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In a no brainer result Floyd Mayweather defeated Andre Berto to tie Rocky Marciano's 49-0 undefeated boxing record and claims it was his last fight - The official event poster for Mayweather-Berto boxing bout fair use


BE REAL... Is Floyd Mayweather worthy of owning the longest undefeated streak in the history of boxing? Is he better than Rocky Marciano?





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In a no brainer result Floyd Mayweather defeated Andre Berto to tie Rocky Marciano's 49-0 undefeated boxing record and claims it was his last fight. LISTEN UP…ONE THING IS CERTAIN… Mayweather will fight again to break Marciano's record and try to go to 50 and 0 (OHHH!!!). The question is will he choose someone that he knows he can beat or a worthy competitor like Manny Pacquiao?


Tuesday, September 15, 2015


We told you so that Floyd Mayweaher would have no problem thrashing Andre Berto and tie boxing legend Rocky Marciano's unbeaten record of 49-0. We stated that his tact in choosing unworthy André Berto to fight for the record was to choose an opponent he knew he could defeat to guarantee himself as sure win… and we were right.

On his walk from the dressing room to the ring Berto did not have a confident look on his face. He appeared to be somewhat worried.

The fight was simply a workout for Mayweather since Berto is not a top class fighter despite his having recognition as the WBA welterweight interim champion. To Berto's credit he did come to fight and did his best but his best is far from good enough as the three judges scored the fight 117-111, 118-110 and 120-108. That translates to Berto was given credit by the judges of winning five of a total 36 rounds.

The fight's commentators did a better job noticing what Berto needed to do to win or be more competitive in the fight than his management in his corner. After each round Berto's corner failed to give him a strategy and made too many comments about his mental attitude.

Television commentator Rich Marotta and his partner repeatedly stated how Berto was throwing only one jab at a time and not double and triple jabs so he could back Mayweather up and then pound him. They noted that when Berto threw a jab Mayweather would then back off and away from the attack.

Despite Berto's lack of skill and knowledge he did put forth a credible effort and went after the man called Money. He did come to fight but he's not the type of top caliber fighter that can defeat Mayweather which is exactly why he got the job and a big payday, perhaps his biggest payday ever, simply to be a punching bag. His comment on his effort against Mayweather was, "We pushed him to the limit."

"I didn't know I was going to have to wear track shoes," Berto told TMZ Sports after the bout. "I had to do a lot of chasing. "That's him, man," Berto added. "He runs around, he holds you, he does all that type of (stuff), but everybody can see I really gave him a fight."

Berto did his best but it was not good enough as he served his purpose and will go down in history as the fighter that Mayweather defeated to tie Marciano's record. For him a loss is a win, win situation.

Again the disturbing thing is the amount of credit that those involved in media covering the fight gave to Mayweather. It's one thing to be an unbiased reporter and another to be somewhat of a groupie or fan. It appears that Mayweather has control of who would get the job of reporting on the fight.

I know Marrotta from the press corps that covered the then Los Angeles Raiders (now Oakland) of the NFL and the Los Angeles Clippers of the NBA. The last time I saw him was at Dodger stadium with KFI's Tracy Miller for media day for the 1993 Super Bowl game to be played at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, California.

Marotta is not a groupie kind of guy, he's low-key and has always been straightforward and down to earth in his reporting. On this occasion he seemed to be more of a fan than a reporter but did a great job in covering the action.

Following to fight, commentator Jim Gray interviewed Mayweather in the ring in what appeared to be a groupie love fest. The smile on Gray's face was not that of a true unbiased journalist but that of a fan. He gleamed as he described to Mayweather his winning result.

Money man gleamed back and said to Gray, "I am the best just like you in commentating." It appeared to be incest at its best.

This over the top groupie commentary was more evident in previous Mayweather fights in which a fight commentator named Sheridan (first name unknown) and Benny Medina aka Ricardo would call the fight and after each round would state how great they thought Mayweather was and then announce how they scored the round.

That is not their job in calling a fight. Their performance was way out of line with that of being unbiased journalists. Again the manner in which they called a fight was more of a fan than a journalist.

Included in Gray's love-fest with Mayweather he asked Mr. Money is it truly was his last fight to which Maywether said it was. He went on to say how he's made over $700 million in boxing and gave credit to Al Haymond for helping him in his quest and investments. Basically he was saying that he had enough MONEY that he didn't need to fight.

Here's where we will again state that Mayweather is BULLSHIT and a CON MAN who is setting up for his biggest fight ever a rematch with Manny Pacquiao.

Being from the streets I know a hustler when I see one and Mayweather is a con man and bullshit hustler. He reminds me of a comical looking guy that came to the pool room that I hung our in. He would come around when the race track was in session. He was a gambler and a hustler.

Back in the day when I was 14-years-old, I was a pretty good pool shooter and capable of running the table in 8 ball and 45 balls in straight pool. The hustler challenged me to 25 cents a game for the winner and the overall loser pays for the pool table time. I won four games in a row. He then said lets play for 50 cents a game. I continued to kick his ass.

He then said lets play for a dollar a game. Since I was playing on his money it was not a problem and I went for it. From that point on I never won a game and seldom had a shot at a ball since he repeatedly ran the table and took me for all of my $10 which was a lot of money at that time since you could but a new car for $1500.

The moral of this story is this is the type of suck you in game that Mayweather is playing and the media is playing right into his hand. What he will do is this…. He will wait until Pacquiao is healed and then take on Pacquiao's challenge for a rematch.

Let's not forget that when that match-up was first proposed six years ago Mayweather chickened out and deflected attention off him to Pacquiao to take blood tests. At that time Pacquiao was at the top of his game and would have destroyed Mayweather and Mayweather knew it.

Here's where the bias comes and the shady side of boxing comes into play. When the fight did take place earlier this year Pacquiao was suffering from a torn rotator cuff injury. The Nevada boxing authorities knew of the injury and permitted him to take pain killers when in training. When Pacquiao requested to take the pain killers for the fight he was DENIED.

The twist is the night before the fight Mayweather took shots of vitamins which the boxing commission has no problem with.

ONE THING IS CERTAIN… Mayweather will fight again to break Marciano's record and go to 50-0. The question is will he choose someone that he knows he can beat or a worthy competitor like Pacquiao.

A rematch would be the moneymaker and we all know that Mayweather LIKES MONEY. That would be the fight to close out his career… AND PROVE THAT HE IS A MAN or THE MAN.

Mayweather's contract with Showtime television concluded with the Berto fight. He is now in position to call more televising rights deals via his Mayweather promotions.

If he wants to be respected for having or breaking Marciano's record he MUST fight a credible fighter and NOT as sure fire win over a chump opponent.

A fight in Manila with Pacquiao would be the most credible way to go a fight in the Pac Man's own back yard. This match-up in Manila would be the greatest fight since the Muhammad Ail, Joe Frazier 'Thrilla in Manila' mega fight.

Ali would be a good unbiased, credible choice to decide who would be referees and judges for a Pacquiao, Mayweather rematch to be titled BALLS TO THE WALL.

Mayweather owes this fight to Pacquiao and to the sport of boxing which has now changed into the game of boxing since Mayweather has been calling the shots. The question is will he stand up and be a man or continue to be an insecure, spoiled little boy?


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