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Former US ambassador to Israel David Friedman verses Temple University professor and the AlJazeera channel Up Front Show host Lamont Hill - (AlJazeera Screen Shot - Up Front show - photo)


Up Front Show host Marc Lamont Hil


David Friedman being sworn in as Ambassador to Israel by then Vice President Mike Pence


Israeli Minister of National Security Itamar Ben-Gvir said they will kill all Palestinians to take control of all of their land if that's what it takes - (Screen shot of RT Newscast)


In 1948 United Nations Mediator in Palestine Count Folke Bernadotte was assassinated by Jewish terrorists a day after he arrived in the then Palestine to try and negotiate peace and co-existence - (USHMM, courtesy of National Archives - Photo) - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0m__A7MlDrk




James Loving - National Radio Text Service



Former US ambassador to Israel David Friedman verses Temple University professor and the AlJazeera channel Up Front Show host Marc Lamont Hill. They agreed to disagree. This was not an Ali Frazier - match-up but it will do for a political video event



Monday November 13, 2023


In 12 minutes and 29 seconds AlJazeera program UP Front, host Marc Lamont Hill got under the skin of former US ambassador to Israel David Friedman. Friedman served under the Donald Trump administration.

Hill stressed the point that Israel has broken international law in its devastation of Gaza and the slaughter of its people, including thousands of children.

Friedman countered with a lot more children have been killed in the Ukraine and Russia (during their American government supported conflict). Nobody's rioting on American campuses about Ukraine and Russia right now, Friedman added.

Hill rebutted by questioning if civilians were in the realm of targets if it was avoidable. Targeting a refugee camp where there are children is not an example of targeting Hamas. Targeting hospitals, mosques and churches and a direct violation of international law, Hill noted.

Friedman responded with a query, tell me which hospital Israel has targeted?

He admitted that it targeted the al-Shifa hospital that Hamas was embedded in.

Hill asked what evidence from where came forth proving that Hamas was embedded in that hospital. Friedman had no answer for that.

He claimed that evidence being absent is not valid. He said to ask the CIA… ask the US government. The Jew said if Israel targets civilians to get Hamas that's WAR!

Hill went into a say what moment.

Friedman fired back who are you gonna trust, are you gonna trust Hamas?"

Friedman insisted that if Israel is going after 9 Hamas members in a refugee camp and there is collateral damage of dead civilians, "THAT'S' WAR," he exclaimed.

The two combatants repeatedly interrupted each other. On one hand you have a lawyer in Friedman and an educator as a professor at Temple University, in Hill.

This was not an Ali Frazier - match-up but it will do for a political video event.

"Israel has not targeted a single civilian, they target Hamas," Friedman insisted.

Friedman pointed out his belief that there were rocket launchers in mosques and schools.

The UN has got it wrong for the past 50 years about international laws of war, Friedman claimed.

Friedman admits that he was in the Israeli war room in 2019 and claims that he watched Israel go to great lengths not to attack civilians.

He wears out a standard Israeli claim that Hama imbeds themselves with civilians. Friedman believes that there is too much anti-Semitism in the world right now. He claims that is why popular opinion is against Israel in their tactics of killing thousands of Palestinian civilians including thousands of women and children, to wipe out Hamas' 40,000 members.

In my view, you would think that as technologically advanced that Israel's military is that they could detect exactly where Hamas is located instead of killing any Palestinian civilian they see and kill them. Their theory appears to be that if they kill all Palestinians then they have eliminated Hamas. It's the leave no stone unturned scenario.

Israeli Minister of National Security Itamar Ben-Gvir has already gone on record that he would kill ALL PALESTINIANS if that's what it takes to take ALL OF THEIR LAND.

In retrospect, one has to question how these two got together for this televised event. Friedman is a Jew that supports Israeli settlements in the West Bank. Hill, a black man, was fired from CNN after he stated at the UN that he stood with Palestine from the river to the sea.

It is well known that ambassador posts can be lucrative in their personal businesses for an appointee. It's also know that in some cases the appointee will pay for the position.

It raises the question since being bedfellows with the Israeli government what personal or financial gain has Friedman received?



