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Video Beat - BIDEN HITS HIS SELL by DATE - We came, we saw, he died - Feeble minded US President Joe Biden revealed his state of mind in a CNN televised Presidential Debate with Donald Trump - (Screen shot photo on the Daily Show of CNN event)



Two of CNN's Jews Jake Tapper and Dana Bash avoided the hot button topic of Israel's genocide in Gaza - (Screen shot photo of CNN event)


Miriam Adelson receiving from Donald Trump the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 2018 - (US GOV Photo)


6 year-old Hind's voice went silent. The reason why remains a mystery. The question is WHO KILLED little HIND? - (RT News screen shot - photo)


Kamala Harris, 58, next to her husband Doug Emhoff, being sworn in as a US Senator by then Vice President Joe Biden in 2017 - (photo of USG)


Does this JEW Idiot represent the thinking of US politicians that have UNWAVERING SUPPORT for ISRAEL? - (screen shot photo)


Donald Trump's payoff for supporting the apartheid state of Israel is starting to payoff. Israel named the Trump Heights town after him. What is to follow, Trump Hotels, office buildings, golf courses and resorts in Israel? Stay tuned...




James Loving - National Radio Text Service



We came, we saw, he died - Feeble minded US President Joe Biden revealed his state of mind in a CNN televised Presidential Debate with Donald Trump


Sunday June 30, 2024


US President Joe Biden is throwing around BILLIONS of US TAXPAYER DOLLARS as if it were confetti. While US citizens are homeless and sleeping on the street, including their war veterans, Biden prefers to waste US citizen's tax dollars on WARS to MURDER PEOPLE. With that background the debate with Donald Trump was a must watch. Our analysis is, since it was a CNN production, the result was a CNN's softball approach while dancing around HOT BUTTON topics including Israel's genocide in Gaza.

In our mind the biggest topic is Israel's genocide of Palestinians in Gaza. In addition, Israel's breaking international laws and ignoring the UN and Biden's insistence for them to CEASE FIRE. Israel IGNORED Biden's order not to go into Rafah. Israel did go into Rafah and continues to slaughter Arab Sand Niggers and destroy their land.

Another topic of interest but IGNORED is over 9500 Palestinians being arrested in the West Bank and held WITHOUT CHARGES. In addition since October 7th Israel continues to break international law by building settlements in Palestine. Israel's defiance on these issues was not a topic of interest to CNN.

The subject of Israel did come up but it was slanted to infer that Hamas is the villain and Israel is the victim. The problem is the world needs to get it together and view documentaries that reveal how the state of Israel came about. If they did that then there would be a better understanding of why Hamas exists. We'll delve into that explanation later.

The Ukraine was the most discussed issue that relate to Biden throwing $BILLIONS of dollars their way. His cop out is the Ukraine is not receiving that much money. He went on to state that much of the money is spent in America with companies the build weapons. His explanation is it is good for America since it creates jobs in America.

Trump took advantage of Biden's position by stating that the conflict shouldn't have happened. To paraphrase, he said that if he were president there would be no war in Ukraine or Israel. He claimed that Iran was afraid of him since he imposed sanctions on them that curtailed their ability to build weapons.

Trump said that Biden has spent $200 BILLION on the Ukraine war. He pointed out that the money would have been better spent on supporting US military veterans who are sleeping on the street.

The HOT BUTTON issue with Trump was the number of migrants that were streaming into America. He insists that they bring crime to the US. He also noted that migrants are staying in hotels while vets are on the street. He also noted that that the amount of money being spent on migrants would be better spent on the American taxpayer.

An example was the money spent on migrants would harm social security. Basically Trump was challenging Biden on spending money on migrants and wars at the detriment of the US taxpayer.

His points were clear but he hit a road block issue when he denied that he had sex with a porn star. It is unlikely that anyone in America would believe that. His supporters would most likely take the position of SO WHAT IF HE DID! WHO GIVES A F___K. The point being mostly all politicians LIE!

The greatest noise of the debate was on spending and tax cuts for the wealthy being unjust. Biden is on the wrong side of this issue since inflation and deregulations have caused Americans to go homeless. Rents are out of control and people with jobs are sleeping in their cars.

Biden brought up how he got insulin shots costing $300 down to $15. I was raised by my grandmother and she took insulin shots with a needle daily. With these costs it is unlikely that she could afford to pay the price and die. The conjecture is how many Americans are currently in this position?

There is no question that the American economy is out of control. Biden even pointed that out by stating that there was corporate greed. The answer is corporate greed must have REGULATIONS in place to deter it.

The wild thing is although Trump lied about his personal life he came out on top of the debate since Biden, unfortunately, is physically spent. His health is failing. He wall never make it to 86 if reelected. He walks like a zombie and his brain is out of order. Trump has a sharper mind.

Unfortunately the American voters have a choice of more of the same waste of their taxpayer dollars or have an individual with a criminal record in office.

What is unreal is how ignorant the American public is. For the most part they know very little about international affairs. They are fixated on themselves. That brings up our point about American ignorance regarding Israel.

There is a four part documentary titled Al Nakba on how the state of Israel came about on You Tube. It explains how Jewish British politicians contrived the method to steal Palestinian land. The plot began with Napoleon I the late 1700's.It was enacted in the late 1800's by the British government. It was ENFORCED in the early 1900's.

Following the 2nd World War the UN sent a delegate to Israel to enact a peace plan. He was assassinated the following day. Israel's punishment was the UN gave them a place in their organization. The actions that took place points out how politics out-rule democracy. Politicians talk with a forked tongue. They say one thing and do another. For that reason the debate is an example of how broken the American political system is.

Those that are placed in an exposure situation are largely FINANCED by ZIONIST JEW MONEY. There s a Jewish billionaire class in America that is responsible for the carnage in Gaza and the sad political state in America. The political system is controlled by Zionist Jew money. They are responsible for the unreal sordid choice US citizens have to make in voting for their next leader. This debate exemplified that.

Biden has Gaza children's blood on his hands. His mind is approaching dementia. He can't survive four more years and be in good health. If he dies in office or is incapacitated Americans will have to settle for Kamala Harris a despicable human being. She is married to a Jew lawyer therefore more support for Israel. She is a spotlight seeker.

The genocide in Gaza will continue since Trump is also a supporter of Israel. They named a town after him. Trump is obligated and Trump Heights is ONE PAYOFF. He is financially supported by Israel's wealthiest person, Miriam Adelson. When he was in office Trump gave her the Medal of Freedom. She is the widow of Sheldon Adelson the founder of the owner of the Las Vegas Sands casino/hotel corporation.

She also is the owner of the NBA's Dallas Mavericks. She recruits Jews to move to Israel. The result is they serve in the IDF and kill Arab Sand Niggers. They then illegally occupy stolen Palestinian homes or buy illegal settlement homes in Palestine.

Under Biden's watch Israel has murdered over 38,000 Palestinians civilians in nine months. That is more than the 36,574 American soldiers that died in three years of the Korean War. The difference is American soldiers had weapons to defend themselves while Palestinian citizens have nothing. Their only protection is the God that they pray to. The problem is God is supposedly a Jew. Given the Palestinian death toll God must be busy being on Israel's side.

The result being that the American political system is CORRUPT and OUT OF CONTROL. This debate is a prime example of America's disgusting political choices.

VIDEO LINK - copy & paste

AL-NAKBA - The conspiracy to create Israel.


JULY 1, 2024


37900 Killed - 87060 Wounded - 11000 Missing

In Gaza



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