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18-year-old Bailey Rae - (Keith Allison - photo) - (The Voice - photo)



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Video Beat - THE VOICE SLAUGHTER from 17 to 9

James Loving - National Radio Text Service



From the outset of The Voice this season has one of its best group of vocalists ever. This past week was a slaughter cut from 17 to 9 competitors. Many strong voices were eliminated but those that remain make for a very interesting competition to select this season's whinier of THE VOICE



Sunday December 6, 2020

It seems every season The Voice institutes some changes in the series to keep it fresh. They survived during the outset of the COVID pandemic. Failure is not an option and somehow the producers of the series have an answer to whatever problems arise.

This season they returned to a studio setting and made it interesting with a video audience. Their social distancing separation of contestants with separate stages worked to perfection as the competitive intensity remained.

Talent wise this is and has been one of the strongest group of voices ever assembled in the series history. The problem is due to their 13 week schedule they whizzed through the competition by having eliminations that occurred too soon for some. The result is many contestants that have departed that were worthy of a lengthier stay.

We missed the first week and a half of the blind auditions therefore we failed to hear many of the talents that we later found to be extremely gifted. One of the most talented that we missed was Ryan Gallagher 31 who was a two chair turn. He selected Kelly Clarkson to be his coach over Blake Shelton.

Clarkson cut him loose in the Battle Round but he was selected to participate in the 4-way Wild Card Round. When that competition was set to begin at the beginning of the 17 to 9 cut slaughter episode it was announced that he couldn't appear and was out of the competition. The reason why was not explained.

Our research revealed that Gallagher was eliminated due to failing to adhere to the shows strict COVID regulations. The drama this scenario created was reminiscent of American Idol's never ending dramas that played out every season. The last Idol drama that was enough for us was season 12 and we refused to be sucked into their bullshit presentations again.

From the outset of The Voice we selected three of our favorites. The family trio Worth the Wait, consisting of a mother and her two daughters, have an interesting look and their harmony is strong. Mom joined the group after another daughter who was originally in the family vocal team got pregnant. Mom filled in the void while her daughter is raising her child.

The group was strong throughout the competition but eventually faltered when they competed in the Wild Card Round. It was their worst performance. Much of it was their song choice was weak and not up to their usual upbeat performance strength and song selections. In addition they seemed to be nervous and unprepared for their last minute selection to compete in that event.

This season eighteen year-old Bailey Rae is one of the most prepared Voice entrants we feel can make next level to have a full fledged professional career. She is young and shy but maturing, but most importantly her voice is there. Given the remaining competition is strong, she is a long shot BUT…. impressive.

The strange thing is being a country artist she is coached by the Mr. Soul of judges John Legend. This falls into the category of who-da-thunk it? Stranger yet is she was only a one chair turn. Her back story is interesting since her parents function as her manager and road managers. The father drives her to her gigs (performances) and mom does the organizing. Although this is one of the strongest talents the show has had in years. Rae is a strong contender to win it all or again as, as we see it, a long shot.

Her strong point is she knows who she is and sticks to her strengths by singing country music. Her perseverance was a major factor in her winning the wild card instant save via audience votes. The three other contestants in the challenge either had weaker performances or song selections that departed from the genre that helped them succeed to advance in the competition.

But Legend F'd up when it appeared that he sacrificed one of his team. When he selected a female teammate to go against the male he chose a song that favored the female. In addition the female was given the stronger lead parts while the male was largely singing support to her. In short the male contestant was apparently sold out by Legend. The end result is the female lost the plot when in the following round she chose a song that was not in her lane and she was eliminated.

The reality is that after a judge selects a talent there could be some ego or attitude problems when they come together as coach and student. Some talents have too strong of an ego or opinion of their talent thus a deemed uncoachable.

Personality clashes are another factor that can be the basis of someone being thrown under the bus. Regardless, we refuse to identify the two talents we are referring to but you have enough information to search for yourselves aka this is a homework challenge.

From our original three choices 14-year-old Carter Rubin has reached the TOP 9 of the Live shows. Rubin was a two chair turn and selected Gwen Stefani over John Legend to be his coach.

This young man has a super voice that is strong and clear. He has the magic vocal talent that over time could change being that he is so young and his voice could change it's quality.

Rubin's uncle is one of Jay and the Americans an acapella vocal group that had hit songs during the 50's and 60's. The youngster could win it all BUT… this is a strong group with several singers that are just as good in their own way.

Votes are what determine the winner and the shows demographics factor into that. With the COVID restrictions in place it could result in a shift of viewer audience age range and tastes. Blake Shelton seems to be the target of the other judges given his seven victories in 18 seasons. His strength is country but as he boasts he was won the title with singers from all genres.

Other than a viewers musical tastes also make a difference. Younger viewers tend to vote for a talent closer to their age. With COVID among us there is no telling who is watching as a result making this season one of the lost challenging of all time. The bottom line is take a look and you choose your favorite singer. Remember… only two weeks remain in the competition.

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