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Straight talking Shashi Tharoor serves as Chairman of the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Information Technology and All India Professionals Congress. He talks sense about Israel's Pegasus spyware and spying in general on the RT channel's Going Underground - - (RT screen shot photo)


Earlier in his career, Afshin Rattansi worked for the Today programme on BBC Radio 4, CNN International, and Press TV - - (RT screen shot photo)


America's BAD ASS MIDGET Advisor John Bolton is a supporter of Israel - (White House - Photo)


After leaving government service Condoleeza Rice returned to Stanford as a political science professor and senior fellow at the Hoover Institution on March 1, 2009. Rice is currently the Denning Professor in Global Business and the Economy at the Stanford Graduate School of Business; the Thomas and Barbara Stephenson Senior Fellow on Public Policy at the Hoover Institution; and a professor of political science at Stanford University - (White House - Photo)


Edward Snowden is a man on the run who is fearful that the US government will kill him because he knows their darkest secrets in committing International crimes. CNN fails to see it that way or give the story ample coverage in their selective journalism format to protect the US government - (Laura Poitras / Praxis Films photo)







Israel's Pegasus spyware is more than a danger to world peace it could be an enabler of the Zionist agenda to control the world via spying and capitalism. The technology could have a back door to all of their government customers that could result in the cannibalism of their governments. In the search for insight and truth regarding the subject Russia's RT Channel delivered


Richard Ricciardi - National Radio Text Service

Friday August 27, 2021


In a world where politicians dazzle their citizens with bullshit it was refreshing to hear a politician speak intelligently. It was an extreme departure from listening to US and Israeli politicians talk in a Buster Bad Ass fashion threatening the world what it should and better do or else.

After hearing US politicians tell us (US citizens) how bad and dangerous China and Russia are it inspired me more to seek and find the truth for myself. You see…. I have the think for myself disease, I don't seek the approval of anyone.

Russia's RT channel is often pointed out by US politicians and 70% Zionist controlled main stream media to be a Russian propaganda channel. The reality is when I listen to CNN it sounds like an Israeli propaganda channel. The same can be said of the BBC as being the British governments propaganda channel and imparting colonialism in a veiled manner.

CNN's red flag is not what they are selling and telling it's what they refuse to air and the news stories they choose to ignore. CNN most definitely is not the image that its founder Ted Turner created.

The Zionist controlled supposedly news channel, fails to report Israeli soldiers evicting Palestinians from their homes so their Jew terrorist recruits from around the world can occupy. They also fail to report the demolition of Palestinian homes so they can construct living quarters for these terrorist Jew recruits.

As much time that these entities devote to tearing an institution down that prompts an instinctive sense for investigation. Aside from Larry King finding a home on RT after being summarily dismissed by CNN, RT has several other American talents have also have their shows there. American talents such as Dennis Miller, William Shatner, Jessie Ventura and former CNN newscaster Rick Sanchez have also found a home on RT.

To be clear since the departure of the Larry King Show there are presently only two shows that meet our interests and standards, that being the Dennis Miller Show and Going Underground. Our opinion is too much of the programming on RT is garbage. Basically in comes down to the tastes of the viewer that may find other RT programs worthy of viewing.

Recently we tuned in to the RT channels Going Underground show hosted by Afshin Rattansi which delves into politics. Shashi Tharoor was a recent guest who sounded as if he knew what he was talking about and his oratory was sensible and not threatening or… could we say… judicious. His perspectives were well thought out and not slanted as US and Israeli politicians prefer to communicate.

Tharoor is an Indian politician, writer and former international diplomat who has been serving as Member of Parliament, Lok Sabha from Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, since 2009. He was formerly Under-Secretary General of the United Nations and contested for the post of Secretary-General in 2006. During his RT interview he touched on his personal struggle with the world's biggest problem… COVID.

Tharoor had taken two anti COVID shots and still got the virus but is in recovery. Despite his plight he believes taking the shots helped him from not being more seriously ill and without them it could have caused him a death consequence. He advised all to take the COVID shots and be prudent and aware.

Politically Tharoor 's country India is being accused of using Israel's Pegasus spyware to investigate fellow countrymen. The NSO group that created the Pegasus spyware claim that it only is sold to VETTED governments that are approved by the Israeli government. Only governments can purchase the technology.

