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This proud US asshole soldier proudly displays the CD with the song Burn Motherfucker that inspire US soldiers to kill - (Fahrenheit 9-1 screen shot photo)


These Hillbilly looking US soldiers explained how the song Burn Motherfucker inspires them to kill - - (Fahrenheit 9-1 screen shot photo)


The most riveting scene from the Oliver Stone film 'Born On The 4th of July' is a US soldier entering a Vietnamese families hut and shooting a mother and her infant - (Fahrenheit 9-1 screen shot photo)


Iraqi civilians, possibly fathers, watch the dead children being driven away while chicken shit American soldiers sing their theme song BURN MOTHERFUCKER BURN - (Fahrenheit 9-1 screen shot photo)



The US governments Prism Program that spies on its own citizens exposed by Edward Snowden includes this TOP 10 list of key informant companies - (Screen shot)


The Us Government's embraces the Apartheid state of Israel. Is ISRAEL'S MISSION to MURDER Arab SAND NIGGERS & STEAL THEIR LAND & OIL - Graffiti such as "Die Arab Sand-Niggers!" is often sprayed on Palestinian houses by Israeli settlers. Location: Hebron, West Bank, Palestine - American politicians including Hillary Clinton support Israel and their murdering, racist practices - (CPT-Hebron photo)







Needless wars are on the agenda of the US and Israeli governments. The objective is to control territories and steal nation's natural resources. It's history repeating itself all over again. Invasion, occupation and degradation follow what these tow nations leave after entering in the name of democracy and to fight terrorists. Leaving in its wake are maimed US soldiers without limbs or have PTSD. The result is they can't function in a capitalist society and many are left homeless. This is America's fight on terrorism… on steroids…


Richard Ricciardi - National Radio Text Service

Saturday July 31, 2021


When one starts investigating the what and where and who are responsible for all of the wars and conflicts around the word it repeatedly spits out the same sources, MONEY, OIL and ZIONISTS.

When one puts into perspective why Israel exists and why the Jews have been so detested for CENTURIES one must wonder WHY? What is it about the Jewish religion that has created such TURMOIL for CENTURIES around the world?

Other than Zionist, a sect of the Jewish religion, the sources repeatedly spit out the colonialist nations of Great Britain and France. There is a strong effort from new wannabe colonialist nations, the USA, Saudi Arabia and Israel.

Over four and a half years ago we published a column about the information we viewed in the documentary film Fahrenheit 9-11. The revisit was prompted by the recent news reports that the Israeli invented Pegasus spyware that automatically infects everyone's phones. Its spyware is sold only to governments for the purported purpose to seek out terrorists. The apparent analogy is 'we the people' as written in the Declaration of Independence are ALL SUSPECTED TERRORISTS.

Years ago a documentary FEATURING Edward Snowden pointing out the US governments Prism spy program of its citizens. It included the US companies that complies with the US government by providing them with information regarding their client's interests and searches. The documentary included a Top 10 list that included Microsoft, Yahoo, Google, Facebook, You Tube, Skype AOL and Apple. That was then and it remains with the current addition of Israel's Pegasus spyware.

Yea, yea, sure, sure, we all know as they say it's for our own good and national security. The reality these spies, Israel and the US government are the REAL TERRORISTS. They are the ones that are threating the world and are murdering innocent civilians and children. Some are luck enough to only get, hurt burned or lose some limbs. To the US and Israel it's a game of WAR. As singer Tommy Edwards sang:

Many a tear has to fall

But it's all… in the game

All in a wonderful game

A game… called WAR

Sorry about that but I took some creative license to change the word LOVE for WAR. There are some things one can't remember but there are other things that one can NEVER FORGET. One of those things is in Fahrenheit 9-11 US troops singing a song BURN MOTHERFUCKER BURN

Here's the drill… in Fahrenheit 9-11 US troops that illegally invaded Iraq and murdered or maimed innocent citizens or children singing their inspirational song call BURN MOTHERFUCKER BURN. After their tanks torch buildings and setting people on fire their lyrics go something like this :

We don't need no water

Let the motherfucker burn

Burn motherfucker… burn

This is their inspiration song the tank personnel hear in their earphones that is transmitted from what they refer to as an internal (tank) Charlie Box. To view it it's around the one hour 10 minute mark of the documentary.

