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Alan Rothenberg may well go down in history as being one of the pioneers and major contributors of soccer in the United States. It might also be noted that he could have done without soccer in the United States, but U.S. soccer couldn't have done as well without ALAN ROTHENBERG.





WTA's TEEN QUEENS Serena Williams - Nrbelex photo




Sports Notes Archives - Dick Vermeil Serves Critics Crow - February, 2000
Coach of the Super Bowl winning St. Louis Rams, fell prey to the Age Discrimination - Dick Vermeil proved his critics wrong by turning around the NFL's worst team in the 90's into Super Bowl champions within three years. At the start of the season the odds were 200-1 that the Rams could win the NFL's grand prize

Sports Notes - Serena Williams Wins Australian Open - January, 2003
Serena Williams Wins Australian Open By Defeating sister Venus. They Are The WTA's Best - It was only four years ago that we covered the then Virginia Slims tennis (now Acura) tournament in Los Angeles, California USA when media and fans were complaining about the beads in the sister's hair. Many expressed how displeased they were with the way their father was raising them. We disagreed and predicted that the sisters would some day be ranked # 1. We rest our case and will serve crow to those that couldn't see past their wagging tongues - Fickert Ends Tenure As Cambodian Football Coach - Thailand's FAT Thaws Withe Freeze - Kobe Bryant Big Winner

Sports Notes EXTRA - UFC's DAN HARDY's FAMOUS LAST WORDS - November, 2010
SAY WHAT!!! - "He's writing a check with his mouth that his ass can't cash," - FIFA TOP 10

Ronaldo walked away with the tournaments Golden Boot Award after registering eight goals in seven matches. With his four goals in the 1998 competition he jumped to third place in the all-time scores list with 12 drawing him level with soccer legend and fellow Brazilian Pele

Sports Notes - WORLD CUP 2002 - USA - Senegal Shock Soccer World - June, 2002
The USA's 3-2 win over Portugal was as shocking to Americans as it was to the rest of the soccer world. ESPN/Star sports soccer analysts criticized the Americans for not knowing the game and playing handball and not football

Sports Notes - MARSHALL FAULK - Winners Never Quit - February 2002
FAULK DID WHAT HE WANTED TO DO & ACHIEVED - Faulk said something that I never forgot. He played offense and defense at Carver high school in New Orleans where he saw action as a running back, quarterback, wide receiver and cornerback. Only four major universities recruited him. Only one would give him a scholarship to do what he wanted to do….PLAY OFFENSE - He rushed 37 times for 386 yards, 7 TDs (touchdowns) vs. Pacific. The seven TD's also set an NCAA record by a freshman. (The rushing yardage total record has since been broken.).

FIFA 2006 World Cup Germany - RONALDO - BRAZIL: Is FAT Where It At? - FIFA Top 10 - NR Top 10 - June 2006
As a team Brazil has been blasted for being slow out of the gate in not dominating on the pitch as expected in their quest to win a record sixth World Cup title. .....

Feature - WALTER PAYTON REMEMBERED - Walter Payton's heart made up for the lack of size of his body. He had guts of steel. He believed and achieved and remained humble. Payton is the NFL's all-time career rushing leader with 16,726 yards. He was the league MVP twice. The NFL Hall of Fame member was also a champion, having been a member of the Chicago Bears 1985 Super Bowl team. He passed away Monday November 1, 1999 from bile duct cancer. He was only 45 years of age.

With the aftermath and destruction of Cambodia by the Khmer Rouge the nation needed a new image. W found that in 16-year-old Sou Tit Linda who qualified to run for her country in the 2004 Olympics in Greece after only ONE YEAR of competing in the sport. With a gleam in her eyes she recalled her Olympic experience.

Sports Notes - THAILAND HOSTS ASIAN GAMES - AGAINST ALL ODDS - December 11, 1998
Thailand was unanimously awarded to host the 13th Asian Games the games eight years ago by the participating Asian nations. Just three years ago the nations were openly critical of the lack of preparation. It was suggested that Thailand be disqualified from hosting the games. There was very little progress to get the job done until Prime Minister CHAUN LEEKPAI returned to office November '97

He was the commissioner of soccer for the 1984 Olympic soccer tournament. He is the FOUNDER and chairman of Major League Soccer [MLS]. Rothenberg was instrumental in bringing the successful Women's World Cup to America. Among his credits, he served as the President of the U.S. Soccer Federation for eight years. He was Chairman and CEO of World Cup USA in 1994, which became the most successful event in FIFA history. His efforts helped contribute to a World Cup operating surplus of more than $50 million that serves as the initial funding source for the U.S. Soccer Foundation -
Entertainment - More TV

Sports Notes: Zico Leads Japan To World Cup? WHO IS ZICO??? - Phil Jackson Returns To Lakers - June 2005
Who is Zico? I asked then Thailand national team (now coaching Indonesia) coach Peter Withe in 1999. I was curious why then Thai national team star Kiatisuk Senamuang was referred to as Kiatisuk 'Zico' Senamuang by the Thai media. Withe said Senamuang was named Zico for the former Brazilian star Zico. I never heard of him." I said.

