Strange but failed to be specific on that matter.

In the past on both The Voice and American Idol related to young contestants that had talent but hit a bump in the road that they were young and could return next season. They would green light the tryout stage and let them through to the competition. They would also note since they were very young there career and future was ahead of them and they could come back next season. That applied to contestants that were young or old.

The rationale is an older contestant that worked for years to get a break in the music industry would be more deserving to be rewarded to proceed, not trashed, on what seemed to be, a racist decision by Levine. It was at this point we opined that Levine should be punished.

This was that golden apple in the Garden of Eden that Levine bit into and he would later pay the price. Apparently his departure from the show was the punishment dealt out from the BAD KARMA GODS.

It was reported that Levin's salary on the show was $30 million a year. That took a bite out of his net worth. Celebrity Net Worth reported that the 40-year-old Levine's net worth is $90 million.

To put that figure into perspective former NBA Hall of Fame player and businessman Magic Johnson's net worth is $50 million. Johnson was a former 4%owner of the Los Angeles Lakers of the NBA that Levine is a fan of. Johnson also owned several movie theaters and several Star Bucks Coffee outlets.

The other strange Levine behavior was his Maroon 5 band playing the halftime show at this past season's Super Bowl. Many fans criticized his participation citing the treatment the league gave to former NFL player Colin Kaepernick who is apparently being blackballed by the league for protesting for RACIAL EQUALITY and taking a knee during the national anthem to demonstrate his protest.

Levine also was criticized for taking his shirt off during the bands Super Bowl performance to show off his tattoos and muscle toned body.

In a strange way there seems to be a cover up regarding Levine. One must question why no sensational news outlet such as TMZ, has failed to ambush Levine exiting a restaurant or walking about in public. Why is there so little information about a famous controversial celebrity?

When Levine abruptly departed The Voice there was very little on the internet regarding the story. What was reported was his selling homes he owned.

The most talked about Levine development was focused on his relationship with fellow judge Blake Shelton. Levine posted on the Internet that he valued his friendship. The sidebar comment that was reported is his comments that viewers of the show must like country music.

In the season 16 semifinal Levine appeared to be a bump on the log as all of his contestants were eliminated while Shelton was in the drivers season to attain his seventh title in 16 seasons with three of his contestants of the four finalists going through to the final.

It was the first time since the seventh season in which only two coaches would be represented in the finale, with Blake Shelton was represented by three country artists… Dexter Roberts, Gyth Rigdon, and Andrew Sevener.

First season coach/judge John Legend was represented solely by Maelyn Jarmon. Shelton became the second coach to take three members of his team to the finale, the first one being Adam Levine in the seventh season.

Jarmon and Legend won while Shelton lost a friend apparently to a very bruised ego. From the start of the series there was a competition between Shelton and Levine.

Levine was the first winning coach in season one. Shelton then reeled off three victories in a row. Levine won in season five making the count Shelton 3 victories to Levine's 2. Usher broke their winning streak in season 6. Shelton won in season 7, Pharell Williams in season 8 and Levine recovered and won his last coaching title in season 9.

Shelton then registered wins in seasons 11 and 13 which brought his total wins to six while Levine was stuck on three.

The crushing blow was Levine having to sit through two shows without having a competing contestant. He appeared distraught and his comments were hollow. It was apparent that Levine had suffered a BEAT DOWN that proved to be TOO MUCH TO TAKE.

One could assume that Levine is licking his bruised ego wounds and sulking from his lack of choosing the right contestants and having that ability to make the right decisions in coaching them to victory.

There is no question that Levine is a tremendous talent. As a musician I've always been amazed at his playing skills on the drums and guitar. His vocals are distinctive and captivating.

His unique talent will not suffer as he is active as an executive producer of two TV shows Sugar and Songland as well as touring and recording with Maroon 5..

Since Sugar was produced in 2018 and Songland this year it raises the question is Levine suffering from the pressure of taking on too much outside of touring and recording with Maroon 5?

Whatever the result, there is no question win or not Levine is a special talent that will bee greatly missed on The Voice.


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