Now these troops are not rocket scientists but sound like hillbillies or an uneducated individuals from dysfunctional backgrounds. View the doc and see their faces and listen to their language… it's TELLING.

The other memorable scene is US troops intimidating Iraqis salvaging materials from totally destroyed buildings that the US military demolished. Looking into the camera the US troops claim it was looting. In retaliation they took their tank and ran over a man vehicle smashing it like a pancake.

This is an Israeli thing that is depicted in one of Stones documentaries Persona Non Grata released in March 2003. Israeli troops illegally entered the West Bank and ran their tanks over Palestinian owned cars. It was a laugh for Israeli troops it was a tragedy for the devastated the Palestinian citizen or SAND NIGGER as Israeli's refer to them. In the US troops demolishing an Iraq citizen whose car was his vehicle as a taxi driver.

If the Americans didn't blast the building there would be nothing to salvage OR… as the US troops see it… looting. If the US troops weren't illegally in a country looking for contrived WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION… none of this could happen.

Fahrenheit 9/11 was released to DVD and VHS on October 5, 2004, an unusually short turnaround time after theatrical release. In the first days of the release, the film broke records for the highest-selling documentary ever. About two million copies were sold on the first day, most of which (1.4 million) were sold as rentals

Filmmaker Oliver Stone took a bullet for his country. As a matter of fact he took TWO. It was his thanks for his service to his country.

In turn Stone took his war experiences and made films about them. One of them Born On The 4th of July relates to a soldier serving his country that lost limbs and was scorned by his fellow countrymen when he returned. He couldn't walk and was wheel chair bound for life BUT… he patriotically served his country. The most riveting scene from that film was a US soldier entering a Vietnamese families hut and shooting a mother and her infant.

The Vietnam War or as the Vietnamese refer to it as the American War as well as many Americans referred to it as an ILLEGAL WAR costs senseless lives. That was back in the day when college students stood up in outrage to protest another war the US government shouldn't be in. But let's not forget that that war dedication is to protect us from some UNKNOWN ENEMY. It's the same old song the US is being threatened by the world YET…. The US Gov. and Israel ARE THE ONLY ONES TALKING. The supposed threatening nations only rebuke the accusations in a conscientious, articulate professional manner.

It's embarrassing to hear leaders from other nations speak so eloquently while American politicians speak basically… in street terms. Our politicians are supposed to be educated yet they sound like white trailer trash politicians. Their focus is to portray contrived enemies being China and Russia. Those nations never say threatening words but speak in peaceful terms. Since the US, Israel and Saudi Arabia are so committed to building their military strength China and Russia have followed. Their only strong comment is they will PROTECT THEIR NATIONS, ALLIES AND INTERESTS.

The US government's method to protect their homeland is TO ATTACK EVERYBODY ELSE. It's like the adage; a good defense is a good offense. Attack them before they attack you and INSTILL FEAR IN EVERYONE as we, the US Government, are the Buster Bad-asses of the world.

How strange now 20 years after 9-11 and the release of this documentary it's SOS = Same Old Shit. The objective is the same to invade and steal land, enslave their people and own or control their natural resources.

As Oliver Stone shared with an audience of college students, NGO and CIA types back when he joined the US military the objective was to fight communism and he bought into it. Now, they've added terrorism.

Folks this is not believe it or not, it is reality, and the same people control wars and poverty for the same objective, power and money. The Rothschild family and Zionist owned or controlled financial institutions remain with the result being… so will illegal wars

The world's problems can be attributed to the US of A or…United States of Assholes. View Fahrenheit 9-11 and see how history repeats itself OR REMAINS… SOS



Links to documentaries on You Tube



Relating to Israeli theft of Palestinian land and businesses and the conspiracy to create Israel

persona non grata by oliver stone: =



https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H7FML0wzJ6A &

The Secret of the Seven Sisters

Four men devising a scheme to take over the Middle East for their OIL


The War in October | The Crossing | Part 1 |


The War in October | The Heat of Battle | Part 2

| https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rb-0DjbpZ5Y

The War in October | The Battle and Beyond | Part 3




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