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President Donald J. Trump, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Bahrain Dr. Abdullatif bin Rashid Al-Zayani, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Minister of Foreign Affairs for the United Arab Emirates Abdullah bin Zayed Al Nahyanisigns sign the Abraham Accords Tuesday, Sept. 15, 2020, on the South Lawn of the White House - (Official White House Photo by Joyce N. Boghosian)


Social distancing is polite but this photo op indicates the lack of love the USA has for Sudan. The USA's Mike Pompeo basically bribed Sudan to have peace with Israel to be taken off the Terrorists Nations list. Secretary Pompeo Meets with Sudanese Sovereign Council Chair General Fattah el-Burhan - (Photo: U.S. Department of State from United States)



From this close up of the above photo Mike Pompeo has that We've got you niggers by the balls look on his face - (Photo: U.S. Department of State from United States)

Again… a close-up of the above photo indicates Sudan's Abdel Fattah el-Burhan is not as happy as Pompeo by being bribed to acquiesce to the American and Israeli government's wishes - (Photo: U.S. Department of State from United States)

Religious leader and political activist Louis Farrakhan is on to Trump saying that for Trump Israel is 1st NOT AMERICA - (Kingkong photo)



Is ISRAEL'S MISSION to MURDER Arab SAND NIGGERS & STEAL THEIR LAND & OIL - Graffiti such as "Die Arab Sand-Niggers!" is often sprayed on Palestinian houses by Israeli settlers. Location: Hebron, West Bank, Palestine - American politicians including Hillary Clinton support Israel and their murdering, racist practices - (CPT-Hebron photo)



POV 86 - Sudan, Bahrain & UAE Fall Into the US & Israeli Governments YO MAH (MY) NIGGERS CAMP



The US government is on overload taking care of Israel's business while America burns from racial injustice and police brutality. While Israel continues to steal Arab land and business America's FAT BOY Mike Pompeo continues to make deals of supposedly peace for Israel which is interpreted as being WORLD PEACE. If the world's nations fail to agree to Israel's and the US Governments Zionist agenda could the two political friends start their WAR OF THEIR WORLD?


Richard Ricciardi - National Radio Text Service

Sunday, October 25, 2020

US Gov & Israel's plan 2 BURN NIGGERS BURN?

So…. While America BURNS from social unrest and racial injustice the Donald (Ducks taxes) Trump is wasting US taxpayer dollars helping and saving Israel. To fix the damage that exists in his own country apparently is secondary to assisting Israel in their continuation of murdering ARAB SAND NIGGERS (Palestinians) and steal their land and businesses'. So… is Trump in the murdering niggers business OR is this result is simply the cost of doing business? So… I mean murdering niggers or using them to be their slaves has been in practice for centuries.

So… as history has it the using the nigger business has been in practice since 1450 when the Portuguese went to Africa for molasses and also came back with nigger for sale or to so whatever they wanted. Currently Trump has his Christian/Zionist team of Mike Pompeo and Jared Kushner busy making deals OR blackmailing Arab and African nations to do business with Israel. Of course these nations can't stand up for themselves and fight off American political aggression since the Africans are and the Arabs are too disorganized and weak.

So… Sudan was made to humble themselves by an apparent BRIBE. The US government had them of the terrorist nations list and insisted they pay millions of dollars to the families of those that died in the bombing of a US Embassy. So… that was the first step and set-up. Now if they put down their anger (they lack threatening military power) at Israel then they could be taken off the list and could do business with America's so-called partner nations and relieve the poverty burden that US sanctions has placed on them.

Ohh… I forgot… in case you were wondering why SO…. We caught the So… Disease after watching a video of Kushner talking about all of the wondrous things he and his beloved poppy-in-law Trump were doing for American citizens. For one me being an American FIRST, I don't give a dame about Israel. As the hated black activist Louis Farrakhan said in his very long oratory which is available on the Internet, stating that to Trump America isn't first, ISRAEL IS FIRST. Whoa-lah… the nigger was right. Oh in case you're offended Farrakhan proudly refers to himself as a nigger.

Ohhh also… it seems that many in politics and the media have caught the SO DISEASE as since hearing the Minnie Mouse voice Kushner say it so many times it seems to have caught on. I'm pleased to announce that I'm proud that I missed that English class that taught that sentences should begin WITH the word SO….

Well with that peeve out of the way let's get back to the Trump for Israel and murdering niggers business. From this point on starting a sentence with so… IS OUT.

At this point the Trump administration has healed relationships between Israel and UAE and Bahrain. It's strange since in the most recent Trump presidential debate with Joe Biden he blurted out that he was in favor of fracking OIL in America. He reasoned that the US wouldn't have to start WARS with other nations TO GET THEIR OIL. FRACKING OIL in the US would relieve them of being DEPENDENT on other nation's OIL.

Hey at least the shoot from the mouth president of the United States makes mistakes and occasionally reveals why America loves to start wars IN THE MIDDLE EAST… TO GET THEIR OIL.

The area also is a strategic location to patrol and advance the Zionist interests. Ohhh I forgot Sudan has OIL. There's nothing like an Israeli ally in the region that has OIL. What more could Israel ask for?

Also is with the US withdrawing troops from Syria Trump said that he wanted to save American soldiers lives. He then went into OVERDRIVE when he noted that US military continues to guard and protect Syria's Oil fields in the north aka Kurd country. He commented "I LIKE OIL."

In this case Trump is right since… ONE CAN'T FIGHT WARS without OIL. The French found that out in WWI in the African desert when their tanks ran out of fuel!

