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Conor McGregor easily won the trash talking title against Floyd Mayweather Jr. BUT the talking is over and it is now about SMASH MOUTH - (Andrius Petrucenia photo)


Floyd Mayweather loves to show off his expensive sports cars and outrageously expensive watches. Is that where the US governments taxes owed went? - (Instagram photo)


Should Rocky Marciano's spectacular unbeaten boxing record of 49-0 be eclipsed by a carnival like basically exhibition match between Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather Jr.?



UFC commentator and former Fear Factor reality TV series host Joe Rogan could be a factor in making this a real fight with something that both fighter's WOULDN'T WANT - (Rebecca Lai of Glasgow, Sweden - photo





James Loving/National Radio Text Service



Is fear or money the factor in this week's carnival like match between UFC mixed martial arts champion Conor McGregor and retired and undefeated boxing champion Floyd Mayweather Jr.? Yes it about the MONEY but UFC commentator and former Fear Factor reality TV series host Joe Rogan could be a factor in making this a real fight with something that both fighter's WOULDN'T WANT


Thursday, August 24, 2017


Finally it's going to happen this Saturday, the much anticipated clash between UFC Mixed Martial Arts champion Conor McGregor and formerly retired undefeated boxing champion Floyd Mayweather Jr.

McGregor repeatedly boasts that nobody can take the power of his left hand. The problem is Nate Diaz did and almost won a stand up brawl with losing a close split decision in their second encounter.

The second fight with Diaz was a stand up brawl resembling a boxing match at a weight class of 175 pounds. The reality is that McGregor failed to prove that his left has is a powerful as he claims. The result was a very close split decision scored 48-47 - 47-47 & 48-47.

Diaz also proved that McGregor could be hit and hit hard. After defeating the Irishman with a rear naked choke in their first fight Diaz scored numerous blows to McGregor's head in their second battle.

What was evident was McGregor had a problem with this endurance after being aggressive in throwing numerous punches at Diaz who ate them but remained standing and McGregor was out of breath. McGregor was successful in bloodying up Diaz but lacked the power to knock him out.

In his UFC career McGregor has been conditioned to fight for 25 minutes of 5 five minute rounds. Boxing fight limits are 12 three minute rounds or 36 minutes total to the end of a decision should it go that way.

Regardless of how serious McGregor has trained for this fight what has been discussed is his power and not his stamina.

During the latter part of Mayweather's career he has utilized a tactic of RUN (backwards) & SHOOT. He runs from an opponent and waits for and opportunity to attack and throw a punch and then run backwards again. This type of track meet approach to the game may be the major factor in McGregor's downfall should he lose his breath chasing the now 40-year-old pugilist.

Despite the Diaz result the 29-year-old McGregor continues to claim that nobody can take the power from his left had the same hand that knocked out Jose Aldo in just 13 seconds when McGregor won his first UFC title. Since that time he has utilized that shocking win to transform his career into fame and fortune.

Considered by many as being the greatest pound for pound fighter ever at 40-years-old Mayweather has lost his power to knock an opponent out. A KO has evaded him in his twilight years since he hasn't KO'd anyone since Sep 17, 2011 when he accomplished it over Victor Ortiz in the fourth round. Yes folks we're talking six years ago when Floyd was only 34-years-old.

ONE THING IS CERTAIN… this fight SHOULD NOT be recognized as a true boxing match that would enable Mayweather to eclipse Rocky Marciano's record of 49 wins without a defeat. This fight should be recognized as an EXHIBITION. It likens former fights back in the day when a fighter would box a bear. This encounter is stuff that carnivals are made of.

Granted Mayweather didn't intentionally take this fight to pad his record to eclipse Marciano as he did against Andre Berto that earned him a win to tie the former Italian Stallion's 49 win undefeated boxing record. Mayweather took this fight for the money and to satisfy the fans who craved it and the IRS who DEMAND MONEY from the money man for UNPAID TAXES.

With all of the trash talk and raucous behavior from both parties challenges Barnum & Bailey's Ringling Brothers Circus as being recognized as the GREATEST SHOW ON EARTH.

On the trash talking level McGregor is the clear winner but there is no title for that. The benefit of the over the top verbiage was simply to stimulate interest and PPV buys so both fighters could earn them their huge payday.

Interestingly enough in the category of value for money both fighters have the same thing in common, their fondness for expensive cars. During McGregor's appearance as a coach on the Ultimate Fighter series he was proud to flaunt his fleet of Rolls Royce's.

Mayweather loves to show off his expensive sports cars and outrageously expensive watches. In the battle of the value for money contest McGregor is the clear winner in owning cars that have a greater staying power. The reality is that in time all of these cars will wind up sold off as parts or demolished in a car compactor.

On a humorous note JOE ROGAN could be a factor in making this a true boxing event and not a side show or a circus. On one of the Fear Factor episodes one of the tasks involved that one of the coupled teams would have to have a tattoo of Joe Rogan on their bodies or a tattoo of Fear Factor. It was specified that each had to have one different tattoo each.

Up to that point that couple was the best in the four team competition. They both agreed that they were willing to have a tattoo of Fear Factor on their bodies but NOT JOE ROGAN. The result was that couple refused to compete and quit the competition.

Perhaps this is something to consider as an incentive to have a serious fight with the loser having to have a tattoo of Joe Rogan on their body. It raises the question if that was the case WOULD FEAR BE A FACTOR FOR THEM?

The bottom line is THE BOTTOM LINE FOR THIS FIGHT = THE MONEY. There is no question that this is what this fight is all about but guess what… WE'RE ALL IN AND CURIOUS TO SEE WHAT HAPPENS. AGREE OR NOT?


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