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This Jewish Columbia University student says there is NO anti-Semitism in their protests. He noted that Jewish students are also involved in the demonstration - (TRT World News screen shot photo)


Hillary Clinton was heckled during her speaking engagement at Columbia University. The event was arranged by a former IDF soldier Keren Yarhi-Milo seen here coming to Clinton's aid - (You Tube screen shot - photo)



The RIGHT STUFF… Columbia University apparent Jewish student stands for Palestine and ceasefire - (The Listening Post program on Al Jazeera screen shot photo)


Police manhandle and arrest student protester - (The Listening Post program on Al Jazeera screen shot photo)

6 year-old Hind's voice went silent. The reason why remains a mystery. The question is WHO KILLED little HIND? - (RT News screen shot - photo)

US President Joe Biden - (US Government - photo)


Does this JEW Idiot represent the thinking of US politicians that have UNWAVERING SUPPORT for ISRAEL? - (screen shot photo)


Graffiti such as "Die Arab Sand-Niggers!" is often sprayed on Palestinian houses by Israeli settlers. Location: Hebron, West Bank, Palestine - American politicians support Israel and their murdering, racist practices - (CPT-Hebron photo)

The conspiracy to create Israel.


Israeli military have built a road through the middle of Gaza while the empty words of the US government fearfully observe - (Screen shot of The Listening Post program on AlJazeera) https://www.aljazeera.com/program/the-listening-post/2024/3/9/the-airdrops-optics-of-urgency-illusions-of-aid

Israeli Jews gather for Gaza land - (Screen shot of The Listening Post program on AlJazeera) https://www.aljazeera.com/program/the-listening-post/2024/3/9/the-airdrops-optics-of-urgency-illusions-of-aid

A mentally challenged and illegal settler Israeli Minister of National Security Itamar Ben-Gvir riles up an audience for an ILLEGAL return to Gaza - (Screen shot of The Listening Post program on AlJazeera) https://www.aljazeera.com/program/the-listening-post/2024/3/9/the-airdrops-optics-of-urgency-illusions-of-aid

# 2 on our NEW NR TOP 10 is: ISRAEL… THE BABY KILLERS - THE ISRAELI BARBARIANS EMOTIONLESS SLAUGHTER - These babies in Gaza survived and are being treated at hospitals that have been bombed by Israel. That's the good news, the BAD NEWS IS OTHER Palestinian BABIES WERE KILLED - Al Jazeera photo





POV 132 - University Students Roar 4 Democracy 2 FREE Palestine


Richard Ricciardi - National Radio WORLD Text Service


Columbia University Student Protest exposes Hillary Clinton revolt - Students honor then 6-year-old Hind by renaming a building they occupied as the HIND HALL according to TRT World News - Presumably Jews attack student protesters for Palestine justice at UCLA


Tuesday April 30, 2024 - Update Thursday May 2, 2024

CROOKED HILLARY CLINTON and the COLUMBIA University, Israel Connection Revised

Say what! As the saying goes what goes around comes around. That can be said about Israel's political whore Hillary Clinton. The current protests by university students in America in support of Gaza and Palestine appear to be an extension of the protests against Clinton when she gave a speech there in February.

As hecklers interrupted her speech with chants of FREE PALESTINE and that she was a WAR CRIMINAL. Clinton was immediately assisted by a Columbia University staffer that demanded that the protesters be removed from the building.

It so happens that that individual was Keren Yarhi-Milo that served in the Israeli intelligence unit. Yarhi-Milo is the Dean of international studies at Columbia University.

Her research also delves into the complexities of intelligence, the role of secrecy and deception in foreign policy, and the use of face-to-face diplomacy. All of her scholarship is grounded in an ongoing dialogue with policymakers. She is known for coining selective attention theory given you source for news information.

If you are a fan of CNN, the Zionist controlled THEATRICAL, TABLOID, OPINION channel then you must enjoy their oh my, this is about us… we Jews are being attacked again.

Their interpolation of the event is Jews are being threatened and afraid to attend classes. They also sell the false narrative that the pro-Palestinian protesters are denying Jewish students' entrance to attend classes.

The truth is some universities closed off entry TO ALL individuals for SECURITY REASONS. It was advised by authorities or having their own concerns that things could get out of hand.

The universities that were given the most protest attention started with Columbia University in New York City. They were followed by Texas U, NYU, City College of New York, MIT, Brown University, Rutgers, UCLA, Southern Cal, Stanford and the University of California.

Things got out of hand at the UCLA campus when Tuesday evening the pro-Palestinian protesters were attacked by pro-Israel supporters. Presumably the Israel fans are JEWS. Mexican, blacks or any other persons of color would not support Israel racism are essentially what the protests are about.

All of the news organizations and the theatrical drama laden CNN IGNORED the fact that pro-Palestinian protesters were attacked at UCLA. CNN described it simply as pro-Israel supporters attacked the pro-Pals. We know, this must sound somewhat like a football contest.