Hill's U.N speech on Israel On November 28, 2018, while speaking in a meeting at the UN marking the International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People, Hill said: "We have an opportunity to not just offer solidarity in words but to commit to political action, grass-roots action, local action and international action that will give us what justice requires and that is a free Palestine from the river to the sea."

The Anti-Defamation League alleged that the phrase "river to the sea" is code, often used by Hamas, for the destruction of Israel.

In November 2018, Hill rejected this characterization, saying this was a "call for justice" referring to the existing borders of the Palestinian territories on the Mediterranean Sea (Gaza) and Jordan River (West Bank). Hill replied, "I support Palestinian freedom. I support Palestinian self-determination.

I am deeply critical of Israeli policy and practice. I do not support anti-Semitism, killing Jewish people, or any of the other things attributed to my speech. I have spent my life fighting these things." He also said that the "river to the sea" phrase dates to the early 20th century and "has never been the exclusive province of a particular ideological camp", adding "[t]he idea that this is a Hamas phrase is simply untrue."

On December 1, 2018, Hill said that "we must reject anti-Semitism in any form or fashion" and apologized "for the reception of my message". Hill wrote in The Philadelphia Inquirer: "justice will come through a single bi-national democratic state that encompasses Israel, the West Bank, and Gaza."

CNN firing

Following his comments about Israel before the U.N., Hill's contract with CNN was terminated by the network. This was confirmed on November 29, 2018, when a CNN spokesperson announced that "Marc Lamont Hill is no longer under contract with CNN."

The firing provoked strongly opposing opinions. The move was criticized by pro-Palestinian activists, who accused the network of caving to pressure from pro-Israeli groups.

Aymann Ismail of Slate magazine said the decision set a "dangerous precedent" which was "another step toward recasting all speech about Israel's brutality as anti-Semitism". Glenn Greenwald remarked that Hill's firing "is a major defeat for the right to advocate for Palestinian rights, to freely critique the Israeli government, and for the ability of journalism and public discourse in the U.S. generally to accommodate dissent."

Bentley Addison of The Forward argued that advocating for Palestine is not necessarily anti-Semitic but said that "The fact that Hill used the rhetoric of groups that are violently anti-Semitic is a real problem, and the fact that he seems to advocate violent resistance against Israel should give pause to every supporter of a peaceful outcome to the conflict."

The board of trustees of Temple University, Hill's employer, condemned Hill's words saying they included what "many regard as promoting violence", and in regards to the phrase "from the river to the sea" used by Hill, the trustees said that they are "widely perceived as language that threatens the existence of the State of Israel" that "has been used by anti-Israel terror groups". Furthermore, the trustees said that Hill's words were criticized as "virulent anti-Semitism" and "hate speech".

However, as Hill was not representing the school and that as a "private individual is entitled to the same Constitutional protection of any other citizen, and that he has through subsequent statements expressly rejected anti-Semitism and anti-Semitic violence", the trustees decided not to dismiss nor discipline Hill.


Nomination for U.S. Ambassador to Israel - Reactions

On December 15, 2016, the transition team of President-elect Donald Trump announced that Friedman had been selected to be the nominee as the United States Ambassador to Israel. Friedman's nomination was controversial; some American Jewish, Israeli, and Palestinian individuals and advocacy groups argued against his nomination.

Saeb Erekat, chief negotiator for the Palestinian Authority, said that moving the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem and annexing West Bank settlements would lead to the "destruction of the peace process" and send the region down a path of "chaos, lawlessness, and extremism". Although none of these predictions happened, Friedman had said in an interview for Haaretz during the campaign that Trump would be open to Israel annexing parts of the West Bank. The U.S. has opposed Israeli settlements in the West Bank since 1967.

The liberal advocacy organization J Street "vehemently opposed" Friedman's nomination. During the presidential campaign, Friedman had attacked J Street supporters, writing in Arutz Sheva in May 2016:

The Listening Post

Israel-Gaza: Genocidal rhetoric and the fog of war


Duration 26:18

We’ve seen the language of extermination, incessant bombardment and hellish scenes on TV. And as the war intensifies, the chaos of misinformation deepens.

Two weeks into Israel’s war on Gaza, what the world is witnessing – from Israeli leaders’ racist and genocidal rhetoric to the mass killing of Palestinian civilians – bears the hallmarks of a historic crime. This episode looks at how the media are responding – in Israel and beyond.


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