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22-year-old Naomi Osaka stands strong in her position to fight racial injustice - (si.robi - photo)




Michael Jordan - (US Gov - Myles Cullen photo)


Milwaukee Bucks player Sterling Brown was assaulted by police - (NBA Photo)


Dallas Cowboys (aka America's Team) owner Jerry Jones calls Donald Trump regarding racial protests - (Keith Allison photo)


Former Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling - (Screen shot photo)


To Jay-Z does money matter more than black lives? - (Joella Marano - photo)




This poster speaks for itself


The scars on this slaves back proves mighty whitey don't like black people





James Loving/National Radio Text Service



Since Colin Kaepernik has been largely ignored by his colleagues of his racial inequality protests the recent police murder of George Floyd and the more recent shooting of Jacob Blake, a 29-year-old Black man, in the back has spurned athletes around the world to voice their displeasure. By basically striking, athletes are now being taken seriously as to their we can't take this racial injustice anymore stance. The question is… HOW LONG WILL THIS LAST TO REAP RESULTS?


Saturday, August 29, 2020


Following the police murdering George Floyd in May many athletes were outraged. Former NBA player Stephen Jackson was the first to speak out publicly. He was heard but largely ignored. The following day LeBron James then spoke out which seemed to resonate with the public and other athletes.

In a strange twist United States President Donald Trump again glossed over the murder and focused on the demonstrations that followed when some involved participants' vandalized businesses. This strange string of events led to questioning what will come of all of this verbiage and vandalism.

The racism issue was ignored and blown out of shape four years ago when Colin Kaepernick protest in silence by taking a knee. The response was somewhat recognized by other athletes that joined in by also taking a knee.

The Trumpster then turned the action around by stating that athletes were disrespecting the flag. He stated to FIRE THE BASTARDS should they continue to protest. The reality is that Kaepernick's protest had nothing to do with disrespect of the flag. Trump's agenda was to discredit and deflect attention from the racist issue. Trump was successful as the Dallas Cowboy owner Jerry Jones joined in stating that his players must respect the flag or there would be repercussions.

More recently Jones called Trump to consult how to deal with the current protests by people of color. The question is what has Trump to do with the decision making of the Dallas Cowboys… WHY CALL?

Is this a case of fire the bastards OR SHUT UP AND DRIBBLE. The dribble reference was made by Trump to LeBron James months ago regarding James expressing his displeasure with racial injustice.

Since Kaepernick's stance occurred it is believed that he has been banned by the league. Although his resume includes leading his then San Francisco 49ers team to the Super Bowl he has remained unsigned and it is perceived that he is persona non grata by league owners. He is considered too much baggage to handle.

After a battle in the judicial system Kaepernick won a case and the league paid him and another NFL player $10 million. The problem is his last contract was for $12 million a year; in effect he won but still lost (money).

The league then acquiesced by setting up what appeared to be a bogus tryout they organized to have team representatives watch Kaepernick work out in an effort to sign him. He was criticized by many the quarterback's associates became irate by their unreasonable treatment.

Last year the NFL then admitted that they handled the Kaepernick and the anti racism protests badly. To further put salt into the racism wound they hired recording artist Jay-Z to organize the 2020 Super Bowl half time show.

To many this failed to make sense as to how that reciprocates for the inappropriate treatment to Kaepernick. He remains out of a job and has been chiefly ignored by those involved in the current anti racism protests brought about by the George Floyd murder.

The reason why an unacceptable decision is Jay Z is worth OVER A $ HALF BILLION DOLLARS and is married to another successful and wealthy entertainer Beyonce. To worsen how disrespectful to Kaepernick and the anti racist cause was Jennifer Lopez and Shakira performed in the half time show. The show was deemed spectacular by pundits but the racist issue was again IGNORED.

Since Lopez and Shakira are Hispanic they have black blood in their ancestry. Being opportunist they took the money and shit on the issue. To them Kaepernick and his cause were dead and it was money that mattered therefore FUCK anti racists protests.

What stands out about this anti racist issue was ironically it inadvertently pointed out a statement by former NBA owner Donald Sterling. When Sterling appeared on television shows denying being a racist he noted the JEWS STICK TOGETHER and THEY HELP EACH OTHER OUT.

His downfall came about by his dating a black Hispanic girl. He challenged her relationship with former NBA star Magic Johnson stating that he was black aka Nigger.

She recorded the telephone conversation released it to the media and all hell broke lose leading to the league finding him guilty and forcing him sell his Los Angeles Clippers franchise.

The bottom line is a lot has happened in four years but one thing has not changed…. RACISM!

