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Israeli Minister of National Security Itamar Ben-Gvir - (Screen shot of RT Newscast)



Evgeny Prigozghin co-founder of Russia's private military group WAGNER, - (Screen shot of RT Newscast)





Video Beat - A Rundown of Russia's RT NEWS

James Loving - National Radio Text Service



We downloaded RT News from RT.com. The content is not what the American government would like you to see. The US government portrays everything Russian as bad. This content differs from that portrayal. - RT News is not the slick THEATRICAL PRESENTATION of CNN or Fox (bend over OR spread your legs) News. The news anchors just report it like it is while presenting it in the English language. Most importantly the content is informative NOT INFLAMITORY



Content is Not What You'd Think

Saturday February 18, 2023

The news is so sad that it's almost funny. After digesting the supposedly news by the main stream western media and viewing the counter focus of Russia's RT News & Shows the conclusion is we 'THE PEOPLE' have a problem. Simply sorting through the opposite point of view there is no question that a nations interests matter more than the lives of innocent citizens. To some nations… WAR is the answer to all problems.

The news telecast content includes: PMC Wagner chief shares his insight on the conflict in Ukraine with our correspondent - saying the key city of Artyomovsk - could soon fall. Spain - one of the top carriers in the Ukrainian grain deal - has been delivering wheat not to African states in need - but to its own livestock. Child trafficking remains a major problem in Africa - with four Croatian couples, the latest to be arrested in Zambia, for attempting to smuggle children out of the continent.

The main stream western media report with such explosive language there is no question that their objective is to spew propaganda and take sides which is not journalism. Journalism is about balance and reporting the points of view of all sides not to be judgmental and authoritative to appease their masters the CIA and the Zionist agenda. Of course that is an opinion which is what columns are all about.

We share what the world is not supposed to see. One can assess denying the public access to an appointed opponent is a practice that could be interpreted somewhat to be like communism. That policy contradicts what democracy should be about.

Western main stream media is all about beating up on Russian President Vladimir Putin. Many refer to the conflict as Putin's war. The juxtaposition is America's infamous Vietnam War is referred to by Vietnamese as the American war. It's subjective but an individual should have the right to view all news not a government imposed discriminatory version.

The US government would have the world believe that Russians are all about wars and nothing else. From what we can see Russians are simply people having varied interests. We find their reports and perspectives more interesting, succinct and informative than what is reported by the western media. One aside is the US has frequently been at war since they partnered with Israel in 1948.

The RT newscast of February 16 at 09-00 MSK was most enlightening. One report was an interview of the co-founder of the private military group WAGNER, Evgeny Prigozghin. He shares his view of the territorial conflict with the Ukraine. Members of Wagner are also interviewed including a colleague that was a prisoner of the Ukraine military.

The US government labels Wagner as a terrorist group while the US government employs a private military, Blackwater that have a war crime murdering reputation. They change their name when a controversy arises criticizing their practices. They are run by a former US soldier who comes from money. His family own the Orlando Magic in the NBA. In short they are well connected.

Another feature on that RT News report is about the grain in the Ukraine Grain Deal, that was supposed to be delivered to impoverished nations in Africa and Asia was diverted by the Spanish government to provide as feed for their livestock industry. The report notes that Spain produces enough grain to feed its population but the remainder is channeled to feed their livestock not starving people it was intended for.

The report questions whether the grain deal was supposed to bolster the European economy or was it to feed the poor in the world? It notes that Europe receives twice as much of grain as the nations it was supposed to reach.

That report is followed by child trafficking from Africa by Europeans.

Next was a report about the pillaging of precious gems by the British government from India while India was under British rule. India wants the jewels, currently used in royal crowns, returned. The Brits thus far have refused to discuss the issue that includes the Koh-I-Noor gem in the royal crown. The Great Star Africa gem is also noted in the reports as being plundered by the British.

The succeeding report is about the US government denying an individual a position on the Human Rights Council because of his criticism of Israel. A government spokesperson stated that that (James Cavallaro) statements do not reflect US policy and is inappropriate. The government decided to withdraw their nomination of the individual.

Cavallaro stated that in his view "the conditions in Israel/Palestine meet the definition of apartheid under the international human rights law. Censorship of human rights advocates who denounce apartheid in Israel also affects countless Palestinian academics, activists and students."

The governments spokesperson states that the statement is not what the US government believes.

That report was followed up with a report of Israel legalizing formerly illegal Jewish settlements on the West Bank. They were recognized as illegal outposts that were not previously authorized by Israel's government.

Israeli Minister of National Security Itamar Ben-Gvir stated, "The land of Israel belongs to the people of Israel. This is our mission. This is our doctrine. Nine settlements is nice but it's not enough. We want much more."

The RT news host said over a three million Jews are already living there (In Palestine's West Bank). Comments by Jewish settlers are included in the report.

Canada denounced the illegal outpost. It is believed that the decision to build more will only provoke more bloodshed (of protesting Palestinians that are killed every day including children).

The Israeli government also approved the building of 10,000 new units in the West Bank. The government continues their demolition of Palestinian homes in East Jerusalem which they consider illegal.

Well that's it, our rundown of the content of the vilified RT News downloaded from RT.com. The content is not what the American government would like you to see. The US government portrays everything Russian as bad. This content differs from that portrayal.

RT News is not the slick THEATRICAL PRESENTATION of CNN or Fox (bend over OR spread your legs) News. The news anchors just report it like it is while presenting it in the English language.

The manner that the main stream media projects US government propaganda is as if they and the US government believe that US citizens are gullible and stupid.

This column is not about taking sides, it's about balance. One can believe what they prefer to believe. The problem is when access is denied it is applied to maintain control of their population (opinion). As a saying goes, to be or not to be, which is being informed or stupid, that is the question. Having and utilizing ones right of choice should not be denied.

The question is are you learning from the news in your area OR… are you conforming to what you are permitted to know?

As the saying goes, keep your friends close and your enemies closer. In the case of opposite opinions some say listen to all sides and THE TRUTH IS SOMEWHERE IN THE MIDDLE.


A comment from a viewer:

Fantastic news service. Your coverage on the modern 1948 creation called Israel, with no genuine claims to ancient Biblical Israel, is excellent. England, guilty of diamond thefts from India, was involved in the creation of present-day cultic Israel as well.

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February 10 2023 (09:00 MSK) RT News - February 10 2023 (09:00 MSK)


Powerful explosions from apparent drone strikes are reported in major Ukrainian cities, destroying electrical power infrastructure. South Africa's president is mocked by the political opposition as he delivers his state-of-the-nation address. That's as he declared a 'state of disaster' in the country over its crippling energy shortages. UN peacekeeping forces kill eight civilians and wound almost 30 others in the Democratic Republic of Congo, after protesters vented outrage about a lack of progress in combatting terrorism in the region. An adviser to Syria's President Assad says Western powers are not only preventing humanitarian aid from being delivered to Syria, but provoke the spread of terrorism in the war-torn country.



- February 11 2023 (09:00 MSK)

We report from the ground in Russia's Donetsk Republic, where multiple civilians were wounded in the latest Ukrainian artillery attack, which destroyed the homes of local residents. Iran marks the 44th anniversary of its Islamic revolution in a commemoration of the country's unity and a reminder to the US of its failure to contain the will of the Iranian people. The Central American nation of Nicaragua releases more than 200 people who were jailed several years ago for trying to overthrow the government in an US-backed coup attempt.

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