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Kojack wants to know who love ya baby? Donald Trump thinks nobody likes him... BUT ISRAEL - (Photo: Michael Vadon)



Donald Trump's payoff for supporting the apartheid state of Israel is starting to pay-off. Israel named the Trump Heights town after him. What is to follow, Trump Hotels, office buildings, golf courses and resorts in Israel? Stay tuned...







Trump's four years of so-called cleaning the swamp has resulted in his focus on doing everything 4 Israel while American citizens wallow in squalor. His creating enemies to justify spending $ BILLIONS on US military seems so strange. The question is WHY is Trump in it for himself and not the American people, as in WE THE PEOPLE, that he was elected to serve and NOT ISRAEL? Is this a case of TREASON?


Richard Ricciardi - National Radio Text Service

Sunday November 29, 2020


When it comes to BULLSHIT the US Government wins the title. Donald Trump prides himself of wanting to be the best and being # 1 is up to his ears in excrement and is taking away the title of being the best at it. The problem is he's got it all ass backwards and is leading the US into a 3rd World War. He always wants his way but now that he's playing in the big leagues in the art of negotiating he's meeting his match.

Trump's condescending remarks of Muslims, Mexicans and blacks and any person of color that come from shit hole countries can't be ignored. Most certainly his conduct and mental behavior must be taken in consideration when his questionable decision are sent their way most notably Asian nations with China being his number one target.

Trump has an extremely high opinion of himself and his authority as he stated, "I actually am the chief law enforcement officer of the country."

With that said, lets be clear... HE IS NOT A KING!

That statement came into question when he claimed that he had the authority over state governors on how they must deal with the pandemic. He eventually found himself to be wrong BUT he won't admit it.

By calling the Coronavirus the China Virus, where the virus was first detected he deflects from his position when the virus first came to light he referred to it as a cold. At the time the virus was only in the state of Washington. He assured the public that it will go away. He pressed on to convince US citizens not to worry.

As COVID spread throughout the nation his response went from it's a cold to it's a flu. The virus has spread in the country and America now leads the world with 150,000 deaths from the illness. The US has registered one quarter of the world's cases. When you factor in there were only 58,220 soldiers deaths in the American/Vietnam War the magnitude of his lack of action is realized. The 150,000 COVID deaths in the US came about in only six months while the Vietnam War was over a period of 20 years.

In breaking down who is the best at causing deaths, indirectly Trump is number one during the post WW II era. On a prorated basis in comparing the American military deaths in the Vietnam War to Trump's responsibility and lack of leadership and action concerning COVID-19 over 150,000 deaths in six month overwhelmingly tops the six month toll of 1,455 in the Vietnam War. The highest death toll of American soldiers for a year in that War was 16,899 in 1968. Again Trump is the winner of circuitously being the top killer since World War II. It's like he says… HE'S THE BEST.

Nations that previously outnumbered America in virus cases and deaths have since got it under control. Trump insisted that businesses open up to stabilize the economy. The underlying reason being is he is concerned that he is losing support for his inadequate reaction to the pandemic. Many feel that the Presidential election being less than 100 days away that and he's trying to gain support for reelection. The result being that by his actions it's all about Trump and not what is in the best interest of the American citizen.

Trump's not wearing a protective mask indicates his arrogance and lack of leadership and not being a good example. Apparently he wants the world to think that he is BUSTER BAD ASS and can defeat anyone or anything. In reality the more he behaves and makes ludicrous statements and decisions his true colors are being revealed to international leaders as him being a FAKE BAD GUY.

Remember… this is the individual that makes the decision to press the BIG RED BUTTON that would release nuclear weapons. Basically his mental health is being questioned due to his continued irrational behavior and statements. He feels that he is above the law which is demonstrated in his refusal to show his payment of taxes therefore as a supposed leader should Americans follow his lead and not show returns or pay taxes?

His history is always wants to win. When he loses he still considers it a win. The problem now is his calling out names and creating enemies. He isn't man enough to admit when he's wrong or apologize. One of his tendencies is to play the blame game as he currently is about COVID-19.

The US president demonstrated that attitude with his attack on the telecom manufacturer Huawei by creating fear with US government allies not to install their equipment since he insists via US intelligence that they can spy and steal top secret information from that nation. This is the same intelligence that failed to see 9-11 coming. This is the same intelligence that insisted there were weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, which didn't exist.

As usual one of the original colonial nations Great Britain that largely responsible for the illegal creation of Israel and world slavery, accommodated to his wishes and agreed not to purchase Huawei products from now on. In real life this is a form of a BRIBE but as politicians look at it as… simply POLITICS.

His tirade against Huawei is as ill-advised as it gets. His insisting that America's allies terminate their business relationship with the Chinese multinational by using their 5 G technology amounts to bribery and intimidation. He wants to make good on his campaign promise to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN.

The problem is the cause of America's industrial businesses leaving for foreign lands is they PRICED themselves OUT OF THE MARKET. Union wages raise the cost of the product. When a company desires worldwide acceptance their products must be superior and affordable to the masses.

The bottom line is since America can't compete with the technology edge that foreign nations have over the US apparently hurts his feelings that he can't beat their deal or their quality of technology. His alienation of nations is catching up to him as is his sordid past.

The man who made the phrase, "If you're famous you can grab them by the pussy, you can do anything," referring to his conquest with molesting and intimidating women with his power and fame.

During his time in office government business has been chaotic. The governments spends more time and money fighting each other and investigating Russia. Guess what? This Russia thing is a hoax. The reason it exists is the US government needs an enemy to sell its weapons and have a nation they label as an enemy to intimidate smaller nations and convince them to permit a US military base in their nation for protection. The protection is described as being from a Russian invasion and the all mighty TERRORISTS. Ironically Trump loves to sell US weapons that he says are the best in the world. The question is what if any kind of KICKBACK is he RECEIVING?

As time comes near for US citizens to vote for a new president or again support Trump is the question that will be resolved in November when the voters go to the polls. Should he lose his opinion of the public when he said, 'NOBODY LIKES ME," will come to fruition.



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