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Israel's bombing of hospitals and blocking deliveries of medical supplies resulted in amputations without medication - (Screen shot of RT.com Newscast)


This badly injured Palestinian baby is clinging to her life, she also lost her parents - (Screen shot of RT Newscast)


Palestinian children are being murdered and injured by Israel's indiscriminate carpet bombing - (Screen shot photo from AlJazeera.com)


Racist Israeli Minister of National Security Itamar Ben-Gvir furnishes ILLEGAL Jewish settlers with weapons to kill Palestinians and steal more of their land and homes

(AlJazeera screen shot photo of the Start Here program)


AlJazeera journalist Wael Dahdouh lost his immediate family and was injured twice in Israeli bombing BUT… HE WON'T QUIT REPORTING - (Screen shot photo of The Listening Post program on AlJazeera.com)


Benjamin Netanyahu surrounds himself with the GOILS of the IDF BABY KILLING force - There has been an increase in Israeli settler attacks on Palestinian communities throughout the occupied territories

(AlJazeera screen shot photo of the Inside Story program)



The Listening Post exposes an Israeli real estate company planning to sell beach front homes in Gaza to Israeli settlers - (Screen shot photo of The Listening Post program)


Racist Israeli Minister of National Security Itamar Ben-Gvir furnishes ILLEGAL Jewish settlers with weapons to kill Palestinians and steal more of their land and homes

(AlJazeera screen shot photo of the Start Here program)


Israeli settlers are armed by the government to kill Palestinians and steal their land - (AlJazeera screen shot photo of the Start Here program)


These are the 1967 borders for Israel and what was left for the Palestinians. What they also did was disrespect the Palestinians by naming them the West Bank and Gaza -- (Screen shot photo from AlJazeera.com)


From 1967 Israel has murdered more Palestinians and stole more of their West Bank land resulting in ILLEGAL settlement totaling more than 750,000 ILLEGAL JEWS IN THEIR TERRITORY- (Screen shot photo from AlJazeera.com)


Former US presidential candidate Hillary Clinton supports RACIST Israel... THE BABY KILLERS - Graffiti such as "Die Arab Sand-Niggers!" is often sprayed on Palestinian houses by Israeli settlers. Location: Hebron, West Bank, Palestine - American politicians i support Israel and their murdering, racist practices - (CPT-Hebron photo)

The conspiracy to create Israel.


Palestinians are seen here being driven off their land that was stolen by the Zionist Jews in 1948. The extremist Jews had the support of the US government - Al-Jazeera photo


The Russell Tribunal on Palestine’s Emergency Session on Israel’s Operation Protective Edge held in Brussels has found evidence of war crimes, crimes against humanity, crimes of murder, extermination and persecution and also incitement to genocide - Russell Tribunal photo




Richard Ricciardi - National Radio WORLD Text Service



The use of power, intimidation, abuse and disrespect reaps what it sows. Retribution reigns heavy particularly when the abuser can't change their history. This scenario is being played out with the police forces in the USA and Hamas' payback for all of the abuse the Israeli government has imposed on its people for the past century. In short the devil always gets its due


Friday December 29, 2023


It seems to be contagious this Israeli Bad Ass Disease. Recently on Yahoo news there was a story including a video of a Hispanic young man being arrested by police in Florida USA. Police asked the young man to stop and gave him specific orders in what they wanted him to do. The problem is he is a farmworker that doesn't speak English. The boy wasn't trying to run away, he was busy looking at his phone.

When he failed to follow their orders, they got physical with him. It resulted in a group of police throwing him to the ground.

Several officers jumped on his back and tried to handcuff him while they continued to give him orders in what they wanted him to do.

As he struggled and resisted, he didn't know why they were beating him up. The continued to struggle with the youth while tazeing him several times.

You would think that police would be intelligent enough to recognize an individual that didn't speak English and couldn't understand what they were saying.

It was a situation that could have been handled properly by having a Hispanic speaking officer communicate with the youngster. It could have been done remotely with a phone held to a squad cars speaker.

The most outlandish result was the youngster is being charged with murder since one of the officers that jumped him died of a heart attack after the incident.

There is an 8-minute video of the incident inserted in the story on Yahoo.


This incident points out that police and soldiers with weapons are just as or more dangerous than the subject they're trying to apprehend. This applies to the Israeli military that function like a rat pack or wild dog pack when they go after Palestinians.

This is played out on video documentaries and news on the Al Jajzeera.com news channel. What is provided by western media is bias, slanted and racist coverage justifying Isael's racist genocide of the Palestinian people.

The tactic Israel has used is instructing the citizens of Gaza to move from the north to the south to be safe. The instructions are to clear the area so they can use ground forces to fight Hamas members. What they are really doing is concentrating Palestinians to an area where they will be more condensed and a sitting target for the bombing that has occurred.

