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LORD… forgive Blake Shelton for STEALING MROZ'S bass player - (NBC - photo)



Back in the day The Voice coach Blake Shelton stole The Voice 20 contestant Pete Mroz's bass player and now he's cut him loose from his team - (NBC - photo)



The Voice judge Kelly Clarkson lost the plot by selecting a contestant for their performance and NOT THEIR VOICE! - (NBC - photo)





Video Beat - THE VOICE 20... LOST THE PLOT

James Loving - National Radio Text Service



The Voice judges Blake Shelton and Kelly Clarkson have committed what we believe to be sins in choosing contestants FOR THE WRONG REASONS. They have trespassed on the holy grail of what The Voice is supposed to be in choosing a talent based on their voice and NOT THEIR AGE or PERFORMANCE. Please lord forgive them for making these decisions and in the future let's get back to what the show is supposed to be all about in choosing THE BEST VOICE


Saturday, May 15, 2021


Forgive me lord for I'm about to sin. I believe that they know not what they do BUT THEY DO IT! The Voice judges have lost the plot about their assignment which WAS to find the BEST VOICE in the competition.

Now here's the drill….. first off Blake Shelton, the good old country boy, apparently has taken the opposite track that former judge Adam Levine took when he TRASHED AN EXTREMELY TALENTED AND GREAT VOICE in the then 22-year-old contestant DeAndre Nico in favor of a then 13-year-old Reagan Strange.

The twist is Strange was too ill to compete and Nico did. Levine felt sorry for the 13-year-old girl and advanced her to the next round and sent Nico home. Levine added that he had a special relationship with Strange but failed to be specific on that matter.

Now here's the LOGIC… a girl that failed to compete due to having laryngitis or a cold or whatever… could have been given a green light to be in the following season's competition without having to try out.

Now that's a logical solution BUT it is NOT when you eliminate a man who has been working throughout his life TO MAKE IT IN THE ENTERTAINMENT BUSINESS.

The girl failed to advance beyond the next round that Nico should have been in and Nico was left to be interviewed on sensational focused so called entertainment magazine shows about the incredible situation.

The girl was young enough to return the following season at 14-years of age and compete with a healthy voice. The entire scenario was a train wreck.

Now this season Blake Shelton has chosen to represent the elderly entrants on the show apparently to right Levine's WRONGS of eliminating the elderly for a just past puberty female teenager. Shelton had some bad karma dues to pay when a 45-year-old contestant sang on the blind auditions had a two chair turn including Blake and John Legend.

The secret contestants name is Pete Mroz from Nashville Tennessee. Mroz informed Shelton on the Blinds that back in the day when Shelton came to Nashville to start his career he was a member in Mroz's band. Shelton left the band and took the bass player with him. Mroz called Shelton out on that incident and Shelton sheepishly remembered the relationship. Mroz chose Shelton to be his coach.

Mroz has good but not great voice nor one of our choices for the best voice among a weak group of contestants. Shelton guided him through the Battle and Knockout rounds when he was the decision maker of who would stay and who would go from his team. Mroz succumbed in the playoff round when the decision was made by the publics vote.

Mroz became a wild card entrant and lost in a four entrant competition with the public again being the decision maker with their instant voting. Shelton had to bid his former band mate adieu BUT… in it was a decision that Shelton made that played a part in his leaving.

Shelton also had another…. well let's just refer to him as an old timer, who is Jordan Matthew Young a 34-year-old singer that has been trying to make in in the entertainment business since in his twenties, he left his family home building business and located himself in Austin, Texas. Young was a three chair turn in the blinds with Kelly Clarkson and Nick Jonas also joining Shelton wanting to coach him. Young chose the good old boy. For Young it was a good decision since Shelton SAVED him in the playoff round when the public chose Cam Anthony to go through to the next round LIVE SHOWS.

Anthony, a North Philly (Philadelphia) boy can sing and the public is aware of that. He is also one of our selections as having the best VOICE. He and Young are Shelton's go to guys if Shelton hopes to win his seventh The Voice coaching title.

Shelton's decision making to support both Mroz and Young is based on the two have been trying so hard for years to make it in the business and he is going to do his best to help them. Too bad for Nico that he chose Levine to be his coach.

So there's one for the Good Samaritan in Shelton that is going the help the elderly BUT…. then there's Kelly Clarkson who has committed a sacred sin.

Clarkson is choosing a contestants based on their PERFORMANCE! WHAT!!! PERFORMANCE! I THOUGHT THIS WAS THE VOICE and contestants should be judged on THEIR VOICE not their looks, or gender, or race, or religion or PERFORMANCE. The show is called THE VOICE. JUDGES SHOULD BE CHOOSING THE BEST VOICE!

Lord that's all I have to say on this matter. If I have sinned please forgive me since I am elderly and have committed many sins in my life. Please forgive Blake and Kelly for their transgressions. But… MOST OF ALL… forgive Blake for STEALING MROZ'S bass player. I KNOW YOU'RE BUSY LORD BUT please bless us all, and STOP THE ISRAELI'S FROM MURDERING PALESTINIAN CIVILIANS AND CHILDREN! AH-MEM… ON SECOND THOUGHT, DON'T FORGIVE THE ISRAELI'S.

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