The most interesting information was reported on TRT World News. They reported that at Columbia U, students that occupied a building named it Hind Hall. It was a tribute a 6-year-old Palestinian girl Hind that was murdered by the IDF after she talked to the Red Crescent pleading to be saved from the attacking troops.

It was revealed that her aunt, uncle and three cousins were already dead. She told the Red Crescent operator that a tank was approaching her car… then there was silence. When Hind was located the car was riddled with bullets. It appeared the car was run over by a tank... HIND WAS IN THE CAR… DEAD.

There are only two sources that we have found that reported this story. One was RT News and the other was AlJazeera News. We ran with the story after they reported it.

For Columbia University students to be aware of that story is amazing. They must be doing their homework. For starters in the authoritarian government of America, they do not permit RT News to be available there therefore, that eliminates them.

What the student's source was is unknown to us and remains a mystery. One thing is certain… DUMMIES DO NOT GO TO COLUMBIA U or any other Ivy League University.

Intelligent students can find or INVENT A WAY TO GET AROUND OBSTACLES. THAT'S WHY THEY HAVE THE BRAINS AND ARE STUDYING to figure things out and create solutions to problems.

The other interesting news was the protesters wanted their universities to DIVEST investments in any companies or mutual funds that support Israel or companies that benefit from wars.

Brown University, another Ivy League school like Columbia, agreed with their students that they will look into the matter and permit students to vote on the issue. All other universities thus far, have ignored student's demands.

The other UNTRUTHS PROMOTED BY CNN and other Zionist controlled news outlets is they continue to sell this; the Jews are being threatened and are afraid to attend or are being denied access to classes.

TRT World News had a panel discussing the topic. One of the panelists is a Jewish student at Columbia and also a pro-Palestinian supporter. He noted that there is no such thing as threats to Jews as is being reported. He said many Jews on campus are pro-Palestinian protesters and are against genocide.

When you view reports of the protests there are many scenes of poster or shirts showing Jews for Palestine. We've noticed it on the campuses of UCLA, Southern Cal. Cal, Stanford, Columbia and Texas. All have Jewish students stating that they have no problems or fear from anyone.

Ironically at UCLA peaceful Pro-Palestinian protesters were attacked for two hours by presumably Jews. For an hour and a half police failed to stop them.

It is believed that the attackers came from off campus and were not of student age. Also there was a giant video screen from Pro-Israelis screening of October 7th event.

Police arrested several hundred Pro-Palestinian protesters and ZERO PRO-ISRAELIS! NOW PLACE THAT IN THE GO FIGURE FILE!

A flip side to this is you would think that since Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu quotes scripture from their Hebrew bible to justify their slaughter of Arabs that Jewish students would not fear. If their religion teaches strength to justify murder then why would they be fearful of fellow students?

The only violence was displayed by the pro-Israel attackers. That story was ignored by ALL Zionist controlled media.

Other violence was committed by some of the nation's finest police that took time out from bashing nigger's heads in, Rodney King style, to come and disperse and arrest violent students armed with CELL PHONES, signs and posters.

Students are being threatened with suspensions but many are steadfast that they will continue their fight for justice for the Palestinian people.

Hopefully Hind is resting in peace. She is now being recognized and honored by American students that know right from wrong. In that respect they remain UNWAVERING and IRON CLAD, as feeble Joe Biden often states for his position in supporting Israel, as they fight for Palestine.

Squinty eyed Joe Biden can't see past his allegiance to his RACIST Israel. His iron clad, unwavering loyalty qualifies him as being the world biggest arms dealer as he continues to arm the genocide nation to continue to slaughter innocent Palestinian women, children, babies and the elderly.

The decrepit Zionist warrior boasts that he is indeed a Zionist. As he explained that you don't have to be a Jew to be a Zionist. HE IS ALSO THE WORLD BIGGEST ARMS DEALER. BUT HEY…. US college STUDENTS SEE THROUGH IT ALL.

WHAT'S NEXT FOR FEEBLE GENOCIDE JOE? Will he send in the National Guard to MURDER STUDENTS as they did in 1970 at Kent State University? Stay tuned…



Will pro-Palestine student protests force a shift in US policy towards Israel’s war on Gaza?


The Newsmakers 178K subscribers 3,552 views Apr 29, 2024

Student protests in the US have surged, with big rallies and sit-ins supporting Palestine and demanding divestment in Israel. However, there's concern over the politicisation of this movement. Are allegations of antisemitism valid, and is the tough response from authorities suitable?


Pro-Palestine protests continue on Cal, Stanford campuses

KRON 4 128K subscribers



The Listening Post The airdrops:


Optics of urgency, illusions of aid

An absurd spectacle as the US drops aid into Gaza while also arming Israel.