DIVIDE and CONQUER is the name of the game. DIVERSION is another tactic and the US has been getting away with it for decades. As a matter of fact it is most prominently noted since they became partners with Israel and are fighting all of their wars and obeying by responding to Israel's fears, such as IRAN. One can't forget the yet to be prosecuted criminal, Israel's Benjamin Pulls His Nuts and Yahoo, saying that he fears Iran. He fears that they will bomb Israel. He carefully omits that it is in retaliation for stealing Arab land.

While this drama has gone on since 1948 Palestine is also at fault by requesting help from the UN. They hope that the UN will force Israel to stop the continued occupation of Palestinian land and evicting its residents to construct Israeli settlements.

Since Palestine was a peaceful nation that had NO LEADERSHIP it was ripe for the picking. It was the Zionist agenda to take over the Middle East and control it for its primary supporters Great Britain and France. Now that they have backed off to some degree the US Government has availed itself to fill the void so it can be the controlling factor on the future of the Middle East. The territory is a territory for OIL and the Suez Canal.

While the determining factor is MONEY there is no place for protecting a democratic weakling like Palestine. The UN isn't going to protect Palestine. They are the primary reason why Israel exists as they sided with the wealthy Jews to form a Jewish state from the start when the UN was the League of Nations.

There is no military that will CURRENTLY challenge the US military. The one consequence of the US intimidating the rest of the world through business and sanctions is they are showing their true colors. The result could very well be a coalition of the forces of China, Russia, Iran and North Korea. Should that occur the United States of Israel's would be in a WORLD OF TROUBLE.

While the Trump administration continues to make enemies their targets are arming up to protect their territory, their history and their interests. The results could be that Trump is so egotistical it would not be surprising if he wanted to go down in flames in history books noting his creation of TRUMPS WAR aka WWIII!

Reactions to the Sudan and Bahrain agreements varied. The following are some comments from those most closely related.

Regarding Sudan:

Iran: The Foreign Ministry tweeted in English that Sudan had paid ransom to be taken out of the list of state of sponsors of terrorism and labeled the normalization as "phony."

Palestine: The Palestinian President declared his "condemnation and rejection of the normalization agreement, because that is contrary to the resolutions of the Arab summits, as well as to the Arab Peace Initiative, which was approved by the Arab and Islamic summits, and by the United Nations Security Council in accordance with resolution 1515."

United Arab Emirates: The Foreign Ministry welcomed the normalization of relations and stated that the decision was "an important step to boost security and prosperity in the region... (and) would expand the scope of economic, commercial, scientific and diplomatic cooperation."

Bahrain: Bahraini Foreign Ministry described the announcement (of peace between Israel and Sudan) as "an additional historical step on the path for achieving peace, stability and prosperity in the Middle East region".

Sudan's Islamic scholars were reported to have issued a Fatwa on October 1, announcing opposition to the central government in Khartoum normalizing ties with Israel,[35] while other Sudanese clerics offered support.

American Jewish organizations offered mixed reactions to the US-brokered normalization deal.

On October 24, 2020, Sudan's former Prime Minister Sadiq al-Mahdi who heads the country's largest political party, strongly criticized the statement, accusing Trump of being racist against Muslims and Black people and Israel of being an apartheid state.

Regarding Bahrain:

Bahrain: Bahraini King Hamad bin Salman al-Khalifa's senior advisor stated that the normalization deal "sends a positive and encouraging message to the people of Israel, that a just and comprehensive peace with the Palestinian people is the best path and the true interest for their future and the future of the peoples of the region."

Iran: Hossein Amir-Abdollahian said "Bahrain's and UAE's reckless rulers should not pave the way for the Zionists in the region."[43] Iranian foreign ministry have also condemned the deal and calls Bahrain "sacrificed the Palestinian cause at the altar of American elections ... result will undoubtedly be growing anger and the lasting hatred of the oppressed people of Palestine, Muslims and the free nations of the world".

Israel: Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said after the announcement of the agreement that "this is a new era of peace. We have invested in peace for many years and now peace will invest in us, bring very large investments to the Israeli economy."

Jordan On September 11, 2020, Jordan's foreign minister Ayman Safadi said that the necessary steps to achieve a fair and comprehensive peace in the region should come from Israel and that after the announcement of a normalization of ties between Israel and Bahrain, Israel should "stop all its procedures to undermine the two-states solution, and end the illegal occupation of the Palestinian lands."

Palestine: The Palestinian leadership denounced the agreement as a betrayal of Jerusalem and the Palestinian cause. The leadership also recalled its ambassador from Manama.

Palestinian Islamic Jihad: In a statement, the PIJ stated that "the Agreement was a new episode in the series of betrayals of Palestine and the Nation, and a flagrant coup against all Arab, national and Islamic parameters pertaining to Palestine."

The majority party in the Algerian Parliament, the National Liberation Front, described Bahrain's normalization of relations with Israel as a "full-fledged stab and betrayal" of the Palestinian cause. In a statement, the party added that it had "received, with great anger and outrage, Bahrain's ominous announcement of normalization of its relations with the usurped Zionist entity".

Where is John Lennon when you need him to sing out loud…. GIVE PEACE A CHANCE.

South Sudan has the third-largest oil reserves in Sub-Saharan Africa


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The conspiracy to create Israel:

Al-Nakba = From 1914 the conspiracy to seal Palestinian land and businesses and in the process murder their citizens.


The Secret of the Seven Sisters -

Four men devising a scheme to take over the Middle East for their OIL -


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Relating to Israeli theft of Palestinian land and businesses and the conspiracy to create Israel

The War in October | The Crossing | Part 1 |


The War in October | The Heat of Battle | Part 2

| https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rb-0DjbpZ5Y

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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H7FML0wzJ6A &

The Secret of the Seven Sisters

Four men devising a scheme to take over the Middle East for their OIL




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