This tactic equates to more deaths per bomb. Israel claims that they are not breaking any international laws when they indiscriminately bomb.

schools, hospitals, residential homes and mosques. They claim that they are not breaking international laws when they kill over 21 thousand citizens with two thirds being babies, women and children. Their relentless bombing has also injured over 51 thousand citizens. They try to justify these tactics as being necessary since Hamas uses citizens as HUMAN SHIELDS.

Apparently, the Israeli military is operating on a systematic elimination of killing all Palestinian to achieve their goal of eliminating Hamas.

Their logic appears to be if they kill everyone then they have eliminated Hamas.

One point missing is the number of Hamas members that have been captured or killed. Isn't that who the Israeli government is supposed to be fighting? The only numbers frequently announced are the deaths of babies and civilians.

The hidden objective appears to be to have all Palestinians leave the country so they can take over the entire Palestinian territory despite that being against international laws and treaties.

The end game is to take over Gaza and the West Bank for constructing settlements for Jews only. Already there has been advertising by Jewish companies displaying beach front homes for Jews only, in Gaza.

When this caused outrage in social median the Jews simply play it off as a joke. Nice joke while they are slaughtering people that contrast to their denial.

Since October 7th ILLEGAL Israeli settlers HAVE MURDERED over 300 LEGAL Palestinian residents. They attack Palestinians in GANGS to beat, intimidate and even shoot and kill with guns provided to them by the Israeli government.

One news report on AlJazeera was that of a 10-year-old boy who was minding his mother's small herd of sheep. An ILLEGAL Israel settler came up to him and assaulted him. The settler then called for more assistance and two more ILLEGAL SETTLERS came and they dragged the boy of to jail. To do something like this, takes brave individuals. Three ILLEGAL SETTLERS to take down and arrest a 10-year-old child! Really!!!!

AlJazeera.com News does a good job covering the events in Gaza. They have reports from their journalists that live there. Many have died I the process. Over 100 journalists have been murdered since October 7th.

Israel does not permit International journalists to enter Gaza to do coverage BUT… there was one exception. A huge mouth female CNN reporter was permitted to enter to do a story on all of the carnage that Israel has done.

She appeared to sympathize that so many children were dead or injured. He was escorted by an Israeli guard. It makes sense that CNN was an exception since we describe them as being the VOICE OF ISRAEL.

The Israeli government films and releases what they want to be reported in the International media. Why the censorship is not explained. Danger, for a war correspondent, is part of the job and those that choose to do that work enjoys that type of assignment.

You can get you full of the viewpoint the western main stream media presents but they are spreading the Jew point of view. Remember it was CNN's black reporter Sara Sidner that falsely reported that Hamas was beheading Jewish babies. Stupid US President Joe Biden then repeated this lie on the news and made an ass of himself. Remember… he has stated in the past hat he is a Zionist.

Everyone has a right to their opinions but, a judge listens to all sides of a case before making a judgment. The Palestinian people deserve enough respect for their side of the story to be heard. When that is done, then make a decision of who is right and who is wrong.

What should be taken into account is how many of the Israeli hostages served in the military and murdered Palestinians?

How many of them are Illegal settlers? How many of the mothers and father that have their children as hostages have murdered or abused Palestinians. As the saying goes, what goes around comes around.




News Feed

Ambulances hit during Israeli air attack in Gaza

Video shows the moment a convoy of ambulances was hit during an Israeli air raid in Gaza, where officials have accused Israel of 'direct and systematic attacks' on paramedic units. Several health workers have been killed in recent days.



Rights group accuses Israel of using banned weapon in Gaza

Rights group Euro-Med Monitor says it has evidence that Israel has been firing banned white phosphorous in Gaza, after videos emerged of it being used in the city.



News Feed

Mother's final kiss with child killed in Israeli strike in Gaza

A Palestinian mother in Gaza gave a last kiss to her dead child who was killed in an Israeli air strike in Gaza.



News Feed

"These animals can no longer live" says Israel's oldest reservist "

These animals can no longer live". 95-year-old Israeli army reservist Ezra Yachin was filmed calling on Israeli troops to kill families and children along with Hamas fighters in Gaza.



News Feed

Ice cream trucks being used to store bodies as Israel bombs Gaza Hospital morgues in Gaza are being overwhelmed by the number of people killed in Israeli air attacks, so ice cream trucks and refrigerated food vehicles are being used to store bodies.



Gaza residents shelter in UN schools amid Israeli attacks

Residents across the Gaza Strip have sought shelter in UN-run schools. But many of the buildings have been targeted by Israeli air strikes and essential supplies are getting scarce.



How the US supports Israel's military

The Israel military waging war in Gaza has one of the world's most powerful militaries, bolstered by billions of dollars of military aid from the US each year. Here's what US military support for Israel looks like.


Published On 12 Oct 202312 Oct 2023




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