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Are the US government and Western media determined to beat down high flier Dennis Rodman because he is what they aren't.... BRAVE exemplified by his visits to North Korea an area where US government officials fear to tread. Is America really the LAND OF THE BRAVE or the chicken $#!t? - ( dennisrodman.com photo)


Does US president Barack Obama have the balls to sit down and iron out the US government's differences with North Korea? Is America really the land of the brave or the chicken $#!t? - (U.S. Navy photo by Chief Mass Communication Specialist Eric A. Clement)


North Korea's leader Kim Jong Un welcomes friendly Americans evidenced by his new friendship with former NBA star Dennis Rodman



James Loving/National Radio Text Service




Here we go again! It's BEAT DOWN Dennis Rodman time again. Rodman can't win as he tries to do something US government officials can'tů.. COMMUNICATE. Rodman's escapades in visiting North Korea have brought him nothing but anguish. His efforts may be unappreciated but he has proved that he has more balls (pun intended) than the American government. As he speaks it is clear that Rodman is not a wordsmith but his actions show how chicken $#!t the American government officials and the Western media are. It raises the question is America really the LAND OF THE BRAVE?



Friday, January 10, 2014


TV detective KOJAK said it bestů "Who loves ya baby?" There are many US government officials campaigning once again to beat down Dennis Rodman because he is brave enough to go where they fear to treadů NORTH KOREA. Rodman carries a basketball and an olive branch for peace and understanding while the American government prefers to ignore and threaten nations from a distance via the Western media.

To top it off Rodman returned to North Korea three times within a year and has made friends with their leader Kim Jong Un, which really grinds their US government's nuts. All the peaceable man Rodman wants to do is play basketball and to demonstrate that North Korea isn't as bad as it is demonized by the US government. Back in the day Red Rider the original peaceable man would be proud of Rodman.

Rodman's trip was branded as basketball diplomacy but the US government made it clear that he didn't represent America as they distanced themselves from the worm aka Dennis Rodman. Think about itů. Rodman is the highest-profile American to meet Kim and that is a telling situation.

As the worm turned from repeated visits Rodman's actions have continued to draw ire from those that tune in to the perceived CIA controlled Western media most notably CNN who have had a good time with the story. Why? Not because they support Rodman's venture but simply because it is a good, controversial story that will attract viewers. CNN is continues their sensationalized bandwagon by being all over the story therefore giving Rodman the attention he was and is seeking. Gaining attention by pushing controversial buttons is a Rodman talent.

CNN also was able to play Rodman's pushing buttons game by having one of their employees Chris Cumo prod Rodman into losing the plot by asking questions that got under Rodman's skin. We perceive the host singing 'I've got (you) under (my=your) skin' as Rodman excitedly tried to explain that he was not in North Korea to talk about politics and urging his friend Kim to release jailed American Kenneth Bae but was there to play basketball and wish Kim a happy birthday with some former NBA players by his side. In the process he was prodded into defending his friendship with Kim who recently had his uncle executed after judged a traitor.

That should be no big deal to Americans since there was talk about executing American soldier Bradley Manning or giving him a life sentence for revealing that the US government was breaking International laws. Americans should be accustomed to a government that rules by their contradicting control by exercising their don't do as I do but do what I say stance.

Rodman lost it as he not being a master of the English language as he struggled to express himself and became excited in his replies to Cumo. In the process he misspoke by questioning Cumo in asking what did Bae do to be jailed. The host and Western media interpreted it as Rodman was accusing Bae of some sort of transgression that would justify his being imprisoned. Rodman later apologized.

Cumo had the advantage in his cross examination which is not to be perceived as an interview as his background includes being a lawyer. He is also the son of former New York Governor Mario Cuomo and the brother of current New York Governor Andrew Cuomo. The end result was another government assault on a simple down to earth guy trying in his own way (agree or not) of bringing nations together.

During the Cumo cross examination Rodman excitedly pointed out that he would be subject to criticism when he returned to America. He got that right as his fate was sealed and Cumo's case was closed and Rodman was a doomed man. Since he return the media has had a feast on his controversial activities.

Listen upů. Rodman is a good guy with a good heart. He may do some outrageous things and not be a wordsmith but he never caused anyone to die as the US government, Israel and Western owned multi national corporations do. His intentions are good in trying to demonstrate that North Korea is approachable. His actions show how the US government and CNN are so chicken $#!t with how they focus on threatening and creating propaganda against the nations that they want to obey them and fall in line.

Following his first visit to the communist country Rodman returned with a message to US president Barack Obama that Kim is open to talking with him to iron out whatever problems and misunderstandings the two countries have. Although Obama is a big basketball fan and from Chicago where Rodman played on three of the six NBA title Bulls teams (1996-97-98) he, being the US commander in chief, dismissed Rodman as nonsense. Basically Obama demonstrated NO RESPECT for a player that has been on five NBA title teams. CNN guest analysts speculated that if the message came from Michael Jordan) Obama would listen.

One of CNN's go to guys for acrid comments is former Obama presidential opponent the war monger John McCain who insists that Rodman is an IDIOT. McCain is the same guy the was recently in the Middle East talking bad ass talk and threatening those in the region who were against Israel that they better shape up OR ELSE.

America also has another incompetent candy ass in Secretary of State John Kerry who also talks tough in stating that the US wouldn't accept North Korea as a nuclear nation. It implies that they, the US and Israel, should be the only nations in the world that should possess nuclear weapons to threaten and rule the world.

Keep in mind that all of this bad ass talk and threats are done via the media and far away from North Korea. These bad ass chicken $#!t American officials are too afraid to go where Rodman and other former NBA players have ventured and returned unscathed. What does that say about America? Are they representing other Americans with their chicken $#!t ways? Are all Americans like themů. chicken $#!t?

Think about it why does America prefer to threaten nations via their CIA controlled media from long distance? Why can't at least Kerry make the trip there and talk as he does in his visits to Israel the world's original terrorists and the occupiers of stolen land who are believed to possess 200 nuclear weapons.

Think about thisů. If Obama had agreed to go to North Korea and play basketball with Rodman that would have been one of the most stunning decisions by a world leader of all time. It would have been a trip that would permit him to travel with the famed Osama bin Laden killers the Navy Seals and other to government mercenaries to protect him. In effect they could have legally invaded North Korea. A move like that would prove that America is really the LAND OF THE BRAVE.

Yes, yes it would also have placed the US president's life and those with him in danger butů. America is so chicken $#!t that they could never claim to be the land of the brave but Rodman can be consider himself a brave man. Not only because he did what he set out to do but because he placed himself in a position of being criticized and ridiculed for life for his actions. America is so chicken $#!t that they can't talk directly to North Korea but prefer to make threats through the media.

While America wants to take the high road and insist that all nations give up their nuclear weapons so that ONLY they and ISRAEL would have them is an absurd position to take. Many believe that what America needs to do is use one of their trademarks the dove and extend its hand in peace and understanding as did Rodman which would most likely produce better results and fewer enemies.

I play a little bit of ball and would love to play in North Korea as I do in any nation I visit. I'm not afraid to go there. Are you? IS FEAR A FACTOR FOR YOU?


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