Ohhhhh…we forgot… the other thing that has not changed is Colin Kapepernick remains without a job and his black brethren have ignored his efforts and sacrifices. The brothers have continued to put the issue in perspective by including the treatment Kaepernick and the time frame that athletes from Kaepernick till now have voiced their displeasure with the racist issue.

Fortunately it appears that the most recent joint efforts by athletes are making some progress. The NBA was the first to permit its players to wear protests of the choice on the jersey. Other leagues have followed including the English Premier League.

The current voices are being heard and the police brutality towards people of color continues. With the most recent being Jacob Blake, a 29-year-old Black man, SHOT SEVEN times IN THE BACK by police as he was walking away from them in Kenosha, Wisconsin. This is the area of the Milwaukee Bucks NBA franchise. The team's reaction was to not playing in their scheduled game.

The league and other teams were unaware of their decision BUT they agreed to protest the shooting and refused to play as well. The league then suspended play and talks were made to resolve the matter and continue to finish the NBA playoffs and season.

Media reports noted that former US president Barack Obama and former NBA star Michael Jordan were consulted to resolve the problem. The outcome was to resume play but some changes that the NBA and WNBA insisted on to be made. They established a social justice coalition, with representatives from players, coaches and governors that will be focused on a broad range of issues including increasing access to voting, promoting civic engagement, and advocating for meaningful police and criminal justice reform.

An irony is the Bucks have a player on their team that was assaulted by Milwaukee police. On January 26, 2018, at 2 a.m., Brown was approached by a Milwaukee police officer because his car was straddling two handicapped parking spaces. This occurred in a nearly empty Walgreens parking lot.

After Brown interacted with the officer, who requested backup, a number of officers arrived on scene. Several minutes after the first officer began talking with Brown, an officer yelled at Brown to remove his hands from the pockets of his hoodie. Brown responded, "I've got stuff in my hands". He was subsequently tackled to the ground and tased. Brown was arrested on suspicion of resisting arrest, but the case was not referred to prosecutors after an internal review.

Four months later, the Milwaukee Police Department released the approximately 30 minute video taken by police body camera. After negative public reaction, the Milwaukee Police Chief Alfonso Morales indicated that the officers had been disciplined for acting "inappropriately". Brown called the incident "an attempt at police intimidation, followed by the unlawful use of physical force."

The question is could this CURRENT PROTEST FINALLY be something that will be respected by league commissioners and owners without punishing any players that are vocal and visibly involved? Can this FINALLY BE when people of color come together and gather strength to end the racial injustice that the United States was founded on? That's right the US was founded n RACIAL INJUSTICE for which THE FLAG STANDS FOR.

If one does their homework there is plenty of information on the Internet that explains the history of this endemic problem. If it were up to the mighty whitey mentality that kidnapped black Africans and for centuries, sold them to other whites that invaded and occupied foreign nations, including the North American and South American continents business would go on as usual.

Blacks were sold and scared and some beaten to death by the colonialist mentality whites that came to North America and slaughtered the natives of the country while calling them savages. In reality it's the white invaders that are the savages. It's a condition that exists today BUT people of color utilizing technology are getting their feelings and rage out. Camera phones are now revealing what was once word of mouth to the reality and the dreadful truths. The question remains will there be a positive outcome?

One problem is people of color cannot get along with each other yet join together like the Jews to form a formidable force. Along with the assistance of the British, French and now American governments the Jews paid for and recruited Jews from around the world to invade the Palestinian nation to murder and steal Palestinian land, homes and businesses. There is no question blacks are incapable of accomplishing that as Jay Z, Jennifer Lopez and Shakira magnified this opinion by their selfish actions for the love and color of money.

There one person that stands out among the most recent people of color protesters. It's one thing to belong to a team that join arms in support of each other but it's another thing to be brave enough to stand up ALONE and voice your displeasure.

Tennis player Naomi Osaka is that person who proved to be one of the most brave to express her displeasure regarding racial injustice. She later changed her mind to withdraw from a tournament.

"As you know, I pulled out of the tournament in support of racial injustice and continued police violence," Osaka, who is Black and Japanese, said in a statement to multiple news outlets. "I was (and am) ready and prepared to concede the match to my opponent. However, after my announcement and lengthy consultation with the WTA and USTA, I have agreed at their request to play on Friday.

Remember this young lady is only 22-years-old and has recently endured being criticized for publishing photos of herself in a bikini. She dismissed the attacks by stating it's her business and basically to fuck off. It's a no brainer that she is maturing and making decisions on her own without a team to support her. She stands up on HER OWN!

I have a theory is one black enough to be respected by those that consider themselves 100% black due to the dark color of their skin. Could current protesters that fail to relate to Kapernick's experience be due to his being half white and half black? Wasn't he black enough?

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To be continued…


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