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The Brown family is on the loose to find their own individual ways in life as maturity matters - (screen shot )


Rain(y) Brown & older sister Bird(y) Brown - (screen shot )


The shows producer's job is to organize and explain how TV production works and what makes for a good television show - (screen shot )

Location has always been criticized. It was revealed that the Browns don't live in remote areas that are portrayed. The reality is, it's a television show NOT… a documentary - (screen shot )


Bam Bam Brown and his girlfriend and former show producer - (screen shot photo)


Eldest son Matt Brown left the show to deal with personal problems and have more private space in his life - (Screen shot - photo)







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Drama surrounds the TV series The Alaskan Bush People. The youngest of the family Rain, has departed the show for what has been portrayed as, to deal with her mental health. We believe that since she gained so much weight between seasons the she is pregnant. Pregnant or not stay tuned…


Monday May 1, 2023


HEY… I'M HOOKED! In researching the history of the reality TV show The Alaskan Bush People there is a lot of dirty laundry to be found. The reality is we've never reported about the show. Given the COVID epidemic the program went into the come and go category. The series premiered on the Discovery Channel on May 6, 2014. Since its inception there have been 14 seasons and 95 episodes.

The series appeals largely to a younger audience. The most recognized by the young fans that express there interests on social media is Rain, the youngest in the family. She first appeared on the show when she was 10-12 years old. The exact timeline is unknown.

Merry Christmas Kathryn Raindrop Brown was born November 23, 2002. Is she was in the first of the 95 episodes she would have been 11 years old. Her seemingly teen fans want to know how much she earns, how much is she worth, is she straight or gay and does she have a boyfriend.

It has been interesting to see Rain grow up and mature right before the eyes of the public. The problem is Rain has some mental health issues that she admits to on her social media account. What jumps out in between the most recent seasons is the amount of weight she's gained.

When the series seemed to have been shut down during COVID we searched to see if it was being produced. What jumped out was a post that Rain was pregnant.

At that time the now 20 year-old would have been about 16-17 years old. Thus far, there have been no child birth reports about her. The current issue is why has Rain gained so much weight since the previous season?

What has been recently telecast in our region is the season when Bird was informed that she had cancer. When they removed an 8 pound tumor she was informed that there was a chance that the cancer could return.

Bird had the option to have a hysterectomy and be unable to have a child. She opted not to and against doctors advice chose to travel to Alaska to think about her situation. She wanted to relive the Alaskan experience that she enjoyed in her youth.

Amora Jean Snowbird Brown was born November 18, 1994. At the time of this writing she is 28. When the series premiered she was an adult. Rain was the only minor on the show.

While In Alaska Bird decided to have children but doesn't have a boyfriend. This situation conjures up some very interesting show production possibilities.

Rain traveled with Bird to Alaska. Although eight year Bird's junior she seems to be the rock in Bird's life. In a previous season Rain commented that Bird loves animals too much. She said that Bird needs a boyfriend. To compound her situation, Bird is a drama queen and talks too much.

Since her fathers death the show seems to have shifted to focus on Bird. She gets more time on camera than any other member of the family. It's that point that brings up another constant criticism of the show.

Critics say the series is fake. It has been revealed that they don't live full time on the properties that are depicted in any particular season. It's that point brings up the black sheep of the family, namely Matt and Bam.

Bam is one of two of the offspring that admitted to the public that they all go their separate ways when not filming the series. The reality is the series is designed to be entertainment to make money, It's not fake it's simply and entertainment show to make money for all, the Discovery Network and the members of the family.

Each member on the series is believe to be earning $8/$15 thousand per episode. Times whatever number you choose and multiply by 95 to figure their worth from the series. It's not clear if they are paid when not appearing on an episode. If that is the case it would make perfect business sense.

Bam is in a relationship with a former member of the production crew. That was old news that was revealed around the same time that Rain was believed too be pregnant.

The relationship was not approved of by his mother, father and some members of the family. The result is that Bam's screen time has been cut down. Since he is not overly fond of having his personal life exposed to the public his absence is a good fit for his preferences.

The first black sheep was Matt who has been off the show for some time. Matt has issues with alcoholism. He had an argument with his father. He believed that his father was taking $300 thousand out of the proceeds from the show. It has been reported that the father made $500,000 per episode. If the family made $500,000 per episode to be split among them would make more sense.

If the father made $300,000 for whatever, the reality is he must have been the one that created the concept of the program and shopped it around. When sold he is entitled to make a substantial amount of money. The children would have nothing had it not been for a/his concept that was bought.

Matt also got involved with a married woman in California that has two children. His profile is not the makings of a good television show, thus he is on his own. Matt has been using social media to inform his fans of his activity.

With much of the criticism evolved around what could be considered scandalous behavior is the answer to those that believe the show is manipulated.

Being a TV show it must have direction, it needs production, cameramen and producers. The problem is that some in the family prefer not to have their life exposed to the public, they prefer to be out of the public limelight. This situation could be the result of Rain having mental health issues.

In essence being the youngest in the show she has grown up in front of the public. She is at a point where she feels uncomfortable with having to deal with the personal questions that her fans continue to ask. She has closed down her social media account. It appears she is searching to find herself without being scrutinized.

This could be a reason why between seasons she has gained so much weight. That could be a mental issue. She might be trying to be unattractive to shut down the personal comments about her appearance. It has been reported that she doesn't want to continue with the show. In the last episode that we viewed Bird said she was happy that Rain was going away to resolve her problems.

The end result is the series is leaning toward to being boring. The unity of the family is falling apart. Three of the sons have married and have children. That brings the wives concerns about appearing on the show.

Whatever the next chapter be The Alaskan Bush People is, thus far the series has been an entertaining experience equating to good television entertainment. It certainly beats televising all of the wars that the US government is creating. What would you prefer war coverage or The Alaskan Bush People… it's up to you. To me… life is more interesting than death.


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