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Ronda Rousey's face was repeatedly smashed by Amanda Nunes' fists, who gave Rousey her worst ever beating raising questions should she fight again or concentrate on her Hollyweird career - (Screen shot - photo)



Ronda Rousey's pretty face will lose its Hollyweird appeal if she continues to fight and take more beatings as she did against Holly Holm and Amanda Nunes - (Screen shot - photo)


Former once beaten MMA star Gina Carano quit the sport for a Hollyweird career and never returned to fight again - (Gage Skidmore - photo)



A dejected Ronda Rousey bows her head after being pounded by the heavy fists of UFC champion Amanda Nunes who is jumping for joy - (Screen shot - photo)





James Loving/National Radio Text Service



As the saying goes it ain't over till the fat lady sings. Well the fat lady is singing her ass off now since Hollyweird has chewed up and spit out Ronda Rousey's MMA career as in… IT'S OVER!


Sunday, January 29, 2017


BAP, BAM, BOOM… was the resounding sound of Amanda Nunez's fists pounding against the flesh of former UFC champion Ronda Rousey's face. As Rousey received roughly 10 unanswered punches and was falling backwards against the ropes the referee stepped in and indicated that the fight WAS OVER.

It was Rousey's second straight loss after losing her title in November 2015 to Holly Holm. That result was a shocker as Holm defeated the woman who is credited with establishing the respect for females to fight in the UFC and was considered to be the greatest women's fighter of all time who nobody thought could lose.

Hey…. I TOLD YOU SO! In my October 2015 column prior to Ronda Rousey's fight with Holly Holm we said she would be OUT @ THE BELL. It almost happened that way but it took 59 seconds of the 2nd round for Holm to destroy Rousey with a booming kick to the head. Holm's big foot got it all in one kick by smashing Rousey's temple and membrane at the same time that sent the former champion to the canvas.

At the time we stated prior to that fight that Rousey couldn't be in shape enough to win since she was so heavily focused on having a career as a Hollyweird actor. Her plate was too full to be tough enough to compete and her showing against Holm was proof positive that it was the case.

The destructive fighter became the hunted as opposed to being the hunter. She went away from her trademark style of ground and pound topped off with an Armbar submission. For some strange reason she thought that she could stand up and box with a kick boxing champion in Holm with the result being… she was wrong.

As Rousey put her energies into her acting career fourteen months passed before she tried he skills again against the new champion Brazilian Amanda Nunez. Again she was wrong in standing and trying box Nunez who has heavy hands. Again she ignored her strength of going to the ground and applying her devastating armbar.

In each case both Holm and Nunez were the much taller fighter that have boxing skills and the reach advantage. It raises questions of where did it all go wrong for Ronda Rousey who was considered the greatest female MMA fighter EVER?

We can start with she failed to keep her eye on the prize of being a UFC champion. She got caught up with her fame and involvement in being an actress and the Hollyweird scene.

There was a conflict between her mother and Rousey's coach Edmond Tarverdyan. Her mother Dr. AnnMaria De Mars has spoken out about her distaste of Tarverdyan claiming that Ronda doesn't need him and that he didn't give Ronda the time of day for three months.

Rousey's mother also stated that Tarverdyan hit the jackpot in large part because Rousey chose him as a trainer and now feels committed to the gym where she won the championship and found so much success in MMA.

"I think Edmond is a terrible coach and I will say it publicly," DeMars said. "I think he's a terrible coach. I think he hit the lottery when Ronda walked in there. She was winning before she ever met him. She probably won 99 percent of the judo matches she ever fought in."

Rousey's mom is no slouch since she had a decorated Judo career and was the first U.S. citizen, male or female, to win a World Judo Championship (in 1984).

Compounding the Rousey demise problem from the onset was the UFC overworked her by requiring her to promote the Holm fight and spread herself too thin. The time she spent on talk shows would have been better spent for training for the fight and being focused.