The United States’ airdrops of aid into Gaza are a textbook case of cognitive dissonance on the part of the US administration dropping food while continuing to send Israel bombs with which to pulverise Gaza. And the gulf between what’s happening on the ground and the mainstream media’s reportage continues to widen.


Related story: WHO KILLED HIND Rajab?


RT News - February 20 2024 (09:00 MSK)

@ 23 min in - A 6-year-old Palestinian girl, whose story became viral - It’s judgment day for Julian Assange, as the jailed whistleblower’s extradition case is set to be heard at the UK High Court while he’s wanted on espionage charges in the US.

A Palestinian surgeon shares his emotional account, while hospitals are overflowing with wounded women and children amid deadly IDF strikes.

And, as the Hague probes a fresh case against Israel, we hear exclusively from a Palestinian envoy. Russian forces show seized Western-supplied munitions in the recently taken city of Avdeevka where Ukrainian troops were apparently battling alongside some foreign soldiers.



RT News - February 10 2024 (17:00 MSK)

A 6-year-old Palestinian girl, whose story became viral after she went missing when her family's car was shot-at inside Gaza by the IDF, is found dead - along with a Red Crescent mission sent to rescue her. The humanitarian group calls the killings deliberate.

As the Israeli military prepares to invade the southern Gazan city of Rafah - where over a million displaced civilians are sheltering - we hear some fiery, contrasting opinions on the war.

The UN warns of 'epic suffering' - and the world turning a blind eye to war-torn Sudan - where 700-thousand children are said to be facing life-threatening malnutrition.




NewsFeed Body of missing Palestinian girl Hind Rajab found in destroyed car

The body of six-year-old Hind Rajab has been found decomposing in the car where her family were killed by Israeli gunfire in Gaza City. A few metres away, the ambulance sent to rescue Hind was burnt out with the remains of two medics inside.



RT News - January 31 2024 (17:00 MSK)

A doctor at a Jenin hospital details for us how Israeli forces disguised in civilian clothing killed three sleeping Palestinians, one of them needing special treatment for a disability. The Palestinian Red Crescent Society posts the chilling final phone call with a six-year-old girl trapped inside the car of her slain family, whose fate is still unknown after two days.

Former Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan and his wife receive 14-year prison sentences for corruption, after he was handed a 10-year term for leaking state secrets. His former advisor says the trial was conducted with serious irregularities.



RT News - February 10 2024 (17:00 MSK)

A 6-year-old Palestinian girl, whose story became viral after she went missing when her family's car was shot-at inside Gaza by the IDF, is found dead - along with a Red Crescent mission sent to rescue her. The humanitarian group calls the killings deliberate. As the Israeli military prepares to invade the southern Gazan city of Rafah - where over a million displaced civilians are sheltering - we hear some fiery, contrasting opinions on the war.

The UN warns of 'epic suffering' - and the world turning a blind eye to war-torn Sudan - where 700-thousand children are said to be facing life-threatening malnutrition.


1:21 / 6:32

See inside tunnels IDF alleges Hamas used under Khan Younis


Jan 11, 2024 #CNN #News CNN international diplomatic editor Nic Robertson joined the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) to tour what IDF alleges are tunnels used by Hamas under Khan Younis in southern Gaza. #CNN #News


News Feed

Ambulances hit during Israeli air attack in Gaza

Video shows the moment a convoy of ambulances was hit during an Israeli air raid in Gaza, where officials have accused Israel of 'direct and systematic attacks' on paramedic units. Several health workers have been killed in recent days.



Rights group accuses Israel of using banned weapon in Gaza

Rights group Euro-Med Monitor says it has evidence that Israel has been firing banned white phosphorous in Gaza, after videos emerged of it being used in the city.



News Feed

Mother's final kiss with child killed in Israeli strike in Gaza

A Palestinian mother in Gaza gave a last kiss to her dead child who was killed in an Israeli air strike in Gaza.



News Feed

"These animals can no longer live" says Israel's oldest reservist "

These animals can no longer live". 95-year-old Israeli army reservist Ezra Yachin was filmed calling on Israeli troops to kill families and children along with Hamas fighters in Gaza.



News Feed

Ice cream trucks being used to store bodies as Israel bombs Gaza Hospital morgues in Gaza are being overwhelmed by the number of people killed in Israeli air attacks, so ice cream trucks and refrigerated food vehicles are being used to store bodies.



Gaza residents shelter in UN schools amid Israeli attacks

Residents across the Gaza Strip have sought shelter in UN-run schools. But many of the buildings have been targeted by Israeli air strikes and essential supplies are getting scarce.



How the US supports Israel's military

The Israel military waging war in Gaza has one of the world's most powerful militaries, bolstered by billions of dollars of military aid from the US each year. Here's what US military support for Israel looks like.


Published On 12 Oct 2023




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