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Should The Voice judge be punished for his crime of biased decision making?




PHILLIP PHILLIPS selected # 1 by (?) - (FOX photo)


JESSICA SANCHEZ eliminated @ # 2 - (FOX photo)



Kris Allen - Fox photo


Adam Lambert @ # 2 - (Fox Photo)

Jermaine Jones disqualified @ # 12- (FOX photo)




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Should The Voice judge Adam Levine be punished for his crime of biased decision making? Regardless of how much he's worth or how talented he is, he LOST THE PLOT. The Voice is about TALENT and not about SYMPATHY because he has daughters the same age as the contestant he favored and threw a talented competitor UNDER THE BUS. The questions are should he be punished and if so HOW?


Monday, December 31, 2018


When The Voice truly emerged in Season 3 it was a breath of fresh air that there was a voice talent show to replace the disgraced American Idol. Idol's titanic sinking was a result of their mismanagement of hires for judges as well as an apparent back room manipulation of the decision making of who would win and who would lose.

The current problem with The Voice was the poor decision by judge Adam Levine to eliminate a male contestant who competed in favor of a young girl that did not perform due to illness.

Levine was adamant with his decision by rationalizing that he had two daughters about the same age as the girl he favored. The decision had NOTHING TO DO with a competitive judgment but an emotional one. That could be discerned as a mistake and not in character of a trustworthy judge. For many fans he lowered their respect level for the show.

The contestant, Reagan Strange is 13 years old and very talented. The problem is she failed to compete and was given a pass while 22-year-old DeAndre Nico was sent home in the fourth week. Strange was eliminated the following week.

One can reason that a talented 13-year-old girl is young enough to be given a special consideration and be invited back for the following season.

It raises the question why should they hold a competition if decision are made on emotion and not on objective judgment of COMPETITORS performances.

Levine is a super talented musician and competent singer. Celebrity Net Worth says his net worth is $90 million. With his popularity on the show and his comedic bantering with Blake Shelton he could be describes as TOO BIT TO FAIL or be PUNISHED.

Something has to be done to deter his actions from being acceptable. The Voice is in a position of being in the same sinking ship that took down American Idol.

The lack of integrity holes in Idol's ship was extremely questionable decisions that eliminated Jessica Sanchez and Adam Lambert. Both Sanchez and Lambert clearly have better voices than eventual winners Phillip Phillips and Kris Allen.

Idol had a history of preferential treatment but none surfaced as the heinous manner in which the treated Jermaine Jones.

Previous Idol's fell from grace having had a police record BUT NOT in the manner that they handled their dismissal of Jermaine Jones which was embarrassing and revealed how racist the show really was.

The contrived TV drama played out as Jones was then seen walking into a room with Idol's executive producers Nigel Lythgoe and Ken Warwick both Englishmen. The shocked Jones then realized that he was being AMBUSHED.

Jones did not reveal his entire record with the law. To enter the competition he had to sign a full disclosure of his personal history. He had a previous traffic violation the he failed to reveal. The police in New Jersey that were involved considered it no big deal as did Jones for not showing up in court thus there was a warrant for his arrest.

What disgraced Idol further is that they chose to make a TV show and spectacle of their meeting with Jones to inform him that he was eliminated from the show. Jones was placed on camera to be humiliated while two Idol executives performed their dialog as if they were competing for an Academy Award.

This situation brings to mind two American Idol contestants that performed with strep throats. Phillip Phillips had medical problems did not perform well but was given passes throughout the show. The most blatant favoritism episode was when then judge Jennifer Lopez said early on in the competition, "I want you to win Phillip."

At that point my interest in this apparent fix of Idol winners was that final straw. From that point I occasionally channel chased to view it while I was watching other programs.

To apparently dig themselves out of their racist trick bag, the following season they had a predominately minority Top 12 of contestants. It was the worst Top 12 they ever selected. The problem wasn't about minorities BUT they had other contestants with better voices that were never given a GOLD TICKET to the Hollyweird competition shows.

One can on and on about how American Idol LOST THE PLOT that subject is endless. The issue here is this is about The Voice and Adam Levine. Regardless of how much he's worth or how talented he is, he LOST THE PLOT.

The Voice is about TALENT, not SYMPATHY because he has daughters the same age as the contestant he favored and threw a talented competitor UNDER THE BUS. The questions are should he be punished and if so HOW?

The question is why would the show's producers permit such a travesty? Why follow in the footsteps that brought American Idol down? FAVORITISM & SYMPATHY should BE ELIMINATED not a contestant.


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