With the Israeli governments being involved in the vetting process this opens a can of worms of who is benefiting from Pegasus?

Although the NSO claims that they have no access to any information the technology might access it must be noted by pertinent nations that the track record of Israel's rise to power primarily came about by financing from wealthy Jewish businessmen and spying. Their use of spying and terrorism is noted in the film Munich which was produced by a Jew Stephen Spielberg and has an Israeli perspective.

The NSO claims that they do not operate its technology, collect nor possess or have any kind of access to any data its customers might acquire. They also deny any information of who their customers are. The question is DO THEY SECRETLY HAVE A BACK DOOR?

On RT's Going Underground Throor claims "Every country seeks intelligence. This even occurs between allies and friends."

Germany's Prime Minister Angela Merkel was mentioned as being a victim of being spied on.

Tharoor noted that implementing spying on fellow politicians is against democratic laws simply to exploit an adversary's point of view and opinions.

The thought of who is this guy came to my mind so a trip to Wikipedia was in order. Amazingly there were several bits that definitely relate to my opinion of politics and how malicious and boorish American politicians are.

Two American politicians that are in favor of regime change and invading a nation for their oil and wealth jumped out.

Tharoor finished second, behind Ban Ki-moon of South Korea, in each of the four straw polls conducted by the UN Security Council. In the final round, Ban emerged as the only candidate not to be vetoed by one of the permanent members, while Tharoor received one veto from the United States. U.S. Ambassador John Bolton later revealed his instructions from then United States Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice: "We don't want a strong Secretary-General." Tharoor was a protégé of the independently minded Kofi Annan, and a senior American official told Tharoor that the US was determined to have "No more Kofis."

After the vote, Tharoor withdrew his candidacy and declined Ban Ki-moon's invitation to remain in service beyond the expiration of his term as Under-Secretary-General.

This information reveals why wars are started. In politics you either go along or get along (outta here). George W. Bush's sweetie Rice is an example how money and oil conflict with democracy and what's best for the American citizen. She was and possibly still is a consultant for the Chevron Oil Company. After leaving public service she taught at Stanford University thereby implanting her capitalist stance on students. Her views resulted in invasion, occupation and depravation of the invaded nation's citizen's well being with Iraq being an example.

Then there's our mighty mouse, mighty mouth midget then U.S. Ambassador John Bolton surfacing again spewing his hatred for the wealth of others and prefers to invade and steal their natural resources. His position on invading Venezuela is an example of his thinking. As he put it Venezuela's oil was close by for the taking, "It's right there," he said.

This termite also was involved in trying to overthrow Fidel Castro. In an Oliver Stone documentary Looking For Fidel filmed in 2003, Bolton accused Castro of using chemical weapons which was not true. Bolton is all about trying to create turmoil and overthrowing nations to steal their assets. He is pictured and depicted in the documentary l as being the Under Secretary of State For Arms Control and International Security in the George W. Bush Administration.

Castro told Oliver Stone that there was no such thing and it was fortunate that former US President Jimmy Carter was in Cuba for a visit. While there he said publicly that there was no such proof that existed to justify Bolton's accusation. Its life long political slime like Bolton that creates the thirst for war atmosphere that currently exists.

What insight Going Underground reveals are politicians that talk and think sensibly and responsibly like Tharoor as opposed to the back stabbing self interest of thieving, murdering nations such as Israel and the United States of America. Theoretically Tharoor believes that the Pegasus spyware can be used as a military weapon.

The United States Government has implemented the absolute use of spyware with their PRISM Program that was pointed out by Edward Snowden. For doing so the corrupt US Government wants him, Julian Assange and all other whistle blowers tried and executed for what they interpret as a crime. It's a crime to reveal the US Governments crimes, therefore place that in the go figure file.

In addition why aren't nations around the world strong enough and unified enough to stand up against the US and Israel? The rationale is if a nation breaks international laws then one punishment could be that they LOSE VETO POWER.

The US Government has encouraged tech companies to share information of American citizens as indicated on the PRISM Program chart below. Without question most American citizens aren't aware they're being spied on or simply don't care. The harsher reality is there is nothing they can do about it, from the US governments viewpoint… everyone is suspect. .

GOING UNDERGROUND Shashi Tharoor INTERVIEW = https://www.rt.com/shows/going-underground/530144-shashi-tharoor-pegasus-spyware-scandal/



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