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Is Floyd Mayweather overrated and living in a selfish material world with his BLING DEPENDENCY exemplified by his $4.8 million car? - Instagram photo


Did Floyd Mayweather choose to fight Andre Berto and avoid boxing's top ranked contenders so he could have a sure fire win so he could tie Rocky Marciano's unbeaten 49-0 record? - Arvee Eco from QUEENS, USA (photo)


BE REAL... Is Floyd Mayweather worthy of owning the longest undefeated streak in the history of boxing? Is he better than Rocky Marciano?




SPORTS NOTES - WHY did Floyd Mayweather choose to fight Andre Berto?

James Loving/National Radio Text Service



Currently holding a 48-0 record Floyd Mayweather proved what a con he is by selecting 31-year-old Andre Berto as his next opponent just five weeks before the event - This short period of time indicates that Mayweather knows he has no competition and doesn't need a lot of time to prepare for a fighter who has a record of 30-3 with three losses in his last six fights... SO... READ ON.....


Tuesday, September 08, 2015


Some sports athletes are paid more than they're worth others not enough. When you consider that Floyd Mayweather made (NOT EARNED) $300 million to run away from a one armed Manny Pacquiao. I deemed Mayweather a chicken shit champion who is not worthy of the praise he receives nor tying or eclipsing Rocky Marciano's record unbeaten winning streak.

Mr. Money, as he loves to call himself, is focused on breaking Marciano's unbeaten 49-0 record. Currently holding a 48-0 record he proved what a con he is by selecting 31-year-old Andre Berto as his next opponent just five weeks before the event which is scheduled to take place Sept. 12 at the MGM Grand arena where he won a unanimous decision over Manny Pacquiao.

In announcing the fight in early August Mayweather urged fans to, "Come be part of the history. Book your hotel and flights now." Our perspective is..... OHHH... PLEASE....

This short period of time indicates that Mayweather knows he has no competition and doesn't need a lot of time to prepare for a fighter who has a record of 30-3 with three losses in his last six fights. Two of those losses were to Robert Guerrero and Victor Ortiz, fighters that Mayweather beat easily.

Berto's first loss was in 2011 to Victor Ortiz who is more focused on an acting career than boxing. Ortiz went on to lose his next three consecutive fights including one against Mayweather in September 2011.

Ortiz also has taken acting roles every year since 2013 including appearing with Ronda Rousey in the Expendables film that was released in 2014.

Berto's recent two wins are unimpressive. His last fight in March against Josesito Lopez earned him the Interim WBA Welterweight title with a TKO in the sixth round.

Mayweather's actions of avoiding a topped ranked contender qualify him as being unworthy of tying Marciano's record but his glad fly supporters will give him credit that he doesn't deserve. There was a time when a title holder was required to fight the topped ranked contender but that was then and this is now as the boxing game appears to be on the shady side.

Boycotting this farce of a fight should be applied to deny the fake champion more money so he can squander it on such things as $4.8 million cars. The price of the pay per view fight is $74.95 compared to $99.95 for Pacquiao making this fight a major rip-off.

This apparent con game was supposed to be televised for FREE on a major network. Mayweather's camp claim that there wasn't enough time to put the deal together and coordinate all of the rights, acquire advertising and other particulars that are involved for such a event. That raises the question why didn't they delay the fight date to accommodate televising the fight for FREE since that's all it's worth.

As we previously noted that Mayweather is not about selling a quality product but us focused on MO MONEY, MO MONEY and MO MONEY. He's appears not to be concerned about his integrity since its all about the MONEY.

Stephen Espinoza, executive vice president and general manager for Showtime Sports said there were complications in trying to do a deal with Britain's Amir Khan and that there was not a big pool of other fighters to choose from.

The answer could be GREED as money makes a difference and Mayweather loves to talk about money more than Donald Trump.

Mayweather is all about Mayweather and nothing else matters. He is sports wealthiest athlete according to Forbes magazine. When one considers how he squanders his money on a $4.8 million car compared to LeBron James earning a $20,644,400 a season salary with the Cleveland Cavaliers, much less than Mayweather's $300 million for 36 minutes of running backwards in the Pacquiao fight, BUT James chose to donate $42 million of his wealth for a college scholarship fund therefore, clearly it's easy to get the picture what Mayweather is all about... being NARCISSISTIC.

James has to play an 82 game season plus pre-season and the playoffs. Roughly it could almost reach the 100 game mark that he puts his body on the line to earn his pay.

In contrast Mayweather runs away from opponent for a maximum 36 minutes, since he can't knock anyone out and takes less physical hits than James. It's that less hits point that scribes give Mayweather so much praise. Our point is it's hard to hit a man on the run.

The bottom line is this fight IS A HUSTLE and includes all of the same players that were involved in Mayweather's previous BIG fights, namely Showtime Sports, with whom he has a contract, and the MGM Grand Hotel in Las Vegas are engaged in this farce. With those players… nothing is FREE.

Those previous statements for the fight to be televised for FREE by the Mayweather camp now appears to have been nothing but a ruse to attract attention and has proved to be that there was no true intention for it to come to fruition.

Public response to this fight is negative. As of today over 2,300 tickets are available which are priced from $125 to $1,500. Due to the publics lack on interest the MGM Grand hotel, the site of the fight, is making a special offer of a room price of $1,000 for a two night stay which includes two tickets to the fight.

The other apparent scam that is being perpetrated is Mayweather says that this will be his last fight. His lack of integrity dictates that his real goal is to fight Berto to obtain a sure fire win to tie Marciano's 49-0 record, announce his retirement and then make a comeback to break Marciano's feat and record 50-0 record for himself.

That raises the question that in a coming out of retirement announcement would he then be chicken shit enough to choose another non ranked fighter that won't have a chance to win or take on a BIG MONEY FIGHT in a rematch with Manny Pacquiao which would again make him a BIG MO MONEY for Mayweather PAYDAY.

The sidebar to Mayweather is he and UFC FEMALE champ Ronda Rousey continue their verbal back and forth with him not recognizing her and talking down to her. She in turn claims she could defeat him in a mixed martial arts fight.

Many agree the she could win such a fight. It is doubtful that Mayweather could avoid being taken down by Rousey and have to tap out after she armbars him IN THE 1st ROUND.

This is a fight that would be worth a $100 pay per view event that would sell like wild fire as many of his detractors would love to see him lose…. TO A WOMAN.


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