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AWKWARD? No love lost here as Barak Obama congratulates Donald Trump on winning the presidential race. You could see the tension on Trump's face as he appeared aggrieved to shake Obama's hand - (screenshot Frontline - photo)



Oboma's depiction of what a Trump White Housie would look like illustrated a building with GOLD columns, women swimming in a pool in the front yard and man with a golf club in his hand - (screenshot Frontline - photo)



When Obama pointed to the video screen to show a graphic of what he jokingly, felt a Trump House would look like the humiliated Trump's face became glowing with rage - (screenshot Frontline - photo)



Journalist Megyn Kelly was the target of a Donald Trump verbal attack - (screenshot Frontline - photo)






James Loving - National Radio Text Service



This Frontline four hour two part documentary reveals the heat, hatred and disparity that exists in American politics. The documentary reveals the rivalry and dislike from Donald Trump towards Barak Obama. There is no question that viewing a documentary is subjective and what one takes from it compliments their experience and personal views. One thing is certain, Frontline's America's Great Divide is a MUST WATCH!



Friday, July 31, 2020

It's that time again when the political $#!t hits the fan. Now is the time for the participants in the presidential race to bear their swords and slash each other to death with some truths as well as allegations. Now is the time when the incumbent Donald Trump takes the heat for what he's done to destroy the United States government with nations around the world and he'll respond with how great he is. Frontline reveals the trail that Trump took to become president in a two part four hour documentary America's Great Divide.

An insight to Trump's vindictive personality and behavior is capable depicted in a two part documentary by FRONTLINE titled America's Great Divide. It begins with Barak Obama being president and having a financial tragedy being dumped on him from the previous George W. Bush Republican administration.

As Obama fought through a recovery program he received negative reactions from the public. When he proposed Obama Health care he received more heat. His aim to have immigration reform incited anger from many politicians. Many in the public questioned his nationality. It was this point that attracted the attention of Donald Trump.

Throughout Obama's two terms racism was repeatedly brought up by some voters and it was seized on and exploited by Trump and main stream media. Main stream media is illuminated as they paid a major part in obstructing Obama's agenda and exploiting various issues including gun reform.

This current presidential race drama will largely play out by relating to the events depicted in Frontline's documentary. Trump's interest to run for president spurned on by his disgust of how the government was run by a black man aka Barack Obama. Trump questioned Obama's qualifications to be the president of the US claiming that he wasn't a citizen of this the United States.

He capitalized on his celebrity by being a guest on The View while he used the time to berate Obama and continue to rant on the birther issue. Trump insisted that Obama show his birth certificate to prove his birthplace. Obama finally acquiesced and again showed his birth certificate as he did when he initially ran for president.

Trump seethed when Obama provided the documentation after he had accused Obama of being a Muslim from a foreign country. Trump then asked contestants on his Celebrity Apprentice show if they would vote for him if he ran for president. Obediently and on the spot they all replied yes. Meatloaf enthusiastically offered to work on his campaign.

Trump's attacks on Obama led to a Barak payback at the annual White House Correspondents Dinner. Trump was in the audience and Obama started jokingly ripping him apart about the birther and Muslim issues the millionaire raised. In the documentary Trump was seen with an enraged look on his face. Obama credited Trump for his tough decision making regarding who to fire on the Celebrity Apprentice by noting the decisions like that would keep him up all night. It was mentioned by Trump associate Roger Stone that it was then that he decided to run for president and Trump was in NO HAPPY LAND.

For his payback of Donald Trump's outrageous birtha issue Obama was more than ready. At the White House Correspondents Dinner, as Trump sat in his seat surrounded by his entourage Obama described what a Trump White Housie would look like. He then pointed o a video screen where a graphic depicted the building with GOLD columns, women swimming in a pool in the front yard and man with a golf club in his hand. The Trumpster seethed as his face turned red with embarrassment. It was fuel for the fire that burnt under the Donald (Ducks taxes) that made him more determined to run for the office of President.

After overwhelmingly winning a second term Obama toughed it out after realizing that congress was going to refute bill or idea he put forth. He then took a tougher stance and began utilizing his presidential powers to pass laws that congress vetoed.

It was a tough eight years for the nation's first black president but history will note how racist the US government is and that politicians are in it for themselves and those that fund them and not working in the best interest of American citizens.

Following Obama's second term Trump decided to run against Hillary Clinton an individual he nicknamed Crooked Hillary. He was a man on a mission who was taking no prisoners he was simply slaying his opponents one by one with his acrid racist remarks.

Throughout his campaign he was challenged about his offensive remarks about Mexicans, Muslims and women. Then Fox News journalist Megyn Kelly who co-hosted the Republican presidential primary debate in August 2015, questioned Trump regarding his derogative remarks about women if that was the type of person that should be voted in as president. Trump responded his remarks were only at Rosie O'Donnell. Kelly forged on, challenging Trump and pointing to past tweets in which he disparages women. Trump countered, blaming political correctness for drawing attention away from more pressing matters.

"Honestly Megyn, if you don't like it, I'm sorry. I've been very nice to you, although I could probably maybe not be, based on the way you have treated me. But I wouldn't do that," he concluded.

Breitbart News Network started fanning the flames at the direction of Steve Bannon, the site's executive chairman at the time. Bannon said he wanted his writers to target Kelly, to "cull her out from the herd."

Bannon had recognized an opportunity to champion Trump. In the process, Kelly became both punchline and punching bag. Eventually Trump got into Roger Ailes the head of Fox News and Trump's friend of 20 years. Kelly was advised to tone it down and shortly after she was feeling the heat in the company and terminated.

Surprisingly Trump won without winning the popular vote but had more Electoral College votes. Prior to leaving office Obama met with Trump FOR THE FIRST TIME in his life in the Oval Office to congratulate Trump on his victory. You could see the tension on Trump's face as he appeared aggrieved to shake Obama's extended hand.

There is no question that viewing a documentary is subjective and what one takes from it compliments their experience and personal views. One thing is certain, Frontline's America's Great Divide is a MUST WATCH from the following links:




There is a worthy seven part series titled The Loudest Voice in the Room that depicts how Roger Ailes and Fox News aided Trump in winning the election. Ailes also a womanizer unwillingly resigned from his position as CEO and chairman of Fox News the following year, amid sexual harassment allegations and a related lawsuit. He died in 2017.

If you're one that is complaining about being locked in due to local government precautions to stop the spread of the Coronavirus then this is your opportunity to enlighten yourself and learn about Trump and the corrupt government that has put you in that situation… most notably Mr. Donald Trump. In doing so you will have spent four hours of your life in a constructive manner rather than raising your blood pressure and complaining that you have nothing to do. (Please excuse the rant)


Be Healthy... Be safe… and stay home…

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