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Is Floyd Mayweather is the biggest chicken $#!t champion of ALL TIME? - DEWALT POWER TOOLS FIGHT NIGHT CLUB 2010 photo







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The boxing game has always had a murky past being involved with gangsters and gambling. In this case gambling is a major factor that could have entered into what we believe to be questionable decisions


Tuesday, June 16, 2015


Excuse me but following the what was billed as the greatest fight of all time which turned out to be the biggest sports HOAX and rip off of all time I had to take a BOTTLE OF CHILL PILLS before writing my take on the $ Money Floyd Mayweather verses Manny Pacquiao running DANCE.

Pacquiao rightfully said in the ring immediately following the fight that he thought he won the fight to an obviously Floyd Mayweather cheerleader masquerading as a sports journalist. This so called journalist was apparently biased in his interview with Pacquiao. The first thing out of his mouth was to ask Pacquio a leading question of what he though since he was out-punched by Mayweather (by roughly 2-1). The Filipino appeared stunned with that information and said all Mayweather did was run throughout the fight. WE AGREE.

The fight we saw was Pacquiao pounding away at the body of a fake champion that was running backwards as fast as he could. When the Money man was cornered he responded by firing off a few shots at Pacquiao with very few punches doing any damage.

The punch count issue raises the question what fight was the individual responsible for counting the punches? What is his relationship with Mayweather? It also calls for the punch count to be monitored on screen IN REAL TIME for the public to see.

With such a questionable one sided decision it calls into question what the judges and individuals responsible for statistics are on? Perhaps they should be required to take blood tests before the fight to make sure that they are clear headed in their thinking.

The boxing game has always had a murky past being involved with gangsters and gambling. In this case gambling is a major factor that could have entered into what we believe to be questionable decisions. The casinos where the fights are held make millions of dollars to host such an event. In this case it's the MGM Grand. The strange twist is that following the fight an individual representing the hotel casino said a repeat fight would be a good thing and they are prepared to host such a rematch. You can bet your sweet ass they are.

It is mind-boggling that these numbers came about and how so many people were in total agreement with the result. It was a homer decision since Mayweather lives in the city of the sight of the fight... Las Vegas. He spends a lot of money in Las Vegas. His said to be purse was $300 million which can but a lot of things and sway a lot of people to see results his way.

Both fighters were winners in the money department since Mayweather's $300 million purse enabled him to be rated number one when Forbes recently released its 2015 rendition of the top-100 highest-paid athletes while Pacquiao's $160 million earned him the 2nd spot on the list.

Having covered several fights during the Mike Tyson, Evander Holyfield era, I've been there and done that having covered the big fights game as well as all major sporting leagues. The boxing game is incestuous. From my observation most of the scribes that cover these fights know each other all too well.

The boxing media functions like a private club or clique. They all want to be the champions buddy and say good things so they can benefit in having access to interviews and contact. That results in their job security. Most importantly they are more boxing fans than journalists thus they want to attend all of the big fights.

This fight result was obviously saturated with prejudiced. Prejudice is not black and white. In the fight game it boils down to nationalities. It is no secret the most hotly contested battles between nationalities is Mexican fighters verses a Filipino and is appreciated in a positive way with respect of a nations boxing talents recognized. These fights with boxers representing different nations also have a tremendous box office appeal. In this case it was an American verses a Filipino on the American's turf.

The question the result raises is how can there be such a discrepancy (my opinion) in how this fight was scored? Mayweather ran away all night while Pacquiao chased him and pummeled him WITH ONE FUNCTIONING ARM! At best the fight was a draw or should have been a closer decision. If Mayweather won it is a no brainer that Pacquiao did not lose that fight as overwhelmingly as the results indicated and there was more behind such a biased decision.

One rationale is if Mayweather lost the power of location (Las Vegas) and who would control the television rights would shift to Pacquiao and possibly a rematch in the Philippines and would be the greatest boxing event there sine the Ali/Frazier Thrilla in Manila. The biggest loser would be the Las Vegas casino that would host the fight. In this case it's the MGM Grand. Following the fight there was talk of a rematch and that casino was talking about it being held there.

They fly in the ointment is it turned out that Pacquiao was injured with a torn rotator cuff injury the same as the Los Angeles Lakers Kobe Bryant. Bryant received sympathy for his injury and all he had to do was throw a ball towards a basket while Pacquiao had the most demanding challenge in having to throw his fist at a backwards runner and was vilified for being injured.

Another strange twist to this drama is it was reported that the boxing commission knew about the injury while Pacquiao was training. They reportedly granted him to use pain killers during training BUT denied him to use the pain killer for the fight. This questionable decision making raises more questions about the ethics behind the fight and if it was fixed in Mayweather's favor.

There is a reason why all major sports leagues in America won't permit a franchise to be based in Las Vegas which is the negative impact and influence gambling could have on a team and the result of a game.



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