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Former US presidential candidate and U.S. Senator from Pennsylvania Rick Santorum supports Israel - Biographical Directory of the United States Congress photo


These babies in Gaza survived and are being treated at hospitals that have been bombed by Israel. That's the good news, the BAD NEWS IS OTHER Palestinian BABIES WERE KILLED - Al Jazeera photo


This Palestinian child needs a blood transfusion to help her survive. The question is have you seen any Israeli children in this condition? - Al Jazeera photo


To inflict blame and pain is the Israeli game as this Palestinian child is suffering PAIN from the Israeli bombing violence - Al Jazeera photo


WOLF BLITZER & CNN RULE THE NR TOP 10 CHARTS - CNN's WOLF BLITZER Wolf Blitzer's weasel like reporting repeatedly speculates and creates stories from his own mind - (CNN photo)



POV - (Point of View) - Part 2 - ISRAEL… THE BABY KILLERS




When Barack Obama campaigned in his initial run for the presidency he was resolute about how he was going to put Israel in their place. That caught the attention of Israel's apparently fanatical president Benjamin Netanyahu who was extremely vocal about how upset he was about the statements from the man who was to become America's first black president - Recommended TV Listings



Richard Ricciardi - National Radio Text Service

Friday, September 12, 2014


When a TV viewer watches how the Western media presents the news in most cases viewers fail to connect the dots and read the real story between the lines of the information presented and that which is self censored. Recently Israel went on another rampage and invaded Gaza which resulted in the deaths of more than 2,000 Palestinians.

Following the slaughter Israel then announced that they would steal, or in their words annex, more Palestinian land. That announcement was condemned by the American government and its president Barack Obama. After a few days of gaining attention by Western main stream media the western media and US government have decided to but the subject on the back burner and have placed it in the to be ignored file.

In reality the underlying reason that there is a lack of presenting unbiased information from both sides of a story is the Western main stream media is 70% controlled by Jewish Zionists that support Israel. Basically they support Israel and its murdering ways by focusing the Israeli point of view. The result is that you have a situation where the Jewish population in America which equates to only 2.11% (6,700,000) of the total US population of 318,725,000 is controlling how the US government functions and largely dictates policy to the remaining 98% of US citizens

CNN is the most blatant example of a rogue media outlet that presents a biased perspective as it is cluttered largely with loud mouth Jewish reporters and guests with Israeli leanings expressing their opinions of what is going on and should go on in the US government. Apparently their objective is to influence policy by presenting their spin of opinions as opposed to doing the job of reporting the news of what is actually happening WITHOUT COMMENT.

Western main stream media repeatedly criticize US President Barack Obama in what appears to be for them an attempt to function as lobbyists for Israel. The most blatant offender of presenting pro Israel propaganda is Wolf Blitzer who hosts CNN's Situation Room and in the past has worked for Israeli news agencies. When Blitzer had then presidential candidate Rick Santorum as a guest before starting the interview he asked Santorum what was his position on Israel. When Santorum replied the he supports Israel Blitzer went on with the interview.

Santorum was born in 1958 exactly 10 after those renegade Jews banned together to invade Palestine, slaughter their people and steal their land. In addition they displaced the citizens that survived and created the world largest prison which is currently referred to as Gaza. Santorum didn't see the invasion in the news at the time of the invasion but…. I DID. He doesn't know the attitude of the American government as I do that they supported the invasion and takeover of Palestinian land to be the police of the Middle East and the guardian of western interest OIL and its safe flow through the Suez Canal.

At the time Santorum was running for the office of president of the United States when Blitzer performed his on air interrogation. Blitzer also asked the same what is your position on Israel to Santorum's opposing presidential candidate Mint Romney who also admitted that he supports Israel.

The CNN pro Israeli RED flag went up after years of hearing CNN personalities (as they are not news reporters) and guests repeatedly speak the word Israel and what atrocities that have been done to them. They murder and steal land yet they project themselves as victims of the people they slaughtered and stole their land which is absolutely ridiculous.

Had we not heard the word ISRAEL so often we would not have pursued our investigation into who are these alleged news people that think nothing else is going on in the world BUT ISRAEL. That peeked our interest to do a background check to see what heritage these CNN reporters, analysts and so called authorities are. The result is they are mostly Jewish or married to Jews.

US Secretary of State John Kerry has gone on record attacking RT NEWS which is from Russia and has correspondents in America, as being biased and a puppet of the Russian government. In doing s Kerry presented himself as being unintelligent to those that know better.

RT and Al Jazeera News also present the other point of view that main stream western media fail to. They present guests with opinions that differ from debates presented on main stream western media. An example is these photos of Palestinian babies injured by Israel's vicious bombing attack on Gaza are Al Jazeera photos. This is not something you would see on main stream western media.

One of the guests who appeared on RT that would not be welcomed on main stream western media is American journalist Alison Weir. Weir is the founder and executive director of the US-based non-profit organization If Americans Knew (IAK) and president of another US-based non-profit, the Council for the National Interest (CNI). Both organizations are concerned with the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Weir described the founding of Israel as a "holocaust." She has called Israel a "violently imposed, ethnically based nation-state".

Weir traces her interest in the Israeli-Palestinian issue back to the autumn of 2000, when the second intifada began. At the time she was "the editor of a small weekly newspaper in Sausalito, California," and noticed that news reports on the conflict "were highly Israeli-centric." Wanting access to "full information," she "began to look for additional reports on the Internet." After months of studying, she decided that "this was perhaps the most covered-up story I had ever seen" and quit her job in order to visit the West Bank and Gaza, where she wrote about her encounters with Palestinian suffering and with the "incredible arrogance, cruelty, selfishness" of Israelis. After returning to the U.S., she founded If Americans Knew.

Weir founded If Americans Knew after her visit to the West Bank and Gaza during the second intifada in 2001. Weir describes IAK as "an organization that provides information on topics of importance that are substantially misreported or unreported in the US media" and that, in particular, analyzes media coverage of Israel-Palestine.

IAK, a 501(c)3 non-profit based in Washington state, describes its mission as follows: "The Israeli-Palestinian conflict is one of the world's major sources of instability. Americans are directly connected to this conflict, and increasingly imperiled by its devastation. It is the goal of If Americans Knew to provide full and accurate information on this critical issue, and on our power - and duty - to bring a resolution."

When Obama campaigned in his initial run for the presidency he was resolute about how he was going to put Israel in their place. That caught the attention of Israel's apparently fanatical president Benjamin Netanyahu who was extremely vocal about how upset he was about the statements from the man who was to become America's first black president.

Following Obama's election the Western media went to work and the US President was accused of being a Muslim and not an American citizen. Obama stood tall while at the time the focus was on his family, a dog gifted to them and the novelty of him being the first black man to hold the highest position in the US government.

The Israeli political machine, with the help of their Jewish lobby that influences policy by the US government, beat Obama down and made a gelding out of him as his tune has changed and he now supports the pirate state of Israel to defend their borders and in effect kill Arabs and Muslims including innocent civilians and children. Apparently in taking this stance he is proving to his adversaries that he is not a Muslim. Obama has learned over time that being president does not give him power since he needs the support of a congress that is largely against him and many members are given financial campaign support from the Israeli lobby.

The sum of all of these parts raises the question… is Obama being set up to fail by the lack of cooperation from the US congress, Israeli lobbyists and the main stream western media? Stay tuned…



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