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In spite of all those rings and things Dennis Rodman is a man of peace. The largely misunderstood and criticized Rodman accomplished what US politicians won't or can't in communicating in a friendly manner and not in a threatening tone as the US prefers to do - huangweiqing / Walter Huang photo


North Korea's leader Kim Jong Un welcomes friendly Americans evidenced by his new friendship with former NBA star Dennis Rodman the problem is the US government wants to play BAD ASS and STONEWALL the North Korean leader resulting in defiance and missals.


The question is can Dennis Rodman accomplish what American government officials can't... be an American that North Korean people will like? - Steve Lipofsky Basketballphoto.com photo


Video Beat - (Dennis) RODMAN JUSTIFIED

James Loving - National Radio Text Service



Although the 70% ZIONIST controlled western media focuses on tearing former NBA star Dennis Rodman down there was an interesting feature that was televised on Germany's DW channel titled Dennis Rodman and the Dictator. It was a well balanced piece that depicted the GOOD and BAD sides of the complex former NBA basketball star


Monday, September 04, 2017


There is no question that former NBA star

Dennis Rodman has had his problems. Because of that he has been maligned by the 70% Zionist controlled main stream western media which raises the question…. WHY?

I have interviewed Rodman since 1999 when he was a member of the Detroit Pistons know as the BAD BOYS. At that time he had NO TATTOOS, no rings in his ears or nose and his hair was naturally black. So what happened?

When Rodman was a member of the San Antonio Spurs he was dating Madonna and his hair was changed to yellow with black leopard spots. When I asked him why the change his reply was simply… STYLE. That was the same response from Kobe Bryant when he went bald following is rookie year.

When you do the logic Madonna had something to do with the drastic change in Rodman's behavior and appearance. When the bad boy and the material girl parted ways his rebel personality continued to go overboard.

Here's the drill… many of us have had problems in our lives and we all handle it differently. The question is why the negative focus on Dennis Rodman, the man has NEVER HURT ANYONE!

Rodman is known to have problems with alcoholism but is that a reason to vilify him? I know things about his life where he suffered abuse that could trigger his behavior and drinking problem BUT I would never reveal what those problems are. The point being is I have a greater understanding why he behaves the way he does but again HE NEVER HURT ANYONE.

Although the 70% ZIONIST controlled western media focuses on tearing Rodman down there was an interesting feature that was televised on Germany's DW channel titled Dennis and The Dictator. It was a well balanced piece that depicted the GOOD and BAD sides of the complex former basketball star.

Let me say this…. In my experience dealing with Dennis (The Menace) he has always been cooperative and respectful. When I first interviewed him he was IGNORED by the media. When I asked the then editor of Sport Magazine if he had interviewed him he said no and had not interest. Guess what… MY HOW TIMES HAVE CHANGED. Now the media is all over him like bloodhounds or bees to honey.

DW did Rodman justice by showing his good side when he first went to North Korea because he questioned if the country was as dangerous as the media and the US government depicted it to be. The result was to him it wasn't.

The next focus was his return to North Korea with the Harlem Globetrotters. That was a disaster since North Korea leader Kim Jong Un hated it. Another problem came about when Rodman's sponsor, an Irish gambling company Paddy Power, pulled out of the venture in providing funding and support.

Then the suggestion came about that he return with NBA basketball players and play a real game on Kim's birthday in 2014. That materialized when Rodman organized a group of former NBA players including Charles Smith, Kenny Anderson, Vin Baker, Doug Christie and Cliff Robinson it worked and pleased Kim Jong Un.

Rodman and the NBA players did clinics with the North Korea players and Rodman selected the best Korean players to play against the NBA team. All of this coverage was a good image of Rodman but being professional the DW channel revealed the negative side of the experience.

Rodman was too drunk to take an active part throughout the clinics. He was also to out of shape to play in the second half of the game and sat next to Kim Jong Un. The leader was grateful for Rodman's efforts and they embraced and became friends.

In the first half of the game the NBA players played against a surprisingly aggressive, physical Korean squad. In the second half they divided the teams with some NBA players playing on the same team with Korean stars and visa versa.

The NBA players departed after a day of socializing with the Korean players at a water park the day after the game but Rodman stayed behind since Kim invited him to visit a ski resort as a his guest. Then the shit hit the fan as Rodman waited for the leaders' arrival and overindulged with alcohol and became drunk. Kim's arrival never came as Korean advisers recommended that he not attend by noting that due to Rodman's problems with alcohol and it would not be a good image for the Korean leader.

During the documentary a DW commentator identified Rodman as being, "America's most out of control celebrity."

Rodman departed via Beijing China where he was swamped by the media as he was heading for his connecting flight. When he returned to America he was crucified and humiliated by the media particularly by CNN and its punk, candy ass presenter Chris Cuomo.

DW's professionalism allowed them to show a BALANCED feature that showed both the positive, sensitive and and negative sides of Rodman's North Korean adventure. This is something that the public won't see on the 70 % ZIONIST controlled WAR MONGERING MEDIA.

LISTEN UP… yes Rodman is an alcoholic but SO is former US president George W Bush who illegally invaded Iraq and started the WAR ON TERROR. Has anyone questioned if he was drunk when he made these disastrous decisions that affect the world today?

The DW feature is a WORTH WATCH. It falls into the category if you seek you might find.



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