The most memorable moment was when she appeared on the Tonight with Jimmy Fallon show to promote her film career and upcoming fight with Holm.

After being introduced she walked on to the stage wearing heavy makeup and wore a tight form fitting black dress that had wide slits down each side and a deep wide open V-neck thrust in the front, revealing so much cleavage that it was blurred out by the censors.

The bottom line is that Rousey was that exposing a lot of her T & A. For those not in the know, we're talking tits and ass. She looked great but what has that to do with fighting? In the past Rousey has been offered to do nude photo spreads which she refused.

UFC president Dana White would later admit that having her do excessive promotion prior to the Holm fight was mistake.

Rousey went into hibernation and was in low profile following her loss to Holm. One disturbing appearance was she stated on the Ellen DeGeneres show that she contemplated suicide. A remark such as that indicates irrational behavior.

Holm remained in low profile and some of her film deals fell through. When it was announced that she would fight to regain her title against Nunes her pre fight conduct changed.

Gone were the excessive promotional interviews. Gone was the makeup. Rousey seemed determined to sell her game face and be serious about regaining her title. The problem was she had spent so much time trying to be an actress that she became soft mentally and physically, basically SHE LOST THE PLOT.

In their post fight interview Nunes questioned Tarverdyan's coaching skills stating why did Rousey think that she was a boxer. Why would she choose to stand and box? She questioned where that advice came from referring to Rousey's coaching.

Rousey has barely been seen or heard from since her loss to Nunes last month. It has been reported that she was seen in South Dakota protesting the oil pipeline. It has also been reported that she was seen a few days later at a gun shop in Reno, Nevada.

Controversy reigns whether Rousey should fight again. Former once beaten MMA star Gina Carano quit the sport for a Hollyweird career and never returned to fight again. In her comment on the subject Carano said, “I think Ronda should do whatever she wants to do, she’s only 29. She’s an amazing athlete but she needs to express herself as an artist too.”

Prior to the Holm loss in an interview with the LA Daily News Rousey said she had lost muscle during her film commitments and not been able to regain her full strength for the Miesha Tate fight. She won the fight BUT it was Rousey's muscle losing comment that is telling and indicates that her UFC career ending days are near.

In reality the FAT LADY IS SINGING AND ROUSEY'S FIGHTING DAYS ARE BEHIND HER. She should focus on acting and maintain her pretty face. She lost the fighting mentality.

Rousey has lost that hunger for the sport. Her interests have been diluted by the HOLLYWIERD FACTOR. As the Fear Factor TV series former host and UFC commentator would say… IS FEAR A FACTOR FOR YOU? IT COULD BE FOR RONDA ROUSEY..


Sports Notes - RONDA ROUSEY GOING HOLLYWEIRD - October, 2015
LOST @ THE BELL - In the space of two years Rousey has risen from obscurity to being the most talked about athlete on the planet. Everyone knew about her except Floyd 'Money' Mayweather. Rousey has climbed the ladder of fame while Mayweather has defamed himself with his destructive behavior, childish antics and choosing weak competition for fights to enable himself to cheaply tie boxing great Rocky Marciano's unbeaten record of 49-0 while for Rousey it's about the glamour & glitter of Hollyweird

ROUSEY LOST THE PLOT & HER UFC TITLE - As we pointed in our previous column some are focused on playing their sport but for Rhonda Rousey it's about the glamour & glitter of Hollyweird. After spreading herself too thin being involved with the phony Hollyweird glitter scene she lost FOR THE FIRST TIME and lost her UFC title to Holly Holm in what was Rousey's biggest fight of her career

BUSTED & BEATEN - Ronda Rousey was lousy and must make a choice of careers. Will it be acting or MMA? Given her lack of experience Rousey is a decent actress. She still has her looks intact but it raises the question how long will her looks hold up if she continues to put too much on her plate with her two careers. The bottom line is eventually one or possibly both will suffer


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