"RACIST RADIO" Radio Talk Show Slanders Dodgers Owner Rupert Murdoch
IN -- CREDIBLE: A Los Angeles sports talk radio host JOE MCDONNELL (KXTA, AM, 1150 - A Jaycor station) admitted to creating a hoax, a day after someone called in [Thursday August 6] to his sports talk show impersonating being a business associate of Fox/News Corp. founder RUPERT MURDOCH. FOX/News Corp. own the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Sports Notes: WTA's TEEN QUEENS - August 1998
When you're around the Williams sisters you get a sense that they know where they are on the road to their success and are programmed to block out negative thinking by others and toxic people. You also get a sense that they know they're young but it's not a factor it's a case of... if you're over 18... YOU'RE TOO OLD. There's nothing going to help you... EVENTUALLY WE'RE GOING TO WIN IT ALL.

Sports Notes: ANGELS WITH DIRTY FACES - June 1998
The Angels didn't spread their wings and fly away, NO… they tucked them in, whipped out their muscles and started to pound away at their attackers rolling around in the dirt and getting their squeaky clean red, white and blue uniforms all soiled up.

Sports Notes: NBA's LA Clippers Turn The Beat Around - February, 2006
The NBA's Los Angeles Clippers Now Have Winning Ways - MLB's Kirby Puckett Remembered - Cambodia's Premiers Football League Is On - Prince Ranariddh's Khemera Squad Defends Championship - Former Cambodia National Team Coach Joachim Fickert Returns To Coach Premiere League Side - ESPN Sports Analyst Scott O'Donell Has New Position In Cambodian Football - Cambodia National Team Stars Hok Sochetra Is Now A Coach & Sam El Nasa With Military Police - FIFA Top 10

Feature - Jim Murray (1919-1998) - Pulitzer Prize columnist and cofounder of Sports Illustrated Magazine - My recollection of my first encounter with Murray was in the Rose Bowl press box, early on in my sports journalism career when he graciously shared his thoughts on writing. Here was an legend in his own time taking time to share his thoughts with someone who was new in the business and trying to figure out what was going on.

They said it couldn't be done.. MIKE PIAZZA was traded by the Los Angeles Dodgers....THE GODFATHER DIDN'T MAKE A DIFFERENCE. In his first game at Dodger stadium as an OPPONENT he smashes the ball leading the NY Mets to victory.

Sports Notes: Brazil coach Luxemburgo Shows Ignorance - February, 2000
After the contest Brazil coach Wanderley Luxemburgo displayed his arrogance and ignorance. At the post game press conference, attended by primarily Thai reporters, questions were answered by Luxemburgo in Portuguese and then translated into Thai. An International English-speaking reporter requested that his question be answered with a translation in English. "That's too much," he said. ... - Entertainment - TV

Sports Feature - NBA OR BUST??? - Monday January 4, 1999
The players feel that they are contributing to the league in such a way that they feel they should be considered partners. That's based upon the large attendance figures and the popularity of the league today and the money the league will make in the future. The players feel the NBA is a success because of them. . - MORE NBA - NBA MAX French Language

Sports Feature - HOWIE LONG IN NFL HALL of FAME - Thursday August 3, 2000
Howie Long
made his underdog life TOP DOG. During his childhood he had to travel a bumpy road on which he endured not having a stable upbringing. He came from a broken home. His mom and dad separated when he was 11 years old. They divorced a year later. He was an unwanted child. He found himself on the move being passed from family member to family member and often had to sleep on couches. There were times when food was hard to come by.. - MORE NBA - NBA MAX French Language

Sports Notes - Manchester United's Superstar Team Barely Defeat Thailand 2-1 "The Devils Made Them Do It" - Monday July 30, 2001
Manchester United's superstar team had a tough day in their close win over the Thai National team. The gritty little Thai's fought Man U's millionaire super stars to the tooth and nail. You want millionaire super stars? Try this out…David Beckham, Fabien Barthez, Ryan Giggs, Ruud Van Nistelrooy, and Juan Sebastian Veron, Dwight Yorke, Nicky Butt, Paul Scholes, Roy Keane, Andy Cole, Quinton Fortune, Raimond Van der Gouw, Dennis Irwin, Phillip Neville, Ole Gunner Solskjaer, Gary Neville, Ronny Johnson, Wes Brown, Mikael Silvestre and Luke Chadwick. Man U was ready. They came with everything and everybody but the kitchen sink and Beckham's famous wife Posh Spice. It